Thursday, June 9, 2011

Singapore. A look at their castrated opposition. Dr. Chee's Singapore Democratic Party

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dr. Chee Soon Juan is the chief of the Singapore Democratic Party, one of the island's minuscule, marginalized and fractional parties completely under the mercy of Lee Kuan Yew and his son who run riot over their people.

Singapore Democratic party has a colorful and detailed blog the Singapore Democrats But a more careful look at some of it's contents leaves one to wonder what was the purpose of it all.

Take the recent article in it, "Democrats meets Sembawang residents" June 10, 2011. It criticizes Lee Kuan Yew government's negligence in permitting a murderer to dump a dead body of a woman he killed into the water tank aloft above one of the government residential blocks, resulting in the residents even drinking water from the tank with the submerged decomposed corpse. Truly horrendous but something which could not possibly have been expected by the government.

But what is somewhat strange and inexplicable is the SDP members visiting residents of the housing blocks affected. I am pains to understand what did they expect to achieve by the visits. Merely going apartment to apartment, knocking on door to door, which they appear to have done, and telling them how sorry the SDP was appears to be neither here nor there. We all know that.

And we also know that as the apartments are owned and controlled by Lee's Singapore government, these SDP people are in no position to help any resident, even if they had asked for help. For instance if the SDP wrote a letter in their letter heads, to Lee Kuan Yew's HDB which owns these flats, I can be very sure that instead of they being helped, they would be targeted for victimization and intimidation for their audacity in seeking help from the SDP.

In fact had I been a resident in one of these apartments and Dr. Chee had knocked on my door, I would say thanks of course but since they are not in a position to do anything for me, I would be wondering why they came in the first place. On the other hand, since the apartment is owned by the HDB and Lee Kuan Yew is the ruler, I would receive better results for my grievance through a PAP person than one from Dr. Chee's party.

The article also mentions something which we already know, that Lee Kuan Yew's state controlled newspapers never mentioned anything about SDP's activities in Sembawang and Woodlands areas. Of course they did not. What did they expect, for Lee's state controlled media to give coverage for their arch enemy, Dr. Chee Soon Juan and his party!

Frankly the blog post did not make much sense to me at least.

The next article "Rethinking health care financing in Singapore Part 1" of June 09, 2011, talks about how the health care system has to be improved. I did not read much of it, for one because I was asking myself what good would it do, even if I read it. I might walk away knowing that Lee Kuan Yew's health care system is all wrong, but can the SDP do anything about it? I think not? With the state controlled press I cannot have it published in the state controlled media, second even if I thought it was a marvellous idea and wanted to speak about it openly, I would be arrested and then, if I protested about it I would suffer the same fate.

So I might as well forget about it, and live happily under Lee Kuan Yew as the other 5 million Singaporeans do.

There were several other articles about how they are organizing committees and other very confident sounding future plans about how Dr. Chee's SDP is going to be the party of the future.

All very nice sounding of course, but at this point of time, is all this any good? I have my doubts. I have my doubts because Chee and his SDP do not appear to appreciate that all this is simply a waste of time, if Lee Kuan Yew does not allow the SDP to do anything at all.

For instance they can visit as many apartments as they want but every single one of them is government owned, every single resident in them is either a Lee Kuan Yew employee or is afraid of him, and no one is going to want to waste his time with the SDP because under Lee's Singapore the SDP is not in a position to do anything for anybody. That I am afraid is the unfortunate fact. It is the same with their health care plans, their plans for a fairer and just society and everything else.

Simply put, if they have no access to anything under Lee's Singapore they simply cannot get any results either.

Which brings me back to what I have said all along. Dr. Chee of the SDP should first demand his fundamental rights, which includes an independent judiciary, a free press and the right to free speech and expression because everything else depends on these rights.

And remember, Lee is not going to give it merely because you asked. You have to insist and demand it and prepare to be arrested for it, and stick at it until you get it, no two ways about it.

To put it another way, without these rights, you cannot achieve any of these things.

I am sorry you may not like what I say but unfortunately it is true. My message to Dr. Chee and his SDP is this. Either do these things first or simply stop wasting any one's time. You are not going to get anywhere by simply writing this stuff. You and I know that this is not going to get you anywhere.

You have reached a fork in your political path and now you are compelled to decide which road you want to take. You can take the correct one and demand justice from Lee Kuan Yew or you can waste the time of the residents of Woodlands and mine too, by writing this stuff which is not furthering any one's cause, unless you want to wait another 5 years (the elections) and hope for the best.

I trust Dr. Chee is taking note and reading this. I am not sure who said this but glossy paper and colorful websites will not change Singapore. Only the truth will. And I agree entirely with that sentiment.

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Yuan said...

My opinion.

Purpose of the house visit. Yes, you may think this way. But could it be that through this way, they are actually forcing the government to do something about it? From 2006 to 2011 was around a 10+% increase of vote share. Them going there not only does not harm the residents, it helps them more compared to a GRC which has no opposition helping them.

