Monday, June 13, 2011

Singapore's problem, noone wants to have children

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore's state controlled newspaper Straits Times of June 12, 2011, has the story "More Singaporeans and PRs (new immigrants), yet fewer babies". Although alarming, the story was not unexpected. Last year Singapore had the fewest number of babies born, 37, 492, the lowest record number since 2005.

At this figure, of about 3,000 babies a month, they are not replacing the dying as more elderly die in the island than this figure.

I have mentioned in here on several occasions, just we know, that Singapore has some serious problems which by themselves spell their doom.

As a result of the distaste that any human being would have towards a government that denies them their fundamental human rights such as free speech and expression, a country where the police can arrest you anytime at the wink and a nod of it's dictator Lee Kuan Yew, where there is no rule of law and the courts are routinely used as a tool to eliminate it's political opposition, no one in his right mind would want to make a home in Singapore. It might be all right to come for a few years to make some money but to sink roots there, certainly not.

Singapore is not a country, it is a company and it's owner is the Lee Kuan Yew family.

Why do you think I left Singapore, a country where I was born. Yes, for the same reason. Today no less than 2000 educated and skilled native born Singaporeans like me leave for the West every year. Once there, they bring their friends relatives and others with them. This as you can see is a huge brain drain, a fact that alone can finish off what we now understand as Singapore.

At the same time, of those who stay, because they are incapable of leaving, no one wants to marry or to have babies. Some Indians who are really ignorant of the lack of freedom in the island may have children like this man Kamlesh Kalwar who was reported to have said "Mr Kamlesh Kalwar and his wife Purti, both 29, with their daughter Mihika, nine months. Originally from India, they decided to have children here as Singapore is safe, offers career opportunities and has a good education system.".

I think the man is ignorant of the true extent of what Singapore is. He also seems to be a person who would go anywhere which provides him "safety a job and education". As for education, he would have been much better off in India. And as for safety, North Korea is very safe too. As for career opportunities, Australia has much more but most probably he applied but was rejected, and decided instead on his second best choice, Singapore. If Singapore did not work out, he would have gone to his third best choice, Burma.

I don't think he is a valuable asset to Singapore. At the next opportunity, he is probably going to leave Singapore as well.

The Singapore government is driving their good people out of Singapore, which would be their downfall. And their policies prevent families having any children. But that may be a good happening after all since Singapore can be rid once and for all of the Lee Kuan Yew family and enter into a new beginning.

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Anonymous said...

For years, Singaporeans living under the oppressive and controlled laws and policies of the P.A.P, have become so suppressed that even the natural sexual urge to enjoy sex and to procreate has become almost non existent. Women here have become frigid and men impotent. This is the cause of the problem which the Government fails to see and to acknowledge.

Anonymous said...

"Singapore is not a country, it is a company and it's owner is the Lee Kuan Yew family."

Well said.

Jordon Ong said...

We, the citizens of Singapore Pte Ltd, pledge ourselves to be one united people serving the LEE, regardless of race, language, or religion, to build a dictatorship company-society, based on aristocracy justice and monarchy, so as to achieve, sadness, poverty, and stagnation, in our company.

Jordon Ong said...

A company is a society of people serving others with the same type of products in exchange for money. Singapore is not a company. It is a slave farm, where people serve their master, the LEE, without pay whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Lee Kuan Yew's relatives from China have found the answer:

Chinese travel to U.S. to give birth for citizenship

"The return on investment is higher than robbing a bank," the consultancy agent tells women such as Liu. When Chinese children are born in America, they automatically become U.S. citizens. Once they reach 21, their parents will be able to apply for green cards and emigrate.

"Some parents obtain fake birth certificates for their children, or cheat the Chinese Embassy to get them Chinese passports.

A people without morals. And they will not challenge their dictators.

Now can you understand why people like you and Dr. Chee and JBJ are unable to get your message to the group that forms 75%(?) of Singapore's poulation.

Anonymous said...

This is where Lee Kuan Yew's goons, aka the the Singapore Police Force, the ISD and it's Judges get their inspiration and training.

Their master is so happy.

China Stamps Out 'Jasmine Revolution',29307,2052863,00.html

tearsunderstars said...

I remembered as a young child I was pressured to get good results all the time. It was many hours of school, then homework, then sleep, then many hours of school again. There was simply no life as a child! That is good enough reason not to have any children.

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous June 15, 0727

I don't think it is fair to paint every Chinese person with the same broad brush just as for Singaporeas. This sort of dishonesty is found in all races. For Singaporeans the problem maily is fear that prevents them from doing anything necessary.