Thursday, June 2, 2011

Singapore. Democracy should be a daily occurance, not a week in every 5 years

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Just a few weeks ago, we had a full 8 days of democracy, campaigning for the general elections, with public political speeches by Singaporeans which showed us what was wrong with the government of the day.

But can you imagine the effect of such speeches on the people if they could have been made every day and as often as you like. If that were to happen, Singapore would be transformed tomorrow.

What I want to see, and what should rightfully happen is that people should be allowed to speak publicly anytime they want just as in any other democracy in the world. The reason why Singapore never changes is that speeches are disallowed except once ever 5 years, while the rest of the entire time, you are only allowed to hear what the government has to say. This is why you continue to be repressed and suppressed by the Lee Kuan Yew regime.

Remember the power lies in your hands. The people today are sufficiently disenchanted with this administration so much so that just a few more days or months of this would certainly cause it's collapse, that I am sure.

Of course there are going to be some arrests, and some intimidation, but surely it is a price worth paying by anybody who loves Singapore. I was completely taken by the speeches and even more determined to see the end of the Lee administration. If I felt that way, surely other Singaporeans felt that even more.

So do it my friends. It only takes a few to stand up to this nonsense openly for the others to rise. With the Internet and Utube, any violence inflicted upon you by the government would work against them and they would be forced to stop. And you will find even your oppressors joining your side.

I am counting on you. Thank you.

Gopalan Nair
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Gopalan's well wisher said...

Let me be claer: I HATE LKY and the PAP, but am aghast at your suggestion and I quote: "Of course there are going to be some arrests, and some intimidation, but surely it is a price worth paying by anybody who loves Singapore. "

You who fled to the US to avoid persecution and does not dare return for fear of arrest are urging others to get arrested and intimidated, not to mention thier families and careers ruined? Are you serious? Wow you do practice institutionalized hypocrisy!

Why don't you go back to Singapore immediately? yes, you will get arrested at the airport, but will become a cause celebre for all Singapore dissidents. This time, the PAP will not release you but keep you permanently detained. Buy hey, you love Singapore and "it is a price worth paying" per your logic... Are you prepared to sacrifice your freedom, family and career? I think you know the answer and so do the rest of us.

Please Gopalan, stop this double standard... Again, as I mentioned in the past, stop alienating your followers.

Gopalan Nair said...

To Gopalan's Well Wisher,

You would recall we have read the comments of this anonymous person. It should be quite obvious by now that he is another of these cyber authors paid to discredit anyone who criticizes his master. Most of the time, his attacks are ad hominum and personal which does not futher any debate. But I have tried to post them regardless becasue I have more faith in the Singapore reader to be able to distinguish an argument from outright stupidity. I don't usually respond because this person simply shoots himself in the foot by nothing less than a bazooka, but this time I will.

Firstly if he is really what he says, why the anonymoity?

Second you see his nom de garre, Gopalan Nair Well Wisher, when it is quite apparent he wishes no such thing.

Now coming to hypocricy. Anyone would realize that I am no longer a Singaporean in law, although I may be one in spirit.

This blog tries to persuade Singaporeans (of which I am not one under Singapore law) to take the steps to bring about democratic change.

So the question of my returning to Singapore and prostesting with others does not come into question at all.

It is like saying that if I wrote the Russians should demonstrate against the tyranny of Putin, I should personally fly Aeroflot to Moscow tomorrow and demonstrate there myself becasue otherwise I should not write anything about Russia and Putin's tyranny!

Then he talks of my going back and if so, my sure arrest. Anyone reading this will know that I don't live in Singapore, but I am interested in bringing about change there.

And if I did return, my law practice here would suffer and that will be the end of the Singapore Dissident. So I will not go there and get arrested. But that does not mean that others in Singapore may also find it impossible. Among 5 milion people there, there are no doubt some who would find this not only possible but desirable despite the challenges, which they as well as I, and Gopalan Nairs Well Wisher knows as well.

So there is no hypocricy at all as anyone should be able to see.

I intend to respond again to Gopalan Nair Well Wisher if he writes again, to make sure he is nailed once and for all under his stupidity

Anonymous said...

Ghandi went to jail many times for his beliefs.

So can you.

Planes leaves for Singapore from San Francisco regularly.

We will all be so proud of you.

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous June 03 0814

To answer your question on Gandhi and planes leaving San Francisco for Singapore, please see my post above. It is self explanatory.

