Thursday, January 20, 2011

Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew says his government will not last.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Lee Kuan Yew's state controlled Singapore newspaper the Straits Times of Jan 21, 2011, which will print any garbage he wants anytime he wants, since he owns it afterall, reports him having confessed that his PAP government, the same one that has strutted around like a prize rooster in his personal island for the last 52 years will not last after all! It is the story titled "Will PAP last?".

I reckon the 89 year octogenarian, with one foot firmly in the grave, realises after all that going around bankrupting his opponents, jailing them for 26 years and defaming anyone and everyone he dislikes is not the way to go.

Perhaps he finally realizes that going about abusing the law as a political tool with the collaboration of corrupt judges such as Belinda Ang Saw Ean was a mistake. Perhaps he also finally realises that even Singaporeans have what we call a head on their shoulders and a thing called a brain within it, which can at times advice it's owner that being bullied is unacceptable. We never know what has gone through that same head of the octogenarian in this confession.

He is reported to have said "There will come a time when eventually the public will say, look, let's try the other side, either because the PAP has declined in quality or the opposition has put up a team which is equal to the PAP and they say, lets try the other side. That day will come". Let me tell you that Lee Kuan Yew is being rather dishonest here. We all know that he will never let Singaporeans decide anything and he will never let the people have the choice of choosing a government, for he is a man who does not believe in democracy nor respect for his people whom he has repeatedly called "digits". Digits are idiots, and that is what he thinks you Singaporeans are.

He will continue to manipulate the elections, as he has always done, and if necessary rig the votes to ensure his son continues in power after him. But unfortunately for him, and I think he knows it too, such dirty tricks cannot forever ensure PAP's power. The PAP will not be overthrown by the ballot box, it will be overthrown by another Tunisian uprising.

The reason why the PAP will fall, as with all the other tyrants who were overthrown is the people's distrust and hatred of the government, while the government on it's part rules not with the support of it's people but through their fear of them. This has been the case with the Soviet Union, with all the Eastern European Soviet bloc countries, and now we see it with Tunisia.

As the Tunisian people hated their government, the Singaporeans hate theirs. As the Tunisian judiciary was corrupt, so is the Singaporean judiciary. As the politically connected in Tunisia prospered through government contracts, so do those in Singapore connected to the PAP. As the Tunisians hated the corruption of their leaders, so does Lee Kuan Yew and his family when they pay themselves $3.7 million each and much more secretly. As in Tunisia when the rich drove around in million dollar cars while the poor starved, so does Lee Kuan Yew and his friends in power while the poorer Singaporeans almost starve.

The average Singaporean is so stressed up that he is unable to marry anyone, nor to have children and given the choice are packing up and leaving permanently for the West. There is no social welfare and if you fall into dire straits, Lee Kuan Yew tells you that it is your own fault. Many in desperation take their own lives by jumping on to trains and jumping off high rise apartments.

I am not sure that Belinda Ang Saw Ean may have seen the writing on the wall and is packing off to China or somewhere else that will take her but we will not be surprised if she did, especially since the octogenarian himself has now publicly admitted the impending demise of his government which nourises women like her.

Ladies and gentlemen, you can if you want expedite the coming of the change which we all know will happen sooner or later by taking to the streets now. Hold up banners and buntings reading boldly across "We want another Tunisia".

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Anonymous said...

The cunning Lee Kuan Yew is saying it at this time as soothsaying so that people will pity the PAP and vote to keep them in power at least during his lifetime. If the PAP is voted out after his death its none of his problem but he still gain credit for prophesying it. Read between the lines and understand this "Lau cheow"(old bird) and his moves, very cunning indeed.

Anonymous said...

If you get to know many of the "foreign talents" well at a personal level, the new citizens as well as the PRs , they have no desire to stay in Singapore for long, because a common sentiment amongst them is that Singapore has become too expensive to live in and they live life like machines, not even feeling that years has passed in their life. So once they have made their money , they will give up their citizenship. In the end, few would be loyal to Singapore. The true blue Singaporeans would take every chance to leave, the "new Singaporeans" and PRs having roots elsewhere will not hesitate to return once they have made their dough. The "new" Singaporeans who stay a bit longer are bound to experience what the true blue Singaporeans have felt. In the end, no one would be loyal to the country since even the "true blue" SIngaporeans have lost every notion of loyalty due to the massive intake of migrants. The papers may say that the take in for migrants have slowed down , well, if you live in a HDB estate , you will know that the truth is otherwise.


