Friday, July 1, 2011

The two faces of Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Almost everyone has heard that Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore has the tallest ferris wheel (flyer) in the world, even higher than the one in London. Lee's one party state government appears to be on a life long mission to show the world they are the best, but the best in what, for having the tallest ferris wheel? It is like this, if you can't really get into the Guinness Book for something noteworthy, something honorable like having the best government, you get into it by making the longest sausage.

To put it plainly, Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore's dictator finds it necessary to continually boast about something or other, in the hope that Singaporeans will think it is something better than what it is, hoping that that will somehow boost their citizen's fast diminishing morale which is sending the country into total decline and disaster. But the truth is, none of these boasts are true, it is one big smokescreen hiding what is the darkness within.

There is nothing really to boast about for having the tallest ferris wheel. It would be, on the other hand for having the most democratic government or the best rule of law.

Everything they show on the outside really is rotten if you look underneath. Take Singaporean housing for instance. Lee daily boasts about having the highest rates of home ownership in the world. In fact 90% of Singaporeans are renters, not home owners. Not a single one owns his home. Almost every single home, 90%, is owned by the HDB a branch of the Singapore government which leases out these pigeon hole or shoe box tiny units to every single person on a 100 year lease which includes terms which entitle them to throw you out on the street and repossess without any reason whatsoever. Home ownership indeed! Lee lies to his people that they are home owners when they are renters in fact with very bad leases. And what is worse, he manages to hoodwink the rest of the world into believing it too.

Turn on the TV to the state controlled TV station (they are all state controlled) and you see well dressed English speaking newscasters read the news, just as they would in any western city. But there is one big difference. In Singapore they are reading scripts prepared for them by the state controlled media, like reading out a bunch of propaganda. But what is worse, these sophisticated looking newscasters as well as their audience know what this game is, pretending to read independent news, which is in fact only orchestrated rubbish.

Take a trip to the courts and you may think that you were in the London courts if there were not so many Chinese looking faces. You will see Latin aphorisms of legal phrases and the rule of law and pictures and portraits of the blind lady of justice with the scales everywhere, all just like you were in any respected courthouse in the world. But if you look under it you see the darker disgraceful side. The judges there are not out to mete justice, they are there to abuse the law to please Lee Kuan Yew by destroying his political enemies. And the lawyers all dressed in black carting along volumes of books up and down the aile are also fully aware of this and willing participants. Both Singapore judges and their lawyers are out to hoodwink everyone out there into thinking that they are something which they are not. To quote William Sapire of the New York Times, they are an extortion racket, extorting money in defamation damages for Lee Kuan Yew.

Go to Singapore downtown at noon and talk to any Singaporean walking along in his office clothes and try to get him into a conversation on the island's politics. You will be surprised, that though they speak English or a Singapore form of it, and you would expect them to have some opinions about such things, they invariably have none. The reason, they are afraid to criticize the government which may have unpleasant consequences from Lee Kuan Yew's police.

Last year the government purchased a 50 foot sailboat, called it Uniquely Singapore, and announced they are sailing the world. In fact Uniquely Singapore had no Singaporean except for two passengers who went along for the ride. The skipper and crew were all either Australian or English. But Lee Kuan Yew's cunning plan once again, was to deceive Singaporeans into thinking that 2 of them were in fact intrepid sailors . So whenever the boat called at ports around the world, photos of the 2 Singaporean passengers were publicised in an effort to pretend they had sailed her. I wouldn't be surprised these 2 Singaporeans had never been in a boat in their lives before. This sort of behaviour by Lee's government is indeed pathetic. There is no other word for it.

Also last year there was headline news that a Singaporean had scaled Everest. False alarm once again. Turned out he was a Malaysian who was given Singaporean citizenship just before he announced he was going to climb the mountain. Perhaps he too was paid several millions of taxpayers money to do it.

Also last year another team of Singaporean "climbers" were reported to have gone up to Everest base camp and called off the climb from there claiming the weather turned bad. Very convenient indeed! Franky Lee Kuan Yew's Singaporeans are incapable of doing anything noteworthy such as climbing mountains. Many have even not gone as far as Malaysia.

You must have heard of Singapore's Olympians. That's a funny one. In the last Beijing Olympics, Singapore was daily reporting that it had won 2 gold medals in table tennis. But if you had followed the story, you would have discovered that these Singaporeans were not Singaporeans at all. They were Chinese from Communist China, champion table tennis players, who were paid several million dollars of tax payers money each to come to Singapore, adopt the citizenship and play under Singapore colors at the games. The bigger joke was, after they got the money and returned to Singapore, they promptly threw their medals and their Singapore citizenship back at them and returned to their China. You could say that this was a right slap in the face for Lee's government. You could also say that this is what you get when you stoop so low.

