Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Singapore Law Society vs Gopalan Nair, Latest twist

Ladies and Gentlmen,

Just after my earlier post, I received yet another Fax from the Singapore Tribunal with new changes.

For one thing, the mysterious Audrey Lim is no longer writing the letters for the Tribunal.

You recall up till now, someone called Audrey Lim, about whom no one has any idea, was the one signing the letters for the Tribunal. A long time ago, I had asked Angela Chopard who this person was. Chopard who claimed to be the Chief of the Tribunal claimed not to know the full name of this person who represents herself as Audrey Lim.

Sometime later, by my own research I discovered there is a ethnic Chinese woman whose name is Lim Yoon cheng Audrey. I then enquired of Chopard if in fact the person who is parading as Audrey Lim is actually Lim Choon Yeng. Chopard's response was that she had no idea one way or the other.

Since there should be no reason why Chopard should want to conceal the identity of an employee of Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore, a Lim Yoon Cheng, and since no one appeared to know who Audrey Lim really was, we decided to treat her as an impostor and addressed all my letters to Chopard.

That is up till now.

Today suddenly we receive a fax from the Tribunal but this time it is signed, surprisingly, by Chopard herself but she signs it "for Audrey Lim, Secretary, Disciplinary Tribunal.

As far as I know, it is usually criminals who try to hide their identity by using various aliases and false names. We can reasonably suspect, in these suspicious circumstances that "Audrey Lim" may or may not be "Lim Choon Yeng" and perhaps she has a criminal background and thus a need to conceal her true identity.

We do sympathise her situation but not knowing what she has or has not done, what crime she has committed or not committed, we continue to ignore this person, since after all, Chopard does not know who she is either.

This fax which wee have received dated today is written to 2 people, first Peter Low of Colin Ng and Partners who are the lawyers for the Singapore Law Society and secondly to me.

In this letter they refer to "your Email dated December 16, 2009". Since the letter is addressed to 2 people, it is impossible to tell whether the Tribunal is referring to my Email of this date or whether to Peter Low's Email (which we do not have) of the same date! So much for the common sense of Lee Kuan Yew's first world country of Singapore and their letter writing skills!

The letter goes on to say that in order to give me sufficient time to respond, all dates have been extended. The List of documents is to be submitted by Feb 26, 2010, file Affidavit by April 16, 2010 and the hearing is to be held May 17, 2010 to 21 May 2010.

I hope I have provided sufficient entertainment on the goings on of Lee Kuan Yew's best Legal System in the World, Singapore!

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