Thursday, June 16, 2011

Singapore foreigner population exceeds native born

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The almost non existent birth rate among native Singaporeans, massive brain drain, an ageing population and massive human imports of immigrants from the majority ethnic Chinese population in China has finally it appears taken it's toll. From reliable sources in Singapore it appears today, that Singapore as what we understand it as a country of Singaporeans no longer exists. The foreign population in the island has finally overtaken the local Singaporeans and that fact by itself is driving away even more Singaporeans from Singapore.

I am not sure whether the state controlled Singapore media has published this fact or will they publish it at all if true is doubtful as is the case with most state controlled papers around the world who accept good news only.

But this is something the reader has to check locally which is beyond my ability from California USA.

Even if the signals I have received indicating this are not true, I believe the occurrence of this is not a question of this year or next but whether it is tomorrow or the next day.

Singapore as we understood it no longer exists. It's unique Singaporean culture and way of life is gone. What we have imported with the Chinese human imports from China is the Mainland Chinese way of life. I understand not only that Malays and Indians are unhappy over this but even the local Singaporean Chinese.

What more can I say. Unless and until you are prepared to take the bull by the horns and resist this dilution and destruction of the Singaporean way of life, it is destined the go the way of the Dodo bird.

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Anonymous said...

Germans making fun of Singapore

grey hippo said...

Dear Mr Gopalan

I think it is an issue how is the foreign population being defined.

From Singstat and UN data
We have 36% non-citizens and 4% foreign-born citizens who became citizens after independence.

I think your source calculation includes pre-independence older immigrants who are still living.

Anonymous said...

Mr Gopalan Nair,
You can go to the Website "Temasek Review Emeritus" to learn about the increasing chaotic and turbulent situation now in Singapore.

ANiceGuy said...

Dear Gopalan,

You can take man out of Singapore, but you can't take the Singapore out of the man. You are still very much Singaporean in identity, although you hold US citizenship.

Hence, I disagree with this statement "...this dilution and destruction of the Singaporean way of life, it is destined the go the way of the Dodo bird. " Look at the Armenians, for example. The Armenian Genocide and the subsequent diaspora, yet they guard and preserve their way of life and culture.

Then again, what is the Singapore way of life? Most of the people are shallow and materialistic, with very little care for their culture.

Gopalan Nair said...

To annice guy,
I am an American citizen. Just because I write about Singapore does not make me a Singaporean at heart. In the same vein, just because I may write about the peoples of the Kalahari, does not make me a Hottentot Bushman,
Chinaman or a Belgian Waloon at heart. But thanks anyway.