Sunday, June 12, 2011

Singapore. A look at their castrated opposition. Kenneth Jeyaretnam's Reform Party, Low Thia Khiang WP etc etc

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Last time we spoke of the uselessness of Chee Soon Juan's Singapore Democratic Party to the cause of freedom in Singapore is, except that Kenneth Jeyaretnam's Reform Party and others such as National Solidarity Party, Low Thia Khiang's WP (I forgot what the name is of the gentleman who runs the NSP is) has become. To put it straight, these are just simply useless. They are of no use to themselves nor for Singapore.

Kenneth Jeyaretnam has a blog for his reform party. A last check on it shows no activity. He has gone into hibernation for the next 5 years, when I suppose he will reemerge, put up stages in the open, stand on them and make speeches, and if he loses come back in the next 5.

Low Thia Khaing has been elected to go into Parliament with his 5 other partners. I suppose he wants to keep his seat and that of his friends, and his method of doing it is not to ask any questions which is likely to threaten the continued rule of Lee Kuan Yew and his PAP.

So just as in the past decades of his time in Parliament during which he has not managed to bring about even a modicum of democracy for the people who voted for him, it is going to be business as usual for him for the next. He will ask questions about the huge immigration problem, the jobless problem, the CPF problem and other problems.

And after asking them, regardless whether the PAP listens, he will do nothing else. He will not hold protests, demonstrations or any such thing to insist and demand what he wants. He still considers Lee Kuan Yew his master, and he intends to keep his seat in Parliament and the only way to do it, is not to confront Lee head on with questions or actions he does not like; because if he did, he would go the way JB Jeyaretnman did, which is out.

And he is going to insist that his other 5 friends in Parliament play this double game of pretending to fight for democracy but at the same time ensuring that Lee Kuan Yew and his son remain in power because if that continues, by extension, their position too is protected.

The NSP guy has also disappeared, perhaps recovering from a sore throat after he had made all those speeches a whole week in a row.

These men, so called Opposition leaders are neither leaders nor men, simply pretenders. Not a single one of them either has the courage or the ability to do what is right, which is, standing up to the abuse of legal process in the courts to destroy Lee's political opponents, standing up to a state controlled media and demanding that the people's fundamental rights of freedom of speech and expression be returned to them.

I don't mean just articulating these demands, I mean going into the streets and agitating for them until they get it. Please remember, without these rights and freedoms you, as well as Kenneth Jeyaretnam, Low Thia Khiang and every one of these men who claim to be leaders would not be leaders at all. They would be bums as they are now.

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Anonymous said...

My friend, you make it sound like all the parties are useless. So how?

Why not you come back and serve your term and then do your bit to take part in GE?

WP won seats to expand its base. If they play the PAP hand, they will end up being thrown out of parliament. We do not want a parliament with 87 yes men and dogs. Even the current 6 vs 87, every time a vote is asked, the opposition will lose. So how? They can only ask questions and force PAP to response and of course the rest of the 82 will take turns to defend and suck up to get promotions.

You keep complaining about the parties but did you complain about the 60% daft citizens who chose to vote for upgrading and fear?

I think your hatred for PAP and LKY have blinded your judgement. But for your continual fight for justice and democracy, I admire you. But if you are not in Singapore, whats the point?

Writing blogs and fighting from US have no impact. Maybe Francis Seow, Tang Liang Hong and you should make a point to come back to Singapore and face the PAP. You guys love Singapore I think and I am sure many people will come forward to defend you.

Gopalan Nair said...

To anonymous above,
Read this blog. I cannot come back. I am an American citizen and live in California. Parliament in Singapore is nothing. Lee runs the countrry with his police and his judges by abusing the law. 60% votes don't mean anything. I don't hate anyone and not blinded either. Trying to cause Singaporeans to peaceful resistence. No need to be in Singapore. This blog is being read in singapore, far more efective. You are reading it. Writing blogs has tremendous impact. Otherwise you wont be wasting time writing this. No need for Francis Seow to come back. I am causing enough damage becasue you have to dead my blog.

Anonymous said...

To the Anonymous, who suggest Gopalan Nair,Francis Seow and Tang Liang Hong and others to return to Singapore and face the P.A.P is like challenging or tricking them to walk into the lions' den. Do you think they are fools and of low I.Q? If you were to be in their predicament, would you come back. If you insist you would then you are a fool with a very low I.Q.. Please be more realistic and talk with more sense and logic.

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous June 12, 0622,
Thank you but you miss the point. I am unwilling to return to Singpaore not because I am afraid, but because it makes no sense. I am an American citizen and live in California. My purpose is to write this blog for Singaporeans and the world to read it.

Gopalan Nair said...

The readers may think reading these infantile silly comments repeatedly that I should return to Singapore and those similar, that Singaporeans are rather a dumb silly people. Actually almost all the these are written by Lee's cyber squad to discredit his critics, except that by writing this nonsense, they only hurt themselves more.

The ordinary Singaporean is more discerning except that there is a blanket of fear across the island.