Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Season's Greetings

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Seasons Greetings to all. And the hope that the ship of freedom for Singaporeans continues on her steady heading and even keel.

Gopalan Nair
Fremont, California
Dec 22, 2009


Paul said...

Seasons Greetings to You to....

You have certainly livened up Singapore's alternative media universe!

Anonymous said...

Another 12 moons has passed and many lackeys and minions of an autocratic island state are gleefully counting their bonuses despite the suffering of debt laden local peasants (thanks to 99-year leasehold pigeonholes).

Their game to increase GDP via import of cheap PRC labour is another cheap trick to increase their GDP-linked obscene stipends.

But local peasants suffer from resource competition, overcrowding and have no representation under the guise of procedural democracy and representation.

They must endure price/tax hikes, and callous lectures from a well paid ruler and his lackeys. Local peasants are lesser mortals who have expectation gaps that prevent them from getting jobs, not as hungry as PRCs or as enterprising as communist thieves and foreign imports will improve lowly genetic base of local peasants.

The ruler of an autocratic island state have virtually open the entire island to their foreign imports with the exception of state organs. Somehow, the cheaper, better, faster motto aka competition spirit is not allowed in the political and civil service sphere that are populated by loyal lackeys who closed a eye to dynastic politics.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Gopalan. Keep up the good work.


Vickreman said...

The crew of ship of freedom for Singaporeans are mostly in jail. Merry Christmas to you, Gopalan, and a Happy New Year to you. Keep up the good work.

JamesTan said...

Happy 2010.

It is going to be a rough ride for the economic world in 2010 and I wonder if it will be the year when the decline of USA as a global powerhouse meet the ascend of China's.

But one thing I hope for my country of birth is that the people will start questioning the authorities openly, so that Singapore will be able to grow and not remain retarded.

Wish Gopalan good health and wealth. You need these to fight a lawless Singapore.

Gopalan Nair said...

To James Tan,

I can assure you China will never be able to overtake the USA or any Western European democracy now or anytime in the future. It lacks an essential ingredient. And you know what it is.