Saturday, July 2, 2011

Law Society of Singapore vs Gopalan Nair, Trial date is July 25, 2011 at 10 am, Singapore High Court

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please note the Singapore Law Society has fixed the trial date in these disciplinary proceedings against me to have me disbarred from practicing law in Singapore which is July 25, 2011 at 10 am in the Singapore High Court. This case will be heard before 3 of Lee Kuan Yew's pre-selected judges to do the necessary.

Beside this notice, a few days ago, I received an affidavit from the Singaporean Law Society attaching a number of my most recent blog posts from Singapore Dissident in their attempt to show that they have notified me of all their actions in these proceedings. In other words, they are trying to say that since I have blogged about these proceedings, I am in fact tacitly admitting that they have told me everything. In fact far too many of the notices which they claim to have mailed has never reached me or if they did, in garbled Email messages. In fact they have utterly failed to keep me informed of what they are doing except in bits and pieces selectively and many others unreadable.

One good thing about it is the fact that they are reading every single word I write in Singapore Dissident. They are concerned about what I am writing.

I did not want to bore the reader with these details of these nonsensical proceedings which is why I have not written about them.

I must admit, I am still toying with the idea of whether I should show up at Singapore for the trial. Although my American passport has a notation that I needed a visa to enter, the airlines at San Francisco are not very careful on checking this, and I may be able to board the aircraft.

If I did and landed at Singapore, it would be interesting to know what they will do. They cannot deport me again since they would effectively be denying me a right to defend myself at my trial.

If they arrested me and locked me up immediately, it would be the same. I guess they would have to let me alone first and then arrest me with new charges of insulting numerous of their judges repeatedly once again, and for contempt of court for refusing to comply with their court order to shut up, once these proceedings are over.

Look out for me a few days before July 25, 2011. I might drop in to say hello. Very probably you could find me at Gandhi's Eating House at Chander Road. I tell you, the Indian food there is just excellent. And if you see the owner, tell him I send my regards from San Francisco. Next to it, there is an old small liquor shop, like a hole in the wall run by a friendly Chinese woman and her husband. If you are nice to her, she will give you a chair to sit on and a make shift table. You might even see me there, doing justice to a glass of Chivas Regal. After all tell me this, what is life without a little excitement, eh?

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
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Fremont, CA 94538, USA
Tel: 510 657 6107
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Your letters are welcome. We reserve the right to publish your letters. Please Email your letters to And if you like what I write, please tell your friends. You will be helping democracy by distributing this widely. This blog not only gives information, it dispels government propaganda put out by this dictatorial regime.


Zajnat said...

Hi Mr Nair,
Since you said that the PAP wil not be toppled, you'd know the resulting likelihood of what they'd do.
Unless the govt realizes that times hv changed and the judges realize that they are supposed to be 'just', there is no hope for Singapore to hv true democracy.

It puzzles me why judges shd fear LKY still. He is abt to pass on (after all he may even hv Alzheimer's). They shd begin to stand up for what is right, principles and justice, for what their profession calls for, what they believe (unless it's money that they believe in). That I hv nothing to say.

Anyway, just like you I believe that if there is nothing worth fighting for, there is nothing worth living for too.

Anonymous said...

This case will be heard before 3 of Lee Kuan Yew's pre-selected judges to do the necessary.
Publish their names and let the netizens find out more about these three judges.

Anonymous said...

To Zajnat. 3rd July at 0715 hrs.
In Singapore, we all fear this man, Lee Kuan Yew because he alone can decide whether we are to live or to die.
Which do you prefer? To live or to die?
If you fear him you will live.
If you don't fear him, he will punish you and get rid of you somehow.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Nair;

Please don't go back to Singapore. We need you here. How can you help bring to world's attention of the crap Singapore PAP and judicial system if you're locked up?

It is from the US that we can be enlightlened by your continual exposure of Lee Kuan Yew's chinaman ways.

Just be careful, Mr Nair. Even in the US, they can kidnap you just to shut you up...what more if you're in Singapore. Do you have a backup plan like the Wikileaks founder?

You are my hero. I certainly don't have the courage nor the brains to write as convincingly (and comically) like you. But I have emigrated out because of my hatred of the PAP, and the uncourteous ways of Singaporeans.

Even after emigration, I continue to despise the PAP and Singapore in general...maybe because I felt that I was driven out of the country of my birth and not because I wanted to go.

Please Mr Nair, don't go to Stinkapore.

Anonymous said...

Writer Paul Theroux comments on abuses of the Singapore judiciary

"Nominally Singapore is a democracy. In reality it is no such thing. Any critic of the government is subject to criminal proceedings, heavy fines, libel suits, threats, or jail…"

Where are the Singaporean lawyers in all of this?

“Singapore’s lawyers display an almost total disinterest in lawyering, when it comes the most important duty of a lawyer, and upon which every other law depends, the defense of human rights! And I am not just talking about a few lawyers, but the entire legal profession in that island is that way. They have no interest at all in defending any client who claims his human rights have been violated! They never have, and they never will….”

“…With the repeated lawsuits and criminal charges by Lee against human rights activists and foreign newspapers critical of him, Singapore’s legal profession has been thoroughly discredited which explains why today they find it almost impossible to get new entrants to the profession.”

Anonymous said...

Most famously, during the 2001 election campaign Chee chased then-prime minister Goh Chok Tong with a megaphone to ask, "Where is our money?" Chee alleged that Singapore had lent S$17 billion (US$12.1 billion) to Indonesia's deposed president Suharto.

Anonymous said...


Why is this women, Singapore's Ambassador to the USA, writing to defend the PAP.

I guess when you are beholden to Lee Kuan Yew, PAP = Singapore.

"Libel cases have not provided ''a tidy source of outside income'' to P.A.P. leaders;"

Anonymous said...

Corruption, Singapore style

Ms Indranee Rajah, Lee Kuan Yew's member of Parliament, whose only ability perhaps was to get a law degree and dutifully support her master regardless of how unjust or undemocratic his actions are, argues that there is no need for strong opposition in Parliament because other countries are corrupt even with strong oppositions.

An Open Letter to Indranee Rajah: Here’s a First World Parliament for you

Anonymous said...

So GN, who do you think from this list will hear you case and deliver the foregone conclusion?

Chief Justice Chan Sek Keong
Justice Kan Ting Chiu
Justice Lai Siu Chiu
Justice Judith Prakash
Justice Tan Lee Meng
Justice Choo Han Teck
Justice Belinda Ang
Justice Woo Bih Li
Justice Tay Yong Kwang
Justice Andrew Ang
Justice Lee Seiu Kin
Justice Chan Seng Onn
Justice Philip Pillai
Justice Quentin Loh
Justice Steven Chong

Anonymous said...

Linda Lim on toy-soldier Major-General Chan Chun Sing, and a future prime minister of SG. (Some claim that he is LKY's nephew.)
July 4, 2011 at 5:36 pm

That’s the problem with our scholar system. These scholarship winners think that they are the divine gifts to singaporeans. They feel entitled because the PAP gave them scholarships and then gave them top jobs in the public sector. After they leave the public sector, they get coopted into the PAP. They then think that they are exceptional. Sadly, most of them are so out of touch with the common folks.

If the PAP wants to win back support, it had better considering ditching all these scholar candidates.

John R said...

I agree with Gandhi's Eating house. I loved it when I last visited last year.
I agree with you... India food here in US does not compare.