Anonymous said...

Singapore has ceased to be a place for the average Singaporeans. It is a place for the super rich as well as migrants.

Zzzz [JT] zzzZ said...

Aiyoh, I suspect this cunning Lee Kuan Yew, is just starting his election campaign - indirectly warning the people of the consequences of no PAP.

Another ST story about him asking his residence 38 Oxley Road to be demolished after he has gone to hell - this is again reminding the people of ungratefulness.

This old fox is out again with the same old sob story of how he build Singapore "from scratch" - expelled from Malaysia and left to die.

As usual, Singaporeans will fall for his tricks, just like the commies did. PAP reigns supreme again.

(If Lee Kuan Yew is so interested in demolishing his Oxley Rise house, he should do it when he is alive, so people will know that he mean it. Otherwise, people will feel guilty about how they treat the Father Lion City King (Lion King musical opening in 6 weeks) we will soon have Lee Kuan Yew Airport, Lee Kuan Yew Avenue, Lee Kuan Yew Park, Lee Kuan Yew Stadium and Harry Lee Casino and xxx Country Club for Dictators)

Anonymous said...

His residence must contain a lot of skeletons like the killing fields thats why he ask to demolish it after his death. Pol Pot of Singapore.

Anonymous said...

The toppling of the Tunisian despot by a popular revolt, largely from the middle classes, is a heady development in the authoritarian Arab world. And it started with one man’s desperate protest:

It all began with the despair of one man, a young graduate unable to get a job, like so many others in his country.
Mohammed Bouazizi turned to selling fruit and veg illegally to earn some money for his family, but when the police confiscated his produce last month because he had no permit, it was all too much. He poured petrol on himself and set it alight in an unusually public protest.

The 26-year-old died earlier this month, but today he is a hero. Not just to his nation, but across the ‘gendarmerie’ states of north Africa.

For that agonising act of self-immolation sparked something remarkable: a wave of protests that, for the first time in recent memory, felled a leader in the Arab world.

Let the other Arab despots tremble:

Now, reports are coming in from other countries in the region—including Algeria and Mauritania—that other people are turning to self-immolation, even though it is too soon to know how many of the incidents were sparked by political and social grievances.

Anonymous said...

I picked up that Belinda word from your post and wondered.......

Is Belinda Ang Saw Ean designated as a politician, or is she still a judge?
Whatever her role is, she should be disqualified from the Singapore bar, because she lack professionalism in NOT carrying out justice in accordance to the law.

Perhaps she did work for the Singapore bar, a go-go bar run by Lee Kuan Yew! Maybe she even did a double act with that Blossom puppet.

But whatever it is, Luckily you are no longer associate with that "marsupial" bar.

Excuse the language, I am just disgusted that Belinda is capable of destroy of an human being who dare to stand up against Lee Kuan Yew.

Anonymous said...

"We want another Tunisia"

The people should guard the Treasury, Temasek, GIC and CPF Board first.

We do not want a repeat of what happened in Tunisia, where the First Lady raided the Treasury of its gold before fleeing to Dubai.

Anonymous said...

w.r.t Zzzz [JT] zzzZ post,

Lee Kuan Yew has an agenda behind every speech, comment and word that he expresses. If you look hard enough, you will find it.

The old man knows full well that the house sits on prime land (worth $120m?) and will be practically worthless if heritage preserved. Politically it will be a mistake to sell it to the State at market value to preserve it. So he is looking after his family by selling it.

The same thing happens all over the world where heritage listing immediately causes the property to topple in price dramatically. Owners have even gone to court to lift the heritage listing to realise its full value.

Watch if some apple polisher buys the property to preserve in his honour, the price will be kept confidential.

It is not surprising that no one has realised this. Cleary the old man still considers Singaporeans gullible.

Anonymous said...

This old chiao is so cunning in saying that his house can be demolished after he is gone because he knows that the public have accumulated so much hatred for him that his house will be demolished anyway. By saying so himself, he really save a lot of face. On the other hand, they may not demolish the house just to go
against his wish. Beware this old fox is extremely cunning.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the old man will even misuse tax payer money to purchase his property at his price and keep it confidential!