And then, when you go to Singapore, outwardly you see a society which looks alike a modern civilized community, who ride the trains and buses and go to work each day, just as they would do in London. But unless you enquired, you would not know that these a bloodthirsty cruel bunch of people who still today beat the backsides of criminals into a bloody pulp as punishment even for minor offences such as graffiti (caning) and hang petty drug mules on a daily basis. In fact it has the highest execution rates in the world surpassing even countries such as Communist China and Iran or North Korea. The organs of those executed are then sold to those who need transplants.

Singapore repeatedly says it has the rule of law but judges routinely use it as a principle weapon to silence and destroy dissent, even peaceful protests are illegal and protesters jailed, there is no free press, there is no recourse in law for any redress against governmental injustice, all the newspapers and media are controlled and there is no independent journalism. You never hear any bad news about the government in Singapore just as you would not in North Korea.

Every single aspect of this government is a continuous game of deception against it's people. Yet on the outside it looks very nice with the tallest ferrous wheel, and glass skyscrapers in the world. A beguiling defrauding deceptive Lee Kuan Yew and his government.

Lee should realize, building the tallest ferris wheel is neither here nor there. And neither is making the longest sausage or whatever. These things never brought honor to a one party Stalinist dictatorhip with crooked judges and a state controlled press.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Nair;

For a long time I thought I owned my HDB flat. But when I realized that I actually didn't, I thought how can I salvage the situation?

Since I could not afford a landed property of condo, the only way was to either continue to live in my pigeon hole or leave altogether. I did the latter. I emigrated to Canada.

I never regreted that decision. I had to sell my flat to the next lease taker for that flat. And I thought, this is how I could benefit from the system. The funds would go back to my CPF and later I can renounce my citizenship and collect the CPF.

To my fellow: Singaporeans...emigrate or have nothing to do with the HDB. If you emigrate, collect your CPF as fast as possible.

Although, I can foresee that maybe by the next election, the PAP may be toppled. The new government might abolish the NS to encourage overseas Singaporeans to return with no repercussions. The FT policy will be stopped and "Race" will be deleted from the ICs.

So, I hope all these happens. Maybe it a better idea to just emigrate and become PR in another country and keep the Singapore citizenship for beter times in the future not under a cheating govenment which is bent on showing "face" only to the world.

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous July 2, 0952,
I agree with everything you say except one. The PAP will not be toppled at any election. They are determined to hold power. It takes a revolution to do that. That is why I constantly ask you to protest.

Anonymous said...

How much of a discount did Lee Kuan Yew and his family get when they 'bought' their properties?

Does anyone know?

Anonymous said...

Lee Kuan Yew's nightmare can be summed up by these acronyms:




Singaporeans are screwed by all of them. But what I don't understand is why 60 percent still voted for the PAP in the last election.

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous July 02, 0816,
I think you forgot to add Gopalan Nair and the Singapore Dissident, Alan Shadrake who refuses to let up, Chee Soon Juan and his blog (he has stopped civil disobedience)and the others out there.

It is we who have brought to the open these things which are now his nightmare. As to why 60% voted for him, the answer is the weak anemic opposition candidates who appeared from the woodwork and have now promptly returned to it.
That is why.

For example have you heard any more of Michelle Lee, the star discovery of the SDP. She has apparently gone back to what she does best, managing a balance between home and her children. Nothing about oppositon politics.

tearsunderstars said...

To Anon of Sat Jul 02, 09:52:00 AM PDT. Please contact me at {myusernameofblogger}gmailcom. I am very interested to migrate to Canada, so I hope to learn more from your experience. Thank you

Anonymous said...

I read your blog regularly, and I am not a Singaporean...just concerned about justice in the world. A couple of questions: While I know what the acronyms NS and HDB mean, what is FT? Also, with regard to organ sales, does the government do this without the consent of the condemned...or is the whole thing a farce anyway. I see some posters mention emigration--are there any reliable stats or info as to how many leave due to NS? Aren't there some restrictions for males when they become of a particular age, even well before the age of NS? Thanks.

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous July 4, 1145,
FT means foreign talent, a term used to describe recent immigrants even if they only clean the lavatory. Removal of organs of executed prisoners is a farce. I understand the family members of the dead man are threatened to give their consent. I have read newspaper reports (state controlled) that as amny as 1000 edcuated leave every year. As with any one party state these figures from someitme ago are clearly minimized. There may be as many as 10,000 but we will never know. There are finacial securities needed before the a male child can leave the country. But many just travel to Malaysia and take a one way flight out. This country is a joke.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your contiunued insight into a truly bizarre society. Your information about this place is invaluable helping me engage Singaporeans on the internet (some of which I question their relationship with the PAP) that will argue endlessly with me about things from barbaric legalized brutality(caning) to mandatory hanging.