Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Reminder. Travel to Singapore

Reminder. Travel to Singapore

Tuesday, December 1, 2009 8:04 PM
From: "Gopalan Nair"

To: ica_feedback@ica.gov.sg
Cc: angela_chopard@supcourt.gov.sg,

Hello Ng-Goh Siew Lee (Mrs)
Senior Customer Relations Executive
For Commissioner
Immigration and Cehckpoints Authority

Dec 01, 2009


1. On Nov 6, 2009 we received a letter from Disciplinary Tibunals Singapore stating that "the ICA has stated that you are required to apply for permission to enter Signapore if you want to re-enter Signapore".

2. We refer to our letter to you dated Nov 11, 2009 applying for permission to enter Singapore for the trial of the Disciplinary Proceedings by the Law Society against me, and your letter dated Nov 13, 2003 where you state as follws: "Please refer to your Email dated 11/11/2009. The matter is receiving our attention and we will reply to you in due course"

3. Please note that we also require a gaurantee from you and your government that I will be given safe passage into and out of Singapore, that I will not be arrested or harmed while in Singapore and that I will be paid for my passage to and from Singapore as well as board and lodging expenses while in Singapore.

4. We have not received any reply from you yet.

3. Please let us know without any further delay whether I am allowed to re-enter Singapore.

4. This Email is also being posted on my blog Singapore Dissident "singaporedissident.blogspot.com"


Gopalan Nair
Fremont, California, USA


Anonymous said...

Hi Gopalan.....if against all odds, the authorities here do allow you to enter Sing free as a bird, please call me when free for a cuppa and to catch up with you after so long....I'll email you my HP no in due course.

Best of luck

Anonymous said...

Please call me too if you are in Singapore. I'll be happy to free you too.

Lee Kuan Yew

Anonymous said...

dun worry, if ica give you pass to visit singapore, it will come with free accommodation next door to changi airport.

no need to bring lugguge. your friend, president nathan, will host you at his pleasure.

of course you will have free airport transfer as well to your new accomodation.

by the way, just need to buy a one-way ticket. the return journey will be provided free when the president nathan give you the pardon on advice of his master.