Sunday, June 26, 2011

Singapore. Lee Kuan Yew's failure

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Any Singapore observer would agree, despite all the embellishments in the state controlled press to make it look pretty, the island today is not only in a very bad shape, it is on a tailspin of decline with any recovery impossible.

For a crowded island of about 3 million native born and another 2 million principally Mandarin speaking Chinese from their Communist country, you already have massive brain drain of locals of as many as 1,000 per year. The rate of marriage has dropped below what it was even in 2009 and is the lowest, the birth rate is even lower than what it was in 2005 and declining further and suicides are at the highest. Foreign permanent residents have angered the Minister Mentor because they refuse to have families in Singapore, and has threatened to revoke their permanent residencies.

You don't need to have a PhD to know the reasons for a seemingly successful nation state to suffer from these happenings. It is because Lee Kuan Yew has failed to understand you cannot make a nation out of minions and secondly, you cannot do it through fear either.

By his own admission Lee has told us that if he was not feared he is nothing. In other words he needs you to be afraid and submit to him. Fear never produced the best results from anyone. Teachers who are afraid never taught well, lawyers who were afraid never were good lawyers and the same with every other occupation. You never got the best through fear, not in Singapore nor in Nazi Germany either.

Second minions as he is surrounded with never made good leaders. Teo Chee Hean, his deputy, is not primarily working for the best of the nation. He is working first to protect his patronage from his master Lee Kuan Yew for the millions he receives and only second does he care for anyone else. It is the same with all the other bootlickers, K Shanmugam his Minister of for Law, Vivian Balakrishnan, who is responsible for the flooding in the island state and the same with his other disgraceful characters.

On the other hand Chee Soon Juan, the opposition politician who has been jailed and bankrupted by Lee Kuan Yew fights for his people. For him demonstrably Singaporeans come first and not his pocket. What Lee needs are men like Chee Soon Juan, true sons of Singapore who will do good for Singpaore, not these butt kissers and bootlickers that Lee Kuan Yew has with him.

Is it too late for Lee Kuan Yew to reverse the damage? Yes it is too late. Civic responsibility is not something you can turn on and off as you please. Singaporeans today are tired of his policies, 52 years of it, that they have switched off completely. Today even if he tried, he is not going to get them out of their indifference and apathy. Remember the 2 child policy of the past. It was wrong. And today regardless of how much he tries there are no children.

Lee Kuan Yew is like a VFR pilot who has flown into the clouds when he should not. Now he is flying blind, lost his bearings and the visibility is getting worse. Either he is going to run into a hillside and crash or he is going to run out of fuel. Either way, it is the end for him and Singapore.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Lee Kuan Yew, what have you soweth?

I couldn’t take it anymore and shouted at the China guy who pushed me, and guess what he replied?

He said (In mandarin): “ your government welcomed us with open arms to help you guys who are infertile to produce children, so we are your savior. In 10 years time we will ask you to shut up and not you telling us what to do Singaporean!”

A very China Singapore.

Anonymous said...

The influx of foreign "talents" and workers is ever increasing.
The Government has opened the flood gates to allow them to come in to work and stay for good.
You can see them everywhere. They jam pack the trains,shopping malls,residential estates and in work places just only to name a few.
*There is a kind of a subtle invasion of foreigners going on.
In a matter of time they will overwhelm and dominate all Sinaporeans in every aspect and at all levels. They will eventually take control.
We local Singaporeans are doom for extinction.
What has Lee Kuan Yew and his P.A.P Government done to the people of Singapore?
Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Ultimately towards the end, Lee Kuan Yew and his family would have slipped out of Singapore to a safe haven,forsaking Singaporeans to the ruins and chaos they have created here.
Thanks again.

zajnat said...

My co-worker who immigrated to Vancouver 10 years ago, said that she has friends and relatives in China who spoke about the many chinese nationals going to Singapore. But their ultimate destination is North America; due to a host of reasons from limited space in Singapore, high cost of living, to climate etc. Singapore is only a stepping stone.

It baffles me how the pap can be so dumb as to not see this coming?

She even said that except for a few, most of their chinese nationals could return to China if need be, why would they want to give up chinese citizenship for Singapore citizenship.

Although I am no longer Singaporean, I nearly beat her up.

Francis said...

Gopalan said " Foreign permanent residents have angered the Minister Mentor because they refuse to have families in Singapore, and has threatened to revoke their permanent residencies. "

Singapore MM is really dumb. Why wud FPR bring their families there? There is no free healthcare, no old age security, no freedom, no democracy not counting the high cost of housing and cars, does he think that foreigners are that stupid? In fact the china PRs are smart. They know how to rip people off. It is a known fact isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Without foreigners, who is going to clean yr houses and estates, look after yr kids, the sick in the hospitals. The foreigners also pay high rent and buy yr properties causing price to go up for you to make better profits. They also go shopping and gambling at casinos and patronize the irs, geylang, 24 hrs retail shops and hawker centres.
Without the foreigners, many Singaporean businesses will have to close shop and more babies will have to be aborted.

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous une 28, 0202,
Without foreigners Singaporeans should either clean their own houses of other Singaporeans if paid a decent wage........................

We dont need foreigners to pay high rent, "Singaporean oso can" (Singlish)

Singaporean business no need to close laaaaaaaaa (singlish)

Baby not aborted laaaaaaaaaaaa (Singlish)

Anonymous said...

I thought he retired??

Then why does he have all these stooges still working for him:

(1) Principal Private Secretary to Mr Lee Kuan Yew - Anthony TAN Kang Uei

(2) Personal Assistant to Principal Private Secretary to Mr Lee Kuan Yew - Mdm Lilian HO Li Min

(3) Press Secretary to Mr Lee Kuan Yew - Mdm YEONG Yoon Ying

(4) Personal Assistant to Press Secretary to Mr Lee Kuan Yew - Miss TAN Lai Kheng

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with this!!
Even though foreign "talents" come to Singapore to work as janitors ,dishwashers.. But isn't Singapore accepting too many of them?
Other than seeing ALOT of Chinese from mainland China ( even though I am a Chinese myself ) , it irks me to see that foreign "talents" are almost replacing LOCAL Singaporeans?
This would be a 'rojak' country with more PRs than locals!