Friday, June 17, 2011

Singapore has no sportsmen

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Have you ever noticed, Singapore has no sportsmen. None has ever become world class or even half way there when it comes to sports. Have you considered why?

This is why. To excel in sports you need passion, just as in any other undertaking in life. You have to love athletics, rugby, sailing, swimming or fencing to excel, just as you have to love medicine to be a good doctor or the law for a good lawyer. But Singapore is a unique place where just passion alone and dedication will not get you there. What you need the most is the recognition of Lee Kuna Yew and his politburo.

In Singapore today, the highest paid people are those connected to the Lee Kuan Yew administration. His ministers, judges, top civil servants are all paid millions of dollars and once selected, they are taken care of for life. George Yeo, the Lee Kuan Yew Minister recently lost his political office but that is no problem. Lee will give him another job which is equally remunerative if not more. He may be made the ambassador in some country, perhaps a job with a government linked company; the possibilities are immense. MH Rubin, a former judge who punished Lee Kuan Yew's critic Chee Soon Juan is now the High Commissioner to New Zealand. Yatiman Yousf the former minister is Ambassador to who knows where and the list goes on.

To put it plainly, every single PAP man is taken care of for life, with a pension and life long job security and a comfortable living. All he has to do is to make sure he remains loyal to the Lee Kuan Yew family.

In this case, is it any surprise that it is every young child's dream and that of his mother to be accepted and recognized by the Lee Kuan Yew ruling family of Singapore because that is the ultimate passport to success. Of course one has to be good in one's studies and get good grades but good grades without the recognition of the Lee Kuan Yew family will not get you very far.

So the characteristics that you see in Singapore young men today would be considered distasteful in any other place, such as sycophancy, fawning, crawling and licking the boots of the Lee Kuan Yew family.

You must have heard of the recent case of a 27 year old woman (in fact a girl if you looked at her) Tin Pei Ling becoming the youngest PAP Member of Parliament. It is quite obvious, her selection and appointment had nothing to do with her ability which no one else had, it has to do with the fact that she had spent 7 years working at the PAP offices in Singapore doing voluntary work and defending every single injustice her masters were meting out to the people of Singapore.

Naturally ever single mother in Singapore is looking up to Tin Pei Ling and encouraging their children to emulate her in the hope that they too would one day be another Tin Pei Ling, that they too would be blessed with Lee's recognition, and milk and honey would flow for them ever after, prostrate at the feet of Lee Kuan Yew and his son.

Singapore does not encourage independent thinking and the pursuit of a goal because one is passionate. Practicing and training long hours at any sport, researching and studying the law or any other science does not get anyone anywhere far in Singapore. But the recognition by Lee Kuan Yew will.

That is why you don't have great lawyers, scientists or sportsmen. But you do have successful men and women who live their lives obedient to Lee Kuan Yew and his government.

But when Lee Kuan Yew abuses the law for their political ends, when they jail and bankrupt innocent citizens because they are political threats to them, when the Lee family practically siphons off millions under the pretext that these are salaries, it becomes shameful for anyone with any honor to submit to them. But that is exactly what every single Singapore mother is prepared to do in the interests of her children.

Singapore produces opportunists, not honorable men and women. Strangely in sports, in addition to dedication and determination, honor is essential, which explains why Singaporeans fail miserably in it.

It is not possible for a Singaporean to be free. You need freedom to achieve greatness. New Zealanders are a free people. They have the world's greatest sportsmen.

Gopalan Nair
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11 comments: said...

Mr Gopalan Nair,
Without that guarantee, don't go.
If they can jail Shadrake, they couldn't care less about the repercussions, do they will jail you again.

There is that pride they have, should you step in, they must arrest you or they lose face. Why bother.

Anonymous said...

But, it does have many scholars, who are beholden to Lee Kuan Yew.

Anonymous said...

Mr.Gopalan Nair,

This old "satan" who is determined to get you into his claws, has no limits to what he can and will do.
What guarantee or who can protect you over here in Singapore? You are walking into a Gestapo H.G. or into the Japanese Kempetai H.Q.
Assuming they can guarantee you 100% safe passage to and fro, what are your chances of winning your case and walk out a free man? My opinion is 0%. Sorry about this but I may be wrong.
So again don't let me discourage you from coming back here but I am really concern for you and for your safety.
May God grant you His protection,His perfect wisdom and courage to surmount and overcome your dilemma and predicament.
Thank You.

Anonymous said...

no wonder xiaxue (wendy cheng) chose to be on the safe side and rooted for obviously the winning party LKY and his cohorts. pathetic people..shallow.

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous Jun 19, 0329,
I will not win these law disciplinary proceedings in Singapore. I am not in any dilemna or predicament. I am an American and live in the USA.

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous Jun 18 0734,
You mean scholar oppurtunist bootlickers, million dollar men?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Gopalan Nair,

As far as I know, once they initiate their legal summons or proceedings against anyone here, there is no chance of getting off their hook.
They will relentlessly and without mercy pursue their prey until they are in their custody. Once secured in their custody,they will have the time and pleasure to ponder how to give appropriate or maximum sentence which will usually in the form of fine,jail and caning, or even worse, to be hang by the neck until death occurs, or a combination of all.
Being their fugitive in another country may not guarantee safety and freedom. Because of their good diplomatic relations with other countries, and with their right connections,an international warrant of arrest will be issued on some charges,possibly fabricated to bring you back here, in handcuffs.
This is only a small part of their legal efficiency and capabilities. What they can do here with their own laws may be beyond one's logic and imagination.
Instilling FEAR and merciless PUNISHMENT in their citizens is their master key principal in controlling and subjucating their citizens.
Thank You.

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous, Sun Jun 19, 0226,
You are not understanding. These proceedings against me are proceedings to have me disbarred from practicing law in Singapore. No jail, caning or hanging for this.

But since I have criticized Singapore in this blog in the US which are criminal under Singapore law, I can be arrested if I return and charged with these crimes. Of course in the real sense they are not crimes at all but only crimes in the Singaporean kangaroo court sense.

If I don't return to Singpaore they can do nothing to me. Good relations with other countries has nothing to do with it.

The US is a important critic of Singapore's human rights record.

I am in no danger at all, so don't worry. I only need to worry if I return to Singapore.

Anonymous said...


There is extra-judicial killing in Singapore. So don't push your luck too far. Orders from Lee Kuan Yew. Have you forgotten the mysterious circumstances surrounding the deaths of former Minister Teh Cheang Wan and former President Ong Teng Cheong?

Anonymous said...

Ref: Anonymous Sun June 19th. 10.15 pm.

The Internal Security Department is the most feared section of the P.A.P organisation and is under his direct command. It is above all the laws here. It is equivalent to the Gestapo, the Kempetai or the K.G.B.
This is his ultimate secret terror weapon that keeps him alive and well.
Step on his toes, or if he doe's not like your face or for any other reasons and his blood thirsty sadistic dogs will come to pick you up .
This man rule by terror and fear. He has said he does not want to be loved but to be feared.

Thank You.

Jordon Ong said...

"I am a Singaporean and I went to New Zealand What a coincidence." - Jordon Ong