Monday, December 28, 2009

Singapore. Stop the state sanctioned racial discrimination now, Part 2

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In my last post I wrote what I thought about Singapore's official state policy of racially discriminating against Malays and Indians who are also full citizens of Singapore just as the Chinese, in housing, jobs and immigration.

All that talk by Singapore's strongman Lee Kuan Yew that the island is a meritocracy and that it treats all persons equally under law is simply so much hogwash. It is not meritocracy that allows an illiterate Chinese man, with no English whatsoever, from Schizuan Province, Communist China, to get permanent residence in Singapore within 2 weeks to work as a waiter in Ah Kong Cantonese Flying Noodle House in Chinatown while a highly educated Malay from Malaysia is refused residence.

This is not meritocracy. This is just plain dishonesty.

By my pointing out this injustice, I am not being a racist. I am merely defending the rights of the Malay and Indian citizens of Singapore, full citizens with equal rights with the Chinese.

And my complaint is not against any Singaporean native Chinese. They are my friends and they will always be, just as the Singapore native Malay and the Singapore native Indian or the Singapore native anyone else.

Please keep that in mind.

My complaint is against this government which gives preferential treatment to the Chinese race in Singapore over and above the equally deserving Malay or Indian. My complaint is against the deliberate racial preference given to the Chinese race from China to populate Singapore over and above other races in Singapore.

And in this call, no honest self respecting Singaporean native Chinese can fault my argument.

Enough damage is already done so far by this government tilting the racial balance of Singapore in the Chinese favor by their bringing in hundreds and thousands of Chinese from Communist China. This has hurt the interests of Singapore citizen Malay and Indian people.

I therefore ask native born Singapore citizens, Chinese Malay and Indian and others, to join together and peacefully protest against this injustice. Demand that this unjust racial discrimination in immigration be stopped forthwith.

Ask that the Singapore government reexamine the qualifications of each immigrant from china and repatriate immediately those who were given unfair preferential treatment to settle in Singapore.

Similarly reexamine all cases of overseas Indians, overseas Malays and people from other countries who were refused admission and that they be allowed permanent residence in meritorious cases.

And stop the racial segregation of Malays and Indians in Singapore Housing and Development Board by allowing anyone to reside in any part of Singapore of his choice.

Chinese Malays and Indians should immediately organize a peaceful protest to demand this. Remember it is your right under the Constitution. Remember only use peaceful methods, no violence please.

I was listening to the band Bob Marley and the Whalers concert on TV. He got it right in his song "Stand up, stand up, stand up for your rights. Don't give up the fight".

Stand up for your rights my friends. Never give up your rights.

Do it now. The true character of Singapore is being destroyed before your very eyes. The future generations of Singapore would hold you liable for standing back and doing nothing, while Singapore is turned into a satellite overseas Communist Chinese city, peopled by Mandarin speaking, democracy lacking Chinese coolies.

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Anonymous said...

LKY and the PAP are more interested in their own survival than in the welfare of the citizens of Singapore.

Not only are the minority races worse off than the FTs, they are feeling like foreigners. Perhaps, it is time for Malays and Indians to learn to speak Mandarin.