Friday, June 17, 2011

Singapore Attorney Generel does not answer

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore Law Society had informed me of my Law disciplinary hearings before the High Court in Singapore to be held on July 25/ July 26, 2011. Please see my earlier blog.

Since I had written many more critical blogs here about Singapore and their corrupt judges since my return to the US in 2008 after my arrest and detention there as well as deliberately disobeying their illegal court order prohibiting me of ever criticizing them again, there is a real possibility that I will be arrested and charged again for this if I returned.

I therefore sent an Email to the Attorney General of Singapore stating that I wanted to defend myself at my trial in Singapore in July 2011 and asked him for a guarantee that I will not be arrested again if I returned. (Please see blog post here "Law Society of Singapore, undertaking" June 15, 2011).

The Attorney General of Singapore has not replied to my Email. My assumption is that he does not want me to defend myself at my trial in Singapore. I believe he is afraid that my presence in Singapore and my arrest again would only create even more embarrassment worldwide for them, proving once again that they are an intolerant one party Stalinist state that manages to stay in power only by abusing the law to destroy their critics, their favored tools being contempt of court and defamation actions.

I am still considering whether to attend my trial despite the possibility of re-arrest for my criticism of their regime.

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Anonymous said...

You definitely will be arrested upon arrival at Changi Airport. So live your freedom in Ca;ifornia and stop playing with fire. Request for video conferencing link up at the hearing. A world class technology court can arrange for that.

Anonymous said...

You should request for video conferencing. Don't risk arrest in Singapore and live your freedom in California. I am sure your law association in California have such facilities to link up with the Singapore court. Get CNN or CNBC to assist.

The 15-year-old Anon said...

Best of luck Mr. Nair.

I've been lurking in your blog for the past few weeks and enjoy it loads.
I have been a libertarian for over a year. Sometime earlier this year, as we were discussing politics in class, my opinions on the way the SG govt runs the country and the people's social and political freedoms were shot down ruthlessly by a teacher as they deviated from the norm, which is to believe that all the govt's policies for the people's own good and to not question them. I then was lectured for about half an hour as to why I was wrong and why the the govt is right, etc etc.

Also, when I told him that all newspapers, TV channels and radio stations in SG (or so that I know of) are state-owned and that a lot of things that happen in government can be hidden from us in that way, I was berated by my classmates and told that I was being anti-S'porean and my teacher said that it's best not to ask what goes on "up there" as we probably wouldn't understand anyway. This is a snapshot of daily life in SG. The people are like zombies, trusting everything the government tells them and accepting things without asking why they are done in such a way.
This wouldn't have happened in countries where we have freedom of speech and the right to form our own opinions. We are not zombies. We are people who have the right to know what's going on in the country.

Much respect. I hope you win the case against this draconian state.

Gopalan Nair said...

To 15 year old anon,
Thanks. But I can assure you I am not going to win. I will be disbarred in Singapore no matter what. There is only one verdict when you openly challenge their corrupt judiciary. But challenge them, I will both before and after my disbarment in Singapore.

Gopalan Nair said...

To anonymous juine 18, 1223,
It is not my responsibility to ask for video conferencing or anything else. I have a right to attend in Singapore at my trial, and it is the duty of of Singapore to give me the gaurantee that I will be free form arrest if I return. They are unwilling to give it.