Monday, June 27, 2011

Singapore. Fattening the goose for the kill

Ladies and Gentlemen,

A small tiny Singapore island with a tiny population which was just 3 million is in trouble when it determined to become something it is not, by the simple expedient of flooding it with foreigners.

Lets look at a hypothetical example. Take the island of Nauru in the Pacific which may have half million people. It's dictator is determined to turn it into a first world industrial country. To do it, he brings in 5 million Samoans, who look similar to the islanders (he wants to give the impression that they are Naurians), starts all sorts of businesses in the island by importing people from Western countries, compels people to speak Samoan instead of Naurian, destroys all Naurian traditional houses and buildings and replaces them with modern skyscrapers, puts anyone who complains in jail or bankrupts them.

In 5 years time, there are no more Naurians left, or even if there were, they are of mixed breed with Samoan, the language culture and traditions of the Naurians of thousands of years are all destroyed, the people and the country are changed entirely, leaving it another satellite island of Samoa.

This scenario is what is happening today in Singapore. Massive numbers of Chinese from Communist China are being brought to Singapore at such an extent, coupled with the low birth rate of Singaporeans and their fleeing to Western countries to escape Lee Kuan Yew's repression, means that in 5 years time, just 5 years, Singapore as we knew it would have disappeared entirely.

Chinese Hokkien language which has a long rich culture and traditions would have disappeared through Lee forcing everyone to speak Mandarin instead. It is like forcing a German in Europe to speak English, because China is as big as Europe with a multitude of languages, distinct cultures and history.

The colonial buildings, Chinese Malay and Indian cultural and religious traditions are all wasted and destroyed in Lee's mad rush of turning Singapore into something it is not.

Mainland Chinese from China are as different from local Singaporean Chinese as would be a cat to a dog. But whether you like it or not, the crude peasant ways of the Chinese from China, become the way of life for Singaporeans. It demeans and reduces Singapore from being a sophisticated people to the type you see in the streets of Chengdu, the Chinese interior.

I am sure true Singaporeans are being pushed to the limit and anytime soon, I will not be surprised that loyal citizens will not take it much longer. I expect them to rebel, I hope peacefully, but their anger is so great that I fear it may be even worse. Mass peaceful demonstrations is expected to stop the destruction because I do not believe Singaporeans would allow their country to just disintegrate entirely.

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Anonymous said...

46 percent against weekly day off for maids: poll

Yahoo! Singapore News, 28 Jun 2011
A recent poll by Yahoo! Singapore revealed that most respondents are opposed to making it mandatory for employers to give domestic workers in Singapore one day off a week.
Of the 13,782 users who participated in the poll, 6,375 users --46 percent -- responded "No" to the question on whether Singapore should pass a law to give domestic helpers a compulsory day off.

Some Singaporeans are such vile human beings. They deserve everything Lee Kuan Yew bestows on them.

Anonymous said...

Another great investment by Lee Kuan Yew's daughter-in-law.

Reuters, 27 Jun 2011
Reuters) - China Yurun Food Group Ltd (1068.HK), a meat processor

Stock is down 20%

Hopu and Temasek had bought $247 million worth of shares in Yurun from the company's controlling shareholder Willie Holdings, a source told Reuters in April 2010.

Ahh, well. It is only someone CPF.

GN, aren't you glad you took your CPF away from this skilled woman.

John R said...

I am a former Indian Singaporean, and glad I emigrated to the US.
I want to add that the India Indians will also be arrogant pricks to my beloved true blue Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

To Gopland Nair

Please please please Gopalan Nair can you upload another video its just to long.


Anonymous said...

G'day Mr Nair :)

I'm a Sec 4 student in Singapore. Yes, studying Social Studies. Or rather, "Propaganda Class".

I follow your blog, it's a fantastic read & I'd like to know your opinions on some issues that are the mainstays of SS class.

1) Singapore's ministers are paid high salaries so they won't be attempted to accept bribes. Got $$, wont need to accept $$ bribes from people to do stuff. Therefore preventing corruption.

2) The "No-strike" and "No-right" things are to prevent instability in Singapore. Countries like the US and Australia are very large, they can afford to have these instabilities since investors won't be driven away completely; they can just move to other cities/ states etc. But Singapore's tiny: one riot and all business will vanish. Poof. Where to flee to? From Bishan to Toa Payoh? Hmz. Hence "free speech" is dangerous for Singapore.

