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Singapore. How the Lee Kuan Yew government run the island.

p.s. This blogpost was Emailed to Singapore judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean's Secretary Patricia See ( yesterday 06/13/2011. Interesting to see what she will do. Perhaps another charge of contempt of court? If I was charged earlier for the same thing, surely they have to do it again. Otherwise it becomes silly.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In a series of blog posts I have repeatedly stressed what Singapore is, which is nothing but a fascist island state governed personally by the Lee Kuan Yew family. Here I summarize these sad facts.

1. Lee Kuan Yew and his son govern Singapore completely as they will. They are literally a bunch of thugs. Strong words but accurate in this case. Just as Mussolini, Hitler and the Burmese military junta, they are not accountable to anyone but themselves.

2. The Lee family run the island through the collaboration with the judges whom they appoint. The principle tools of Lee Kuan Yew destroying his political opponents is through the law courts.

Today Singapore judges and their courts are a disgrace throughout the world. They have turned themselves into a laughing stock. The principle they adopt is to first target their opponent.

Take the case of the late JB Jeyaretnam. Lee Kuan Yew had to destroy him, because he was becoming a real threat. So through a series of defamation actions and criminal cases he removes him from Parliament and bankrupts him, effectively taking him out of Singapore politics.

Not a single case against him had any merits. They were all fase accusations and charges without any legal basis at all. JB Jeyaretnam was an honest decent man, admired by the citizens. He would have been a great asset to Singapore had he been allowed to take his rightful place in politics.

Another victim of Lee's abuse of the law is Chee Soon Juan. The numerous cases against him which ended up in his imprisonment and his bankruptcy had not a single iota of justice in them. They were all false. Another Lee's victim politically destroyed, through the courts.

There were also Tang Liang Hong, Francis Seow and a litany of victims that Lee destroyed through his legal system, which he uses as a political tool.

3. Lee misuses the Law Society, the Medical Board and other professional bodies to eliminate his detractors. In JB Jeyaretnam's case the law courts were abused to send him to jail. After that Lee used the Law Society to have him disbarred.

In 1998, proceedings were brought against me merely for writing a letter to the Attorney General of Singapore asking for an explanation. I was suspended from practice for 2 years in 1991.

Very soon I expect to be disbarred in the Singapore courts, for among other things, writing a blog post in this blog criticising Lee's corrupt judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean, although my impending disbarment in Singapore actually works to my advantage as proof of the corrupt legal system in Singapore.

4. The most despicable and base human beings in Singapore are Singapore's judges and those who elect to become members of the Attorney Generals Department. His judges and lawyers willingly disgracefully prosecute, jail and impoverish the best among Singapore citizens who feel the need to speak up and help their fellow Singaporeans.

For instance, Dr. Chee Soon Juan is an honest decent human being, in fact a model Singaporean both in his morals and his civic sense of duty. He stands up and fights for the rights of his fellow Singaporeans, while this corrupt dishonest despicable woman, Lee's judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean sends him to jail and bankrupts him while fully aware that he has done no wrong.

Truly, some human beings have no conscience and are a product of the Devil, not God. Belinda Ang Saw Ean is such a woman. I wonder does she have no mercy, no compassion, no kindness in her heart whatever? I shudder to think. Even in a quite moment, does not think of the harm and pain she has inflicted on on an innocent fellow human being?

This is the sort of men and women that Lee has around him to help him remain in power.

5. He uses police officers who do not have any principles or the understanding between right and wrong to go out and arrest those whom he wishes punished, even though they did no wrong, or sometimes only exercising their constitutional rights of freedom of speech, assembly or expression. Chee Soon Juan has repeatedly in the past been arrested by these goons just for exercising his constitutional rights.

6. Lee controls the media which means only propaganda and what he wants to be printed sees the light of day. The opposition is effectively shut out.

7. Lee's makes every fundamental human right in Singapore illegal. In any country, if you do not get redress in court, or if something is wrong in the country, you are allowed to hold a placard and peacefully make your protest known. Lee makes all of this illegal. In other words he can abuse your rights anytime, and not just that, he can can also punish you if you complain. So in Lee's Singapore, you should not only accept any punishment he throws at you, you are also expected to take it without complaining.

8. Today the most dishonest human beings, like those who would have joined Hitler's Gestapo, or the East German Secret Police, join the Lee Kuan Yew's Legal Service, his Attorney Generals Chambers or become judges. Singaporeans already know what a disgraceful job it is, and mothers who care for the morality and goodness of their children dissuade them from becoming lawyers or to join the government. As a result today, there is a dire shortage of lawyers in Singapore, no more than 3,000, which is not surprising to anyone.

9. Elections in Singapore serve no useful purpose as Lee Kuan Yew and his son effectively run the country anyway they want. Every single Minister MP or government servant is beholden to Lee and must obey his orders. If not they woud be removed by Lee's judges through the courts.

10. The only way to bring about democracy in Singapore is through civil disobedience, not through fighting elections. Even if a few more opposition members entered Parliament in 2016, Lee could effectively bring charges against anyone who became a threat to him, as he did with JB Jeyaretnam and have them removed. You are aware that Low Thia Khaing who was in Parliament for about a decade has not done anything substantial at all. The next 5 years and the 5 years after that will be the same too.

11. Dr. Chee is fully aware of the truth of every word I am saying here. In the past he was on the right path by challenging Lee head on with public protests demanding power to be returned to the people. It was not only the right path, it was also the only path to freedom and democracy. My advice is to continue civil disobedience and encourage others to join in.

12. I am confident many in Singapore are not only aware of the truth of what I write here but also know that that is the only way to rid Singapore of this Lee Kuan Yew dictatorship and bring about democracy which Singaporeans are crying out for. I am also aware that very soon you will see protests which will escalate into massive demonstrations island wide which will herald the impending doom of Lee Kuan Yew and Son government. I am sure I am not the only one who can see this.

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Anonymous said...

This latest post is one more of your excellent masterpieces. Well done! And thanks again.

Daniel said...

Please post a video

Anonymous said...

Public protest and civil disobedience to achieve freedom and democracy here will not effectively achieve much except to have us charged in court and be sent to the prison.This is guaranteed.
A better safer solution is to wait patiently for the old man to be finally laid to rest in his coffin. At his age and condition now,it may come anytime sooner or later. So be patient and at the same time you have to be prudent and to tolerate him and his P.A.P.Government.

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous June 13, 0334,
True public protests will result in charges and land you in jail. But that is precisely what I am advocating and that is the very thing Lee fears the most.

Today with the Intenet, the world would know immediately the actions of Lee which is clear to all of us, as unjust and illegal. This makes it difficult for him to do anything really punishing and that will in turn cause many others to do the same, at which point Lee becomes useless.

Lee is a coward and dare not face the Interantional Tribunal in the Hague.

As for waiting for him to die, I am sorry to say it is not going to make any difference as his highly paid henchmen will continue with his son.

You have no choice other than civil disobedience, with the consequent arrests.