Sunday, June 5, 2011

Singapore. Time to buy a boat

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Read in yesterday's Singapore state controlled Straits Times that the island has flooded again, with many parts of it several feet underwater and there were no less than 25 citizens washed away into the sea!( I am not sure whether in fact a whole 25 people or any other number of citizens faced this calamity but I won't be suprised if it did). Frankly there is no light at the tunnel, I don't think. Global warming is at work. Higher atmospheric temperatures mean larger capacity for atmosphere to hold moisture. Which means progressively more torrential downpours. Second, sea water temperature also rises. Which means expansion. Which means higher sea level. If you add the 2, each time it rains, and coincides with high water, you have another flooding.

Might be a good idea to buy sailboat dinghies. The keel is usually not more than a feet under water. And since many parts of the island were several feet under water, sailing is an excellent idea. And you don't need a motor, and therefore no carbon exhaust.

Lee Kuan Yew and his son can look forward to making a bit more money now. Nationwide sailing lessons and a boat shop selling Laser, 420, 470, Hobiecat sailboats. They are fast and reasonably easy to handle.

With the sailing experience that they get sailing along Orchard Road each time it floods, you might even make an Olympic champion in the Laser or 420 Class. Great idea. Think of it, you don't even need to get to the sea to sail. You can sail right there along the middle of Orchard Road!

You might even get the first Singapore Tamil champion sailor who got all his experience sailing along Singapore's Serangoon Road in Little India.

Vivian Balakrishnan, Lee Kuan Yew's minister for environment could perhaps be the first to learn sailing, if he has not already and arrange to organize sailing lessons.

Singapore could even be another Venice of the East or Bangkok where everything is done on boats and people could build houseboats and live in them like they do in the Dal Lake in Kashimir minus the ethnic violence.

How very nice!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Gopalan Nair,

Last year it was Orchard road, which was fully submerged in flood water and this year its an different area,Tanglin every time it floods it affects different parts of the Island city, PUB need to design more sophisticated equipment like the one they have already installed in Orchard road, and the boat sailing competition in the heart of the city recalls me the movie "Hard Rain" starring Christian slater and morgan freeman, as nair says thats not too far,the entire city need to have 5 to 6 feet stilt to be raised from the sea level to protect from the flood water:))))

Anonymous said...

25? Seriously? I live (or am stuck, if you would like) in Singapore and you can't tell me that.