Sunday, July 24, 2011

Singapore. Running a country on false pretences

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew is simply running a country on false pretences. It may have worked when Singapore was an island backwater before the days of the Internet. But today this sort of thing, trying to fool locals as well at foreigners into thinking it is something else simply does not work.

Consider the effects of disbarring me from practicing law in Singapore because I criticized his judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean in 2008. In this blog since then till now, it cannot be any clearer the disgrace that she was up to in court. I know it, anyone in Singapore or the rest of the world who wants to know it, knows it, which is why their actions look very silly. Which by the way has painful consequences to their governance. A government needs respect, not fear from it's people. Here, Singapore's courts lose respect, and by extension their government loses respect.

And in my case, what is even worse for them is the fact that anything they do in Singapore cannot affect me one bit. I practice law in California, USA, where the US Constitution is enforced to the letter.

Every single aspect of their government is simply put, fraud. They claim they have the rule of law. Yet they routinely use their courts to sue and punish their critics.

They claim to have a free press. Yet their entire media is state controlled.

They claim to have racial equality. Yet Malays and Indians are discriminated in housing, jobs and in business, while ethnic Chinese are preferred.

They claim they have equal opportunity. Yet those connected to the government ruling party are preferred while those unconnected are neglected.

They claim there is no corruption. Yet the most blatantly shameless corrupted individuals are the leaders themselves, who earn a salary of $3.7 million each a year. On top of that, they conceal government accounting figures and routinely siphon off millions. If anyone criticizes, they are sued and bankrupted and even sent to jail.

They claim they have freedom of speech and expression. Yet anyone who does any of these things is jailed and harassed for life.

They claim that Lee Kuan Yew has stepped down and his son runs the show. Does anyone believe that? I don't think so.

I can go on. You get the picture by now. The entire island is one big rip off, and the poor Singaporeans who are well aware of this are kept in check through fear. Once in a while they get a victim such as Gopalan Nair who criticizes them who is then immediately charged and punished. These actions are not just intended to silence the individual but much more to send a message to others not to do what I did.

They call it the deterrent. But a more accurate description for it is the exercise of instilling fear in Singaporeans. Fear is the principle tool that enables Lee Kuan Yew and his family and friends to pay themselves millions of dollars of tax payers money and get away with it.

But this is where the problem lies for Lee Kuan Yew and his sort. Twenty years ago, when there was no Internet, he could have done all these things to me, and accused me of being a serial killer and people would have believed it. Since the newspapers are all controlled, there would have been no way for me to tell my side of the story. But today all that is different. Each time they tell a lie, there will be a response, which will be read by those who care to know. Dictatorships do not have it their way anymore.

Let me tell this tin pot dictatorship this. Truth is the truth today. It cannot be manufactured. And the second universal truth is, that most human beings anywhere in the world are principally made good, not bad. You may have a few out there who would grovel at your feet, like the disgraceful judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean because there is money in it, by prostituting her office for personal gain. But by and large, human beings will not be prepared to live like that.

That is why today, partly assisted by these disbarment proceedings against me, thank you very much, thousands and thousands of educated skilled Singaporeans are saying bye bye to Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore for settlement in the West.

That is why despite every single effort made by the government, the people are not having enough babies. And neither are they marrying. And with already a tiny neglible population, there is not going to be anyone left, except of course for Chinese human imports from mainland China.

That is why hordes of Chinese from mainland China are being brought in, uneducated peasants, who walk around Singapore spitting and gesticulating like beggars, because they simply cannot find capable cultured people to come to an island such as this, which stands disgraced as a puny tin pot dictatorship.

That is why the government has to squeeze every single penny from Singaporeans in all sorts of taxes because they have run out of profitable industry, leaving only gambling and profits from selling landed property to millionaire Indonesian bank cheats and Burmese drug lords.

What any country needs are the people to do the work and manage the country. They unfortunately are the very ones leaving in droves and simply importing mainland Mandarin speaking peasants is not going to do the trick.

Of course if I stop writing this and if everyone else does so, the world and the locals as well may be kept in the dark like how it was in the bygone days. But since I am determined to continue writing as is everyone else, I can only say Lee Kuan Yew and company are living in denial.

I would tell them that this is not the way. But I don't think they are going to listen.

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