Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Singapore's dilemna, what to do with the Singapore Dissident

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Frankly not I, nor anyone else can say with any certainty whether this blog Singapore Dissident hurts Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew dictatorship, and if at all, how much.

What I do know is this, it is still being read in Singapore, the government there being either unwilling or unable to block it from the island.

I also know from many letters received either from within Singapore and outside that it is adversely affecting their impression of the island; except that as to what extent I cannot say.

Only yesterday, I received an Email from an Indian doctor who had earlier contemplated moving to Singapore. Having made some searches on the Internet, he came across my blog, decided that Singaporeans are a bunch of imbeciles for willingly living in such repressive conditions and changed his mind entirely. This is one man from abroad who took the trouble to write to me telling his plans. Are there thousands of others who have taken similar actions but have not written to me? Perhaps?

Today, Singapore's state controlled newspaper reports that the number of marriages have dropped to a record low, even less than the marriages in 2009, despite all the persuasion and cajoling by the government to entice people to get married and have more children. Has the Singapore Dissident being read in Singapore had anything to do with it, I would never know.

Only a few days ago, the same state controlled newspaper had reported that childbirth had dropped to the lowest ever rate since 2005. Although not reported, I expect emigration rate to have shot up sky high with the numbers of educated skilled Singaporeans depleted even further. Has the Singapore Dissident contributed to one or more of this phenomenon, we would never know.

And no matter what they do now, the pages of Singapore Dissident has been copied and recopied not only in Singapore but throughout the world that any attempt by them to outlaw it now would serve no purpose whatsoever.

Singapore Dissident is determined to undermine the dictatorial government in Singapore and would continue in it's effort towards that purpose. Lee Kuan Yew and his government are of course boiling with anger at what I am doing and are acting in the only way they know, by trying to punish me into silence.

Gopalan Nair of the Singapore Dissident on the other hand simply refuses to be silenced and instead looks forward to provoke Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore to try even further retaliation, except that in this case, all this produces no result since the intended victim lives in the USA, and therefore beyond his clutches.

Regardless of how much or how little Singapore Dissident undermines the Lee Kuan Yew regime, rest assured that it intends to continue and takes pleasure in reading that the emigration rate continues to mount, ever fewer children are being born, even fewer people are being married, the Germans are laughing at Singaporeans, Singapore has been forced to bring another million Mandarin speaking Chinamen from the Communist country to replace the dying Singaporean and the world is laughing at the regime for sending Alan Shadrake to jail just for writing a book.

Gopalan Nair expects to be disbarred in Singapore for refusing to let up on his criticism and he is not allowed to enter Singapore again without permission. But this is not going to deter him from attacking Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore further which begs the question, what else does he have in mind by way of retaliation? Or has he run out of ideas?

Yes, Singapore Dissident continues.

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Anonymous said...

The situation here now is not getting better. Suicide rate is on the increase, although not reported truthfully in the local news and newspapers. A great number of people here are living with despondency and depression and are contemplating suicide. It's main contributing factors here are obvious.
Thanks to Lee Kuan Yew and his P.A.P.regime.

Zajnat said...

Oh my gosh, am I glad we left 20 years ago.

Parshotham Maan said...

My comments may not be relevant to the topic discussed but here goes.
Regardless of blog or demonstrations, the process of change has already started. Reacting to this change, the SG government as I see it, is like a duck in the pond, calm and cool but paddling like crazy not knowing what to do. Change is inevitable, the process of change is going to be very painful for the very confident leaders. This is because, their policies are generally not debated and tested in public. They missed out on winning the hearts and mind of the people via an open forum, freedom of speech etc. I don't remember if there was ever an instance where a 'mega' policy was not implemented because the public opposed to it. I might be wrong. Which ever policy implemented by the Scholars has a devastating ripple effect on the population and economy long term. Either way they are screwed. The leaders need to understand that given the size of the economy and country and its infrastructure, they need to be very close with its people. Just like Mauritius, as Gopalan has mentioned some weeks ago. Everyone needs to be treated with dignity and respect. When this is violated, you miss out on obedience and corporation long term. 52 years is a long time. Change can't came any later. The Machiavelli's approach by LKY has more demerit than merit. History will bare it all. Like they say, in the finance world, "You are only as good as your last numbers" Public sentiments are changing, Regardless of all the achievements made over the years, the trophies,are stained with frustrations, unhappiness and uncompromising sacrifice. I migrated because I did want to live like Jim Carrey in "The Trumen Show". I preferred to trade off a lot of things I hold dear to my heart in SG and start all over in a foreign land. I have given up my SG citizenship and moved on but deep down I question, what is becoming of SG.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gopalan, keep up the good effort. Having lived in Singapore for all these years, I've recently did some soul searching and have came to the conclusion that this country offers no freedom at all. Once you are born in here, your life is already "planned" for you. Forget about being a musician, professional sportsman or any of such aspirations. Furthermore, with such conditions and climate as well as the lack of space, what can we do at all? Not to mention that males are forced to undergo mandatory 2 years of national service.. The list goes on and on... Sure, it is rather safe here, but is being safe all that important? With such laws, of course this is a safe place. I hope to get out of here ASAP. Continue posting, Gopalan. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Parshotham Maan "Which ever policy implemented by the Scholars has a devastating ripple effect on the population and economy long term."

This is one of the tragedies of Singapore.

These academically smart scholars, whose only job has been with Lee Kuan Yew's army, followed by indenture in Lee Kuan Yew's civil service, are given the chance to come up with nincompoop policies that have done irreparable harm to the citizens.

Jaz said...

'These academically smart scholars, whose only job has been with Lee Kuan Yew's army, followed by indenture in Lee Kuan Yew's civil service, are given the chance to come up with nincompoop policies that have done irreparable harm to the citizens.'

In other words, these so called 'scholars' may have 'brains' but were born without hearts.