Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Singapore. It does not take much to bring about democratic change.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It does not take very much to bring about democratic change in Singapore Island.

The government has completely lost all moral authority to govern. The Singapore courts have been thoroughly discredited through their use to destroy political opposition, such as JB Jeyaretnam, Dr. Chee Soon Juan, Chia Thye Poh and the list goes on. And myself.

The Ministers are now seen as downright crooks paying themselves millions of dollars which they conveniently call salary and which anyone else would simply call "theft".

The Constitution of Singapore is discredited and made a mockery of with no freedoms whatsoever to speak of, no free speech, expression, assembly, nothing.

There is not a single independent newspaper in the entire island, with the state not only owning but also controlling them. Another word for this is propaganda.

Very soon I will be disbarred as a lawyer in Singapore, which gives another opportunity for me to expose their abusing the law.

And I can go on.

What is needed for Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore castle of cards to topple is a few people coming out and saying exactly that which is staring them in their faces. Dr. Chee and JB Jeyaretnam has suffered for saying this. I have. Numerous other people have suffered for standing up to the despotic regime.

But keep this in mind. None of the work they have done has been in vain. By each of us speaking up, even if we were punished, this administration suffers much more.

As they continue to abuse the rights of Singaporeans who dare to stand up, they alienate even more Singaporeans against them.

That is why my imprisonment in Singapore has not been in vain. None of the work of the others who have stood up to this tyranny has been in vain.

I ask Singaporeans, especially the students to have the courage to stand up and just speak the truth. Have the courage to tell Lee Kuan Yew and his ministers that they are thieves, because that is what they are. Have the courage to tell the Minister of Law that he is not fooling anyone when he disallows even a one person peaceful protest.

And last but not least, have the courage to do it openly. Identify yourselves, not hide under pseudonyms or false identities. Have the courage to tell your friends to do it. Have the courage to organize into groups of democracy activists.

Singapore is a small island. It only takes a few to act as the catalyst for the movement to roll.

Today in Copenhagen many young people are protesting for a greener Mother Earth. They have a passion, conviction and God given courage. Why do you need to live in fear? Why are you different from the brave young men and women in Copenhagen?

Lee Kuan Yew is terrified of you now. He had never imagined the impact of the Internet and the greater independence that education gives the younger generation. Now he is clearly in the defensive because his actions are now spelt out for the judgment of the entire world. He cannot deal with this new world of Singaporeans.

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Anonymous said...

The self anointed Mentor Minister Con Lee went to mentor your mother land India. Neber tell him to shut up and reminded him he is paid by Singapore tax payers to mentor his nepotism PMOS. Don't go round the world to mentor other countries where is was not paid to do so or on behalf of all Singaporeans. Tell him to resign from Singapore parliment and he can go about mentor other ocuntries for all we care. This old fart should fuck off.

Anonymous said...

What Singapore need is a course on Democracy 101. The Kampong Chinese population have no idea what is democracy.