3) If you look into the SS textbook you'll be really disturbed- the content is devoted to glamourizing Singapore. Eg. it practically slanders the British NHS while glorifying Singapore's healthcare. I'm sure that the NHS and SG health may not be efficient 100% time, and it's disturbing that there was no balance on the British side.

4)The supposed rationale of SS: to teach thinking skills. But teachers mark SS according to a set of rubrics. If your point dosen't occur within that framework, no matter how valid and supported, it's a C6 straightaway. Promoting tunnel vision.

Overall, SS builds up the picture that "Singapore is heaven on earth". And on flipping through the TYS, I notice that no question addresses the cons of the SG way of things. Hm.

I'd like to know your take on the issues I've named above, especially on ministerial pay and the "no strike" or SG will go bust things.

Sara L.

I'm thinking of using some of your articles in prelims/ O-lvls. I wanna see what I'll get. An F, probably. Haha

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous Jun 29, 0723,
Good to see that you can see these issues. Frankly when when I was in school in Singpaore I could not see the other side. People can only look at things from a different angle if they knew there was another side. I was lucky to have lived abroad which is why I am the way I am. Frankly it is the people of Singapore who know have to take the lead. If not Singaporeans will remain brainwashed. And you can't blame them.

Anonymous said...

Sara L.

You write well, and think well. Get your parents to send you to a university overseas in the US, UK or Australia.

And, when there, study hard, but also see how the local students, especially those in their final year, can articulate ideas.

But, stay away from the students from Singapore, HK or China. The Malaysians are okay.

Anonymous said...

Almost all Singaporeans here are permanently brainwashed,timid zombies under the cunning manipulation and repression by Lee Kuan Yew and his P.A.P Government.

A Singaporean Rabbit.
Thank You.

Gopalan Nair said...

I have received a number of comments from all sides, Chinese from China vs Singapore Chinese, the other way round, Singapore Indians vs India Indians, the other way round, shoving muck. I have not posted them. It serves no purpose.

Anonymous said...

Who Is LKY?:
July 1, 2011 at 10:48 am

LKY is Singapore’s Pol Pot.

Kumar said...


You are absolutely right in classifying “Indian Singaporean” and “Indian Indian”. I am an Indian (“Indian Indian”), having had had the opportunity to live in SG for a decade, there is no real identity called "Singaporean" for the citizens of Singapore.

Failed to realize why the Government never passionately instilled sense of patriotism and sense of nationalism to citizens. Answer to this is presumably provided by Mr.Nair in above blog. It all starts and ends with a parade in Aug for Independence. On any normal day, just follow news at 10:00pm on 5 or the CNA and you would get to hear following words used very frequently by the favorite national telecasting channels:

- Chinese Singaporean or Singaporean of Chinese origin

- Malay Singaporean or Singaporean of Malay origin

- Indian Singaporean or Singaporean of Indian origin

Such is the discrimination at official level…….

Anonymous said...

>LKY is Singapore’s Pol Pot.

Yes. His policies are leading to Singaporeans becoming a minority in their own country.

Jordon Ong said...

"...People can only look at things from a different angle if they knew there was another side..." - Gopalan Nair

That is, if you are an average Singaporean or a clerk.

"By observation, anyone can create another side." - Einstien, Newton, Satan

Jordon Ong said...

"Do not say 'I am a youth'...". - Yahweh (God)

Jordon Ong said...

Singaporean schools give no education. In their 'top' school, NYPS, the teachers waste their students' time by using LEAD to 'teach' them. If they were questioned why they were too slow, they blame it on the students.

Anonymous said...

hi sir,

i am hating singapore as much as you do!!!! and there's no way i can get out... as i am not rich enuff to go overseas.... i am frustrated.. btw i am a current nus econs undergrad...

I tried to apply for teaching.. but for no apparent reason.... i was rejected stating that my application was made after the deadline..

I have no more interest in serving the govt, or even living in singapore for that matter.

Zajnat said...

Hi anonymous,
Don't hate Singapore. It's the bloomin' pap that you detest.
Hang in there, do your best in your endeavors. Meanwhile keep your hopes up. If there is a will there is a way. At least now you gave a goal.
Opportunities are there, it's just timing. And in time govt may change too.