Anonymous said...

To the above posters: Please try to understand Gopalan's logic: "Do as I say, not as I do."

Did Lee Kuan Yew rub off on you Gopalan or is it just good old human nature????

Anonymous said...

Mr. Nair does not need to leave USA to support his cause or cause.

It is truth "Ghandiji went to prison numerous time" but the whole nation was with in.

In Singaporean are very scared and afraid to speak up and it is a different time and era.

Anonymous said...

And if I did return, my law practice here would suffer and that will be the end of the Singapore Dissident

>my law practice here would suffer

How selfish of you. Dr. Chee has given up so much.

>end of the Singapore Dissident

Occasional flashes of good writing, but generally full of unstructured diatribes - shows why you and your ilk were never able to make any headway against Lee Kuan Yew.

Enough bloggers who are more capable of filling any void left by the loss of the S'pore Dissident.

Gopalan Nair said...

Singapore government has a large cyber unit which anonymously write to discredit those who criticize them. It may be the same person writing over and over again or several people, but we will never know. I have put them up this time. Normally I just delete them. There were alos obsenities which were not posted.

Anonymous said...

Gopalan with regard to above you said
>"Singapore government has a large cyber unit which anonymously write to discredit those who criticize them...Normally I just delete them"

So are you just like the Singapore censorship to avoid alternative opinions? Not everyone is a paid PAP cyber unit troll, you know. Some people disagree with your methods and point of views, but nonetheless share your concerns and resentment towards the Singapore government. Do they not deserve a voice or must only those who agree with you be heard?

Is it possible that you do not like criticisms or alternative views like like Lee Kuan Yew? Throwing disparaging words like "paid PAP agents" or "angry for criticising their master" etc at people disagreeing with you does not show you in a good light... Please feel free to censor my postings like you have done to others.

Note: Obsecities and cuss words must never be printed, but what makes you censor alternative views just because YOU think they are hired by the PAP, when in fact they may not be?

Gopalan Nair said...

Here is another gentleman or the same one from Lee Kuan Yew's cyber force reporting anonymously that he is not one of them. Neverthess he does not say much.

But a very ingenous way of saying that I agree with you but but I don't.

Anonymous comments such as these serve my purpose of proving my point of what the Lee Kuan Yew administration is.

I would continue putting this nonsese up a bit more and stop it after that.

Perhaps this gentleman has a retort to this comment?

Anonymous said...

That gentlemen has written a meaningful response that you dismiss as coming from the Lee Kuan Yew's cyber force.

Sounds like other Singaporeans' minds, your's has also been molded, successfully, by LKY - you brook no dissent.

Aw, little GN's feelings have been hurt.

Gopalan Nair said...

We just have another anonymous critic of mine. Lee Kuan Yew's cyber force at work. He says it's a "meanigful" response. Someone should tell them this is not the way to discredit me, but thanks anyway.

Gopalan Nair said...

From the timing of these comments from Singapore government anonymous cyber force critics of mine, it seems they are within the California time zone. I guess Lee Kuan Yew's government thinks it best to use local commentors. I think the silliness they utter does not help their aim to discredit me.

Gopalan Nair said...

It is anybody's guess who these hidden cyber commentors writing presumably from California are. There is the Singapore Consulate General in San Francisco and someone there might be commissioned to do this stupidity. Then there are a few Singapore companies operating in the San Francisco Bay Area, and anyone there might be doing this job.
On the whole it is really a silly excercise, since they should know that the readers of this or any other blog do have the capablility to see reason from nonsese.

Anonymous said... basically everyone who criticizes you is someone that has been commissioned by the SG government? Or someone from LKY's cyber force? Like seriously?? That type of thinking's kinda stupid(sorry that it sounds so mean when typed out) ...everyone has their own view on things. :)

Gopalan Nair said...

Here is the latest. This anonymous person whom who we don't know who, reasons it is wrong for me to say that anyopne who criticizes is a government stooge. Perhaps he is one, perhaps not, but the problem remains, he does not say who he is.

And that is why Lee Kuan Yew's cyber brigade to discredit his critics is simply showing that they are making themselves look very silly.

This man is probably the same person who is writing all this stuff under different names. But perhaps not. Who knows, as he remains incognito, or Gumnaam in Urdu.

I should not have put up this stupidity but I am going to to show the state to which these people have descended to.

Thank you anonymous who is not part of the Lee Kuan Yew cyber brigade but perhaps yes.