Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew says he prefers strong goverments

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore' state controlled newspaper the Straits Times of July 27, 2011 has the story "Singapore will spiral down if government is weak". I think most Singaporeans know what he means by that.

He wants strong governments like his PAP that terrorizes it's citizens into submission through libel actions to silence detractors and jailing and disbarring bloggers like Gopalan Nair from practicing law in the island of Singapore to keep his seat.

Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore government is so strong that they have managed to put every single judge in their pocket, they can pay themselves millions or any other figure they want, they can monopolise the entire media and newspapers and completely destroy the free press, they can mess around with the Constitution and make free speech, right to assembly and association, all universal human rights all illegal and criminalized.

Only yesterday, I was disbarred for criticizing a judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean who shamelessly and disgracefully abused her position to favor him in the 2008 defamation case brought against Chee Soon Juan.

He and his government are so unbelievably strong that he can make sure that every single defamation case that he brings against his political opponents are all successful with million dollar awards against his victims. In fact he is so very strong that the moment he sues someone, we know the verdict even before he steps into the courtroom.

Hitler was strong too and he too had a strong government, so strong that if you criticized him he will kill you. Today we have our Singaporean Hitler who wields Hitlerian powers by the strength of himself and his government.

But look at what he and his superstrong government has achieved. Yes , Singapore is dotted with skyscrapers along the waterfront. But who are those who live there? Except for the ubiquitous Burmese drug lords who live in Singapore driving around in their Lamborghini, and the equally rich Indonesian bank crooks, the average Singaporean except for those connected in the right places are living hand to mouth their miserable existence. Those who cannot make it, take their own lives by jumping off high rise buildings.

The Singaporeans population continues to decline while foreign Chinese from China who have no skills and no English are brought in lowering the general class and position of the society, spitting and gesticulating at every corner.

Especially badly hit by his dictatorial rule, another way of saying strong government, is the legal system. Today in Singapore, the entire judiciary shamelessly abuse the law to keep Singaporeans in place. His judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean is deployed to bankrupt and impoverish his political opponent Chee Soon Juan. Only a few months ago, another recently appointed bootlicker of a judge Quentin Loh Sze Onn, a Singaporean Chinese with a fancy English name, was used to imprison a British author Alan Shadrake because he wrote a book not entirely flattering of these judges.

If this is what he means by strong governments, Singaporeans do not want it, thank you very much. If what he means by a weak government is one with the rule of law, an independent judiciary and a government of integrity, then give us a weak government anytime, not a government of thugs who deploy judges like this woman Belinda Ang Saw Ean who bankrupts innocent people just because they had exercised their Constitutional rights.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Nair,

I read about this strong government and I remembered something I read not too long ago.

Libya has a strong government too, so strong that Muammar Gaddafi is able to control the tribal leaders.

But Gaddafi just found out not too long ago that the tribal leaders these days are just in title only. The tribes have deserted their leaders long ago. In this process, does Gaddafi know who the rebels are?

The Chinese government is very strong as well. So strong that they have created an lopsided economy that is unable to correct itself. America's next monetary decision will break China just as the Plaza Accord of 1985 break the Japs. But the Jpas were in much better position then, compare to china today.

As for Singapore, the strong government has resulted in a weak people who are unable to take on the foreign talents. Just visit the numerous Singapore web forums and see the childish complaints of Singaporeans against their new immigrants.

Anonymous said...

LKY is still living in the past maybe 20-30 years ago. He is always surrounded by his security and other aides that he is not aware it's already the year 2011. And one-party states like Tunisia and Egypt have fallen and others like Libya and Syria are on the verge. Even in Asia many one-party States are revolting and clamoring to bring about change to democracy and multiple-party states.
This is 2011 the year of Aquarius where the Internet spreads freedom of thought and speech.
Obviously LKY wants to remain in the 80s where he and his son will rule over Sing as dictators forever.

Shameless man who wants to carry on stomping on. Singapore and it's people ad infinitum?
Will someone please wake up the old man and tell him the year is now 2011 and we are going forwards and not backwards?