Thursday, July 21, 2011

The boring spiritless, dull and compliant Singaporean.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Have you wondered why a so called English educated people (now increasingly Mandarin educated), the inhabitants of the island of Singapore never make any news at all? Singaporeans does not have an All Blacks rugby team, not a single one is an adventurer, not one has challenged the ruing PAP or their government except today's Dr. Chee Soon Juan; in fact Singaporeans haven't done a thing that is noteworthy or something to speak about.

Singapore does not have any leaders. Lee Kuan Yew's politicians are all hand picked bureaucrats who do what they are told, nothing more. As for the opposition, except for Chee Soon Juan, it too suffers from a total lack of leadership. James Gomez, the SDP's Australian resident has made his rounds during the recent elections, lost and just like the others, has totally disappeared. And while we thought, at least for a moment, that Dr. Chee's party the SDP was in fact a political party like what you see anywhere else, I am afraid it has returned to the one man show that it was before the elections. True, they have a blog and put out learned dissertations about matters of the world, but there may be only one man behind the whole thing, Dr. Chee himself. All the others have long gone, cleared out, after the elections.

As for Kenneth Jeyaretnam's party, the Reform Party, it is even worse. The entire party including it's boss, the late Jeyaretnam's son have gone into total hibernation.

The other party the NSP is even worse. Noone knows what has happened to them.

The one thing that this tells us is, that Singapore does not produce any leaders. There is noone there with any passion and the courage behind it to change society. It can only mean one thing, that Singaporeans on the whole are not people of any individual beliefs, no beliefs, no creativity, no passion, no nothing. Living under Lee Kuan Yew for this many years, it appears has completely destroyed their spirit, and made them into the lifeless humourless boring automatons that they are today.

I believe the main reason for this sort of a life is because they no longer have any confidence in themselves. They fear Lee Kuan Yew and his government while at the same time they underestimate their own strength.

When I was living in Singapore, and today while in the US, I had never had any respect for Lee Kuan Yew and his ilk. I feel, only a coward feels it necessary to punish his critics like Lee Kuan Yew does and noone respects a coward. Which is why, while in Singapore I openly joined the opposition, openly contested elections, which of course attracted his cowardly vindictiveness.

Having come to the USA for a better life, which by the way is infinitely better than anything in Singapore, I continue to provoke Lee Kuan Yew and his friends there to embark on even more stupidity to silence me, one of which is the impending proceedings to have me disbarred in that island.

Had I been in Singapore and not left, I can assure you I would be doing the same thing in Singapore, and being arrested again and again for it, which as you know would hurt him and his friends much more than it ever would me.

I am sure noone can call me a dull boring spiritless character, but frankly, I am no different from anyone else in the rest of the world, only that compared to the ordinary Singaporean, I am world's apart.

Just look at it, the Arab spring has come and gone except for Syria, but Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew continues to pay himself several millions of dollars belonging to you, but you have done nothing. He continues to deny your rights but you continue to stand there and do nothing.

In fact, in recent history, I have been fighting for the cause of Singapore's freedom much more than any one of you Singaporeans have, even though I am not even officially Singaporean but American. In 2008 I got arrested for speaking my mind in this blog against Judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean's corrupt practices in court, and went to jail. After returning to the US I continued my criticism resulting in their commencing disciplinary proceedings against me to have me disbarred from practicing law in Singapore, which will be heard in the Singapore High Court on July 25, 2011, this Monday. Also I wrote a hoax blog post on the serious illness of Lee Kuan Yew to test Singapore's resilience as a state, for which they had to criticize me in the island's Parliament. I have told them that my criticisms will continue even after my disbarment from the Singapore courts. This defiance by me is making them fuming mad.

I want to tell Singaporeans this once again. Lee Kuan Yew and his friends who rule over you are nothing. If you did challenge him, he would probably throw you in jail. But the moment you hold your ground and remained defiant, he will back off as he always does, just like any other coward behaves.

There is no point in coming back in the year 2016 and make speeches at election rallies because noone will respect you. They would if you agitate now, through public protests and civil disobedience because for the first time, Lee and Company would have to pay attention. Otherwise there is going to be nothing but the same old boring existences that you are very accustomed to.

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Anonymous said...

Gopalan, you said "If you did challenge him, he would probably throw you in jail. But the moment you hold your ground and remained defiant, he will back off as he always does, just like any other coward behaves."

WRONG! You will repeatedley be harassed, bankrupted, career runied, and life totally destroyed and prevented from running any elections. So, unlike a playground bully, just continuous definance will NOT cause Lee Kuan Yew and cronies to "back off."

The only time he will "back off" is if you are overseas like you and have NO assets or relatives in Singapore. If you have relatives in Singapore, prepare for them to suffer punishment by default, for opposing him from abroad.

So, I am sorry Gopalan, you are wrong. Rather than backing off, he will harass you unto death, as the late JB Jeyeratnam was....

So, now you undertand don't you? So why do you keep askign people to defy when it will do them no good? Also no one will support them openly as JBJ and Dr. Chee found out. So, bottom line, why bother, is the Singaporean mindset. Can you blame them?

Anonymous said...

His most revealing moment was when he volunteered his admiration of Singapore, calling it the most "open and clear society in the world." Its leaders are so lavishly paid, he said, that "there's no temptation, and it is the cleanest society you'd find anywhere."

It was instructive that Murdoch chose to praise a polished, deeply authoritarian police state. Maybe that's how corporations would live if they didn't have to believe in people.

Read more:

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous July 22, 0930,
What you say is true, but that fear is they every thing that he relies on to keep you always in line.
Chee's popularity today is the result of his past disobedience. Had he not acted that way, he would be considered no better than Wong Meng Seng who has now disapppeared from the scene.
JBJ's popularity was precisely becase he dared to challenge. Had he been alive today, I am sure he would be in Parliament now, and a very different animal from Low thia Khiang and his ilk.
Standing up to these tyrants takes some sacrifice, just as it was necessary all over the world. But this father and son team, cowards as they are, will fold and there are innumerable reasons for it especially in Singapore.
Remember, whether I speak or not, the days of the Lee Kuan Yew team are over. No babies, huge rates of emigraiton, and insufficient quality immigrants. All I am trying to do here is to precipitate the inevitable.
As for my situation, true I don't have any assests or family left in Singapore. They are spread out in the USA, England, Russia and India.

Jessie Tan said...

I just feel sorry for the sorry state in Singapore. No basic freedom of expression or assembly. People endure ripoffs all the time; People still fear, in this day and age, an old frail person. The younger and better educated do not or will not (for selfish means) revolt, thus the entire island will just hv to wait for what no one has an idea; maybe China. Hope things get better for them when the dictator and son goes.

Anonymous said...

Mr Nair can you give us the latest update on the high court hearing? Are you taking the risk to come here and make a laughing stock out of the judges and then they will have no choice but to disbar you and subsequently frame you for something you did not do?