Monday, December 21, 2009

Gopalan Nair. The dilemna of Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have read more than once that Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew has run out of ideas on what to do with the troublesome Gopalan Nair.

Which naturally gives me a great deal of satisfaction.

The problem with my situation, as far as they are concerned, is this. Singapore Dissident is a blog that can be read by Singaporeans and anyone else in the world. They naturally don't like what I write and they don't want local Singaporeans to read it, because it gives the locals, undesirable ideas, such as opposing the despotic regime.

Let me give you an example. I write in my blog that Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore's Minister Mentor is a thief because he pays himself $3.7 million a year and much more secretly. My description of him as a thief is therefore accurate.

Therefore reasonably, I should be able to say this in Singapore or elsewhere in the world.

In Singapore however I cannot say this even if it is true, because there is no rule of law and the dictatorship will have me arrested. So no one in Singapore will dare to say this.

However because I live in California, I can say this with impunity, simply because it is true. And since there is rule of law in America, I do not have to fear arrest.

And this difference in what one can say depending on where one is situated is what makes Lee Kuan Yew and his Singapore lackeys mad.

From California, I not only criticize Lee Kuan Yew and his government as a bunch of thieves, I also call them corrupt and a government that manages to say in power by misusing the law.

And all these are facts.

As it is I am already causing tremendous damage to this dictatorial regime in Singapore. My writings continue to be read in Singapore and people all over the world who have an interest in the country.

So when Singapore puts out a false statement that it has a credible legal system in the island, it will be read together with my reports which refutes such claims as nonsense.

And because there is ample evidence that Singapore misuses the law for it's politcal ends, what I write is more likely to be believed than what they write.

It is impossible to know exactly how much damage it does to Singapore's efforts to hoodwink the the rest of the world and Singaporeans, but no doubt some damage is being done.

I am hoping others in the world who know Singapore would take the effort to say it as it is without fear and better still, when Singaporeans themselves take heart and do it within Singapore, openly criticizing the dictators and their unjust system, not incognito, but openly identifying themselves.

On that day, when that happens, Singapore will finally become free.

As for Gopalan Nair, I hope they will not resort to eliminating me through assassination; because that is all they can do to shut me up.

Short of that happening, Lee Kuan Yew can expect these pages to continue full steam ahead.

And it's unstoppable readership to grow a hundred fold.

And I thank every reader for their support and their work in disseminating it.

Thank you my friends.

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mycroft said...

Kind regards and a word of appreciation, Gopalan. Isn't it delightful that your no-holds-barred blod has become essential reading for the gangsters who govern Singapore?

Having to watch helplessly as you thumb your nose and moon his regime with impunity must be driving certain persons mad with rage and frustration.

If they are driven to resort to pathetic non-punishments like getting the Singapore Law Society to disbar you from practicing law in Singapore when you haven't done so since 1991, then you know you've got their goat very nicely indeed. Perhaps the cunning plan is to leverage the bogus verdict in the California Bar since they haven't the nerve to sue you directly. We shall see.

Thank you for tirelessly walking the talk. Lee can drive the Singaporean out of Singapore but he can never take the Singapore out of the Singaporean!

Seasons Greetings to you and yours. May you have a Happy and Prosperous New Year in 2010.

- mycroft.

Anonymous said...

I have read every posting you put up since you started this blog Singapore Dissident many years ago.
Keep up the good work and I'm sure you will be duly vindicated and honored in due course.....

HNY 2010, Gopalan Nair !

Anonymous said...

Watch out for Mediacorp's new law drama show next year that showcase the integrity of good lawyers in the city: "The Pupil" on Mediacorp 5.