Healthcare plan. The detractors all said, show us you can be the government. They did. Economic plan, healthcare plan. While it is true that if SDP is not the government, Reform Party's Sec-Gen Kenneth Jeyaretnam has said the government took some of the policies that his party has come out with. If our government does that, wouldn't it benefit Singaporeans as a whole, no matter whether the policy was implemented by pap or SDP?

Gopalan Nair said...

I am sorry to tell you the government will not be foreced to do anything especially if the opposition wants them to.

I think you don't understand what I say. It does not matter if the government lost 20% of vote share. Parliament does not run the country, Lee does through his courts.

Kenneth Jeuyaretnam can say anything he wants. Lee Kuan Yew doe snot care. And I don't too,

Going there does nothing. It only wastes the residnets time for nothing. SDP can do nothing for the residents becasue they are powerless.

I personally think you are not understanding what I write. Read my lips. The government controls you because they control the courts and can send you to jail anytime they want if you talk too much.

That is why you don't have any complaint about the abuse of the law.

You are an excellent candidtat for Lee KuN yw's Singapore.

Anonymous said...

To Mr Yuan, I cannot imagine how the P.A.P can be "forced" to do anything.
They now dominate and control everyone and everything here. Going against them in any way or forcing them to comply with your demands,will get you into deep shit.
If they accept good policies and proposals submitted by the Opposition,and if it works well to the benefit of Singaporeans, who do you think will get the credit? The people will still say L.K.Y or the P.A.P is very smart and very good.

Gopalan Nair said...

Readers should realize that it is difeerent for instance in England. If the British Prime minister paid himself $4million a year, there would not only be condemnation in Parliament, the opposition would organize such a massive demostration all the way from the Strand to High Holborn that the next minute, Cameron would be running with his tail between his legs.

That is power of the people. That is democracy. That is a courageous people. Not the Chee Soon Juan/ Michelle Lee/ Tan Jee Say sort of characters in the SDP who can write blogs and hold private meetings and nought else.

These people are a bore. What they have to drink is Hai Kau Yu, a special brew of Chinese wine from Harbin. It may give them some B****ls.

Gopalan Nair said...

With this sort of opposition, WP, SDP, Reform etc the cows would actually and finally come home before they get anything done.

Blogs like Democrat are fine to read by some but it does not address the principle problems, fear and slaves.

Yuan said...

To Gopalan's 1st post
Yeah, they don't be forced to do anything, that's why LHL came out to apologise. That's why they are putting up this whole show of wayang-ing as well.

If you're ignoring your points just because you don't care, then fine. What's the point of having this comments section then? I can write one too, praising PAP. Then when people rebut my points, I will say LKY doesn't care, I don't too. Then I'll end it there.

As long as we're are still having this psuedo-democracy going on, opposition will be useful in checking the government. Yes, SDP is powerless NOW. But it has the power to run for elections in 2016 (or any year before), therefore putting up a challenge to PAP for Sembawang.

I do have complaints of the law. Just because I don't speak of it doesn't mean I agree with it.

Excellent candidate? Why? Because I disagreed with you? ;)

To Anonymous
Yeah, going against them in any way will get you into deep shit. Is the entire Aljunied GRC sinking into shit now?? Nope. Place is still the same as before. LTK, SL, CSM, Faizal, PS still free to go walk wherever they want..

Yes, PAP will get the credit... so? Who benefits? The people. Then it is up to SDP to prove that they came up with it first. After all, they do have a team of doctors.

The system is unfair, but to win, one has to play by the system. Especially in a conservative country like Singapore. You can't even convince people to speak out in normal conversations against the PAP, let alone organise demonstrations etc.

Anonymous said...

It looks like the opposition parties are not going anywhere not now or in the future. They should seriously consider joining the P.A.P party. If you can't beat them join them.

dolphin81 said...

The fear atmosphere and absolute control is actually related to PAP monopolization of Parliament.

Unlike Iran or Saudi Arabia, the Singapore constitution does not give PAP or any special group the right to rule.

Therefore, PAP was always thinking of how to keep JBJ out of Parliament.

Should JBJ lead a group which have many more seats (not just 6), LKY knows his control of the courts, the police and the media will be weakened.

Therefore PAP insisted on keeping LKY in the cabinet and Parliament.

Singaporeans are at least partly aware of their rights but their mental dependence on LKY is scary.

The worse part is that these people are well-educated, well-travelled and understand the outside world around them very well.

These people know clearly the vote is secret but they give all kinds of excuses to continue voting for PAP.

People will not openly demand their rights if they do not even want to exercise their voting rights quietly.

ANiceGuy said...

Gopalan, it isn't Chee Soon Juan's fault... The blame falls squarely upon Singaporeans... Those years have certainly taken its psychological toll on CSJ... He has certainly mellowed out and toned down... Thanks to the Singaporean sheep mentality.

I think he should just leave SG and start a brand new chapter in life like what you did, let Singaporeans fend for themselves.

