Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Law Society vs Gopalan Nair, latest

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Latest is as follows.

The Tribunal still refuses to forward the court transcripts for my Singapore High Court and Singapore Subordinate Court 2008 cases.

They suddenly changed their position on December 10, 2009 and have said they will release them to a courier company but that I have to pay for them.

Since they have changed their position on this, I had on Dec 16, 2009 asked for an extension of time for filing the List of documents due on Jan 7, 2010, and further proceedings and trial dates to be vacated until I receive the transcripts and had time to peruse them.

They have flatly refused to reply to my letter.

They have flatly refused to provide the audio recordings in the Singapore High Court.

The Tribunal earlier simply refused to advise if I have permission to enter Singapore and demanded that I deal with the Immigration and Customs Department in Singapore.

Suddenly they did another U turn. On December 10, 2009 the Tribunal wrote to Marilyn Tan of the Immigration and Customs Department asking them to assist in my application to re-enter Singapore since my deportation from the island. I am, as you know, now banned from entering Singapore.

Up till now there is no news from either the Immigration authorities or the Tribunal on my travel situation. I do not know if I can enter Singapore, whether I will be arrested if I did and confined at government expense in the Changi Prison beside the Singapore Airport.

And all this, according to Lee Kuan Yew is none other than Singapore, the first world paradise in the tropics.

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