Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ethnic cleansing, Singapore style

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore's Constitution clearly mandates equality of religion, and races in the island. But Singapore strongman Lee Kuan Yew, just as he ignores any law as he pleases, blatantly ignores the Constitution, and deliberately and systematically diminishes the population of Malays, Indians and other races while continually increasing the Chinese population, his preferred race, within the island, he himself being of Chinese descent.

This long standing policy of ethnic cleansing against the Malays and Indians has gone on for so long that they are now very small minorities within the island and if Lee Kuan Yew's determination to eliminate the Malays and Indians goes on unchecked, before long there won't be any minorities left in the island, and it would be entirely Chinese.

In the 1930s and earlier, when my father first settled in Singapore from his native India, the Chinese in Singapore only formed about 50% of the population, the other 50% being made up almost equally between the Malays, who were there before anyone else, the Indians and Eurasians.

Although the Chinese population had increased with an increase in childbirth over the years, so did the Malays and Indians. But for decades now, the Chinese fertility rate has dropped to less than even the replacement level, while the Malays and to a lesser extent, the Indians reproduction rate were proportionately greater. Therefore if things were left as they were, the Malay population and the Indian would have increased further while the Chinese population would have shrunk.

But whether the Chinese or Malay or Indian population increases at a faster or slower rate is something which has to be left alone, as they are all Singapore citizens and no particular race should have an advantage over the rest. Of course that is what we would expect in a free and fair democracy with the rule of law, but Singapore is not a democracy but a dictatorship with Lee Kuan Yew strutting around giving the orders.

If you did not know already, this is what has been happening for decades. Lee Kuan Yew's government has plucked out a number from thin air and declared that whether anyone likes it or not, Singapore's population should henceforth always comprise 75% ethnic Chinese, some 15% Malays and the rest Indian.

So since the Chinese are not producing babies fast enough to maintain their 75% majority, what do he do? You guessed it. Lee's government brings in shiploads of ethnic Chinese from Communist China to boost their population. And that is why anyone going to Singapore sees only Chinese faces, because most of them are recent imports from China, thanks to Lee Kuan Yew's policy of ethnic cleansing.

Had this happened in any other country in the world, the Malays and Indians would have been up in arms and there would have been island wide riots and mayhem. But Lee Kuan Yew has managed to keep every single Singaporean in so much fear of him that the Malays and Indians appear unwilling to complain at all, and stand idly by while their population disappears entirely while Chinese Singapore, like an eclipse in progress, completely turns Singapore into a rouge Chinese port as Gough Whitlam of Australia had called it not too long ago.

And I want this to be a stark reminder to every single Malay and Indian in Singapore. Your Singapore as your home, is going to disappear. In fact it is being pulled out under your very noses for the last 20 years or so and the Lee Kuan Yew family, a family that has no respect for the rule of law has been responsible for this disaster.

My job here is merely to alert the world as to what is happening. It is the Singaporean Malay and Singaporean Indian upon whose shoulders the responsibility to stop this slide into oblivion lies.

Singapore Malays should work with their Malaysian brothers, shoulder to shoulder to campaign against this, and so should the Singaporean Indian with the help of the Tamil Nadu government and do the same.

These reports that I write greatly angers the Singapore government of course, but I can assure you they will continue while I hope it has stirred your emotions and your indignation to do something real to stop the rot.

And it has been a pleasure for me to write about it.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Nair;

It is good that you write this as on Aug 09 is the International Day of the World's Indegineous People...and also shamefully Singapore National Day.

I say shamefully because it coincides with the former, almost mocking it. Imagine, a National Day that brings heartbreak to that country's indegineous people.

The Malays are so weakened that the Chinese just trample on them. I am Chinese and I've heard this spoken by my own relatives in Singapore. It fills me with shame and regret that even when we are majority, we continue to oppress our minorities.

By the way, March 21 is the International Day for Racial Discrimination. I celebrate both days as I am completely opposed my Chinese heritage of racism and discrimination in Singapore.

On one hand, the Chinese continue to deny that Malays of employment opportunities that the able migrate out leaving the unskilled behind.

And on another, the Chinese who have emigrated to countries like Australia which can see their hegemony, complain of racism (while claiming ignorance of what they are doing to the Malays in Singapore).