Clearly, Singaporeans are not interested in freedom. They are happy to be just the way they are.

Anonymous said...

An open democracy will never come easily to Singapore, for one reason - the preponderance of Han Chinese. Their DNA and emotional being is hard-wired to obey and not challenge authority.

This is an ethnic group, who throughout their history, has always looked to a supreme leader to guide them, from the Emperors of the past, to Sun Yat Sen, Chiang Kai Shek (who later moved to Taiwan) and then to Mao Zedong and his successors in the CCP.

In Singapore, where the Han Chinese form the largest majority, this pattern has continued for the past 50+ years, in the form of Lee Kuan Yew, and subsequently his son under the umbrella of the PAP.

Even Lee Kuan Yew, is wired to kowtow to a higher authority. During WWII, this man served the Japanese, even though they were brutally repressing Han Chinese communities in China and SE Asia.

This is what Lee Kuan Yew did during the war: transcribing Allied wire reports for the Japanese, as well as being the English-language editor on the Japanese Hodobu an information or propaganda department) from 1943 to 1944).

After the war, it took a Malay, Tunku Abdul Rahman, to fight for independence from the British. In 1961, Abdul Rahman mooted the idea of forming "Malaysia", which would consist of Brunei, Malaya, Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore, all of which had been British colonies.

One wonders whether Lee Kuan Yew had the *alls to challenge his British Masters. I seriously doubt it.

while the population of Singapore is mainly Han Chinese, it will ever experience true democracy.

Anyone can to add or challenge this thesis? GN, perhaps you could make this the start of a new post and have people comment.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with Nair. Now is the time to push for fundamental rights: free speech, press, courts etc. With the voters rallying beside the opposition while the issue us still hot, demands for basic freedom is the key otherwise after some time things will get back to norm.

Gopalan Nair said...

To Yuan,
Lee Kuan Yew's son need not apologize. If he did it was to give the impression that he is worried of the election results. He controls the police, the judges and the law. He will run the county regardless of how many candidates in Parliament. In 2016, there will be no difference. Father and son will rule, regardless of how many candidates.

That is why you call yourself Yuan but we don't know who you are. You are afraid of Lee Kuan Yew and hjis courts. He will send you to the cleaners if they know who you are.

Anonymous said...

Opposition candidates now and after the next 2016 election, in Parliament, will include P.A.P moles masquerading as opposition leaders.
That is why P.A.P will always be in power and control. That is how the system works and is how this dirty game of politics is played.

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous June 11, 1139,
Whether or not they are moles is unimportant. Lee does not need moles to govern. He controls the judges, the media and the civil service. Protests are illegal. If you become a threat to him, you will be eliminated. Please disabuse yourself of the notion that in Singapore parliament means anything. It does not.

People are afraid. That is why you fear identifying yourself. Lee needs people such as you in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

some of the tings you say are true like free speech and indpendent judicary but some of the point you say are mostly written in the fit of anger
Dr Chee sooon juan still cares about democracy and free speech and so on. In fact on his website he points out the reality of the media in singapore and i asumme in the future he will hold a non-violent rally for the good of the people
But stop stop Mr Nair saying that sdp plans to revamp the healthcare is usless amd that all things political is linked to free speech and judicary they are exclusive
Although mu heart is long with singapore and with australia. I urged you you to leave the destiny of the people with the pap and opposition or if you are not fearful come to to singapore and make a change
I guess you don't do so as you are balless person and actually in your heart you are an american not singaporean so i would urge you to contribute to america future by being a democrate or republican and take part in grass roots activities in america instead of wasting your time
just like me i take an interest in australia future and not singapore
Yours sincerly in chist
jeremy wong

Gopalan Nair said...

I suppose the above is the same ghost writer who writes all these comments hiding himself. This time he takes on the guise of an Australian resident. Well lets look at it.

Mostly written in anger? What makes you think so? Why should I be angry?

If Chee cares for Singapore, which I know he does, he is going about it the wrong way.

Chee can talk about revamping healthcare or anything he wants, but that is all there is to it, just talk. Chee has no power to do anything at all and as matters stand, Lee can put Chee in jail anytime he wants without cause.

I am saying it again, any change in Signapore can come about only as long as the people have their rights. Without it, you are simply at the mercy of Lee Kuan Yew and Sons.

I will continue to report on Singapore. From here I am trying to influence a change in Singapore's domestic politics to move it to a democracy.

I am unable to come to Singapore because I need a visa and even if I did, I will likely be arrested for what I write in this blog. I fear arrest if I return which will jeopardize my work here on exposing Singapore, so for the moment, I will not.

I will not respond to the personal insult which you have uttered. Whether I am American at heart is completley irrelevant on whether I write about Singapore or Belgain Congo.

As to whether I take up grassroots activity in the US or take up snooker is a decision entirely up to me. But as for exposing the repression under which Singaporeans live, this will continue, I am sorry to tell you.

I don't see what Christ has anything to do with what you write.