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Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore: Ein Reich Ein Volk Ein Führer

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I cannot avoid the striking similarities of Hitler's Nazi Germany and Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore's. Sure there are differences but they are in degree of severity only. But the fundamentals remain entirely the same.

In Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945, the cry was Ein Reich Ein Volk Ein Führer, or One Country, One People, One Leader. There was no allowance for diversity. Germany was one for all and all for one. There was one people all in support of Hitler and Hitler alone. And there was only one leader for them, himself.

Anyone who was opposed was eliminated. There was no room for any other political philosophy, except for National Socialism. Staunch supporters and collaborators were rewarded. Opponents were murdered.

In Nazi Germany everyone knew which side the bread was buttered. If you wanted to progress join the party and work for them. If not, you are stupid and you will suffer. That was the thinking.

Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore of 2011 is no different. Lee too says if you want to progress join him. If you do, you will be rewarded with good jobs, business contracts. Milk and honey will flow for you and your family. Resist and you are a fool. You will be punished in more ways than one. Just look at Chee Soon Juan, late JB Jeyaretnam, Tang Lian Hong and now me. All sent to jail and publicly humiliated, because we did not have the good sense like his cronies to support him.

But there is one difference. The unfortunate thing for Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore is this. Nazi Germany on the one hand, although brutal and intolerant to the extreme, still had a clearly publicized doctrine and philosophy by which they justified themselves. The Treaty of Versailles of 1918, they said had been clearly unfair to their defeated Germany.

The terms of surrender was belittling of their pride, depriving them of their soverignity, making them forever slaves. This, according to Hitler was clearly unacceptable which demanded the breach of the Treaty to recover their position in the world of nations.

As for the Jewish question, they were a persecuted people anyway since the advent of Christianity and the discrimination against them was not something new. He of course went too far by murdering them.

Lee Kuan Yew's Singaporeans on the other hand are incapable of making any argument to justify their system of government. For instance what reasonable argument can they raise for permitting their ministers to pay themselves each several millions of dollars a year, which is theft any way you look at it? None.

What argument even remotely logical can they raise in bringing in ship loads of Chinese from mainland China to populate the island, as opposed to any other race, when the Constitution mandates equality between he races? None.

What reasonable argument can they raise to insist on 75% Chinese in each housing block when the Constitution allows Singaporeans to live anywhere in the island of their choosing? None. This is simply a forced dispersal of the races within the island, impermissible under the Constitution.

What reasonable argument can they raise in repeatedly suing JB Jeyaretnam in the courts and bankrupting him when an examination of what he had done shows just normal criticism. Absolutely none.

I think had I met an imaginary fervent Nazi supporter in 1935 Berlin, I would have had a harder time in proving he was wrong than if I would have today in Singapore with a PAP supporter. There is simply no way in the world for these Lee Kuan Yew thugs to justify themselves with any sensible argument. They would have none at all.

Which is why I believe that this present PAP administration under Lee Kuan Yew is resting on ice so thin, that anytime, there is the slightest change in circumstances, they would go tumbling down.

Every single Singaporean remaining in Singapore today is simply in a daze, confused and unable to articulate his position one way or another. Or they are thoroughly unconscionable characters who have sold their soul entirely for money; either way a second rate citizen, no country would like to have.

For instance any attempt anyone makes to ask a Singaporean lawyer as to what he thinks of all these defamation lawsuits against certain of Lee's political opponents will draw a blank. And the same with every other of these issues which are crying out for justice.

What it has boiled down to finally is this. Lee Kuan Yew is today's supreme leader of Singapore, just like Hitler was, and those who support him at the top do it for the money, large sums of it. And with his judges and his state controlled newspapers, he simply subjugates every single human being in the island. If you don't like it, you the choice of leaving if you can. If you stay back and challenge him, he will punish you. There is no longer any legal basis to anything he does. He simply does what he wants to you. Take it or leave it.

In the sense of at least having a reasonably arguable political philosophy, Hitler appears on stronger ground. In Lee Kuan Yew's case, he does not have any logical reasons for what he does. He simply does whatever he wants.

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