Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Saying Goodbye to the Singapore you knew.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In the latest report on immigration in Singapore’s state controlled newspaper Straits Times of Feb 25, 2013 titled "Eight in ten new citizens lived in Singapore for 5 years" See http://www.straitstimes.com/archive/monday/breaking-news/singapore/story/eight-10-new-citizens-last-year-lived-singapore-more-five-years-201302

It says “In all, 20,693 applicants were granted Singapore citizenship last year, including 2,735 minors". This has been the trend of immigration into that tiny island for decades, an island of no more than 2.5 million local born.

Although Singapore news media claims that local born Singaporeans who can trace their Singaporeans roots to at least their parents are still the majority, as expected of countries without a free press or democracy, this claim is probably nothing more than propaganda.

In fact, the truth may well be that the recent arrivals into the into the island in such great numbers where there is no more than probably only 2.5 million native Singaporeans, has caused these new Chinese immigrants to outnumber native born Singaporeans a very long time ago.

In fact the island has probably lost its Singaporean identity long ago. With the overwhelming vast majority of people there being recent arrivals from the Peoples Republic of China, it is comparatively more like any Communist Chinese city today; and any resemblance to what Singapore is today entirely coincidental.

For a Singaporean like me who was born in the island with parents who came form India many decades ago, the Singaporeans of today who are largely from China have nothing in common with me and neither I with them.

I have no desire to behave like a Chinese national, eat like a Chinese national, talk like a Chinese national or do anything like they do. But for a person like me, this is exactly what I would have to do if I wanted to live in that island. And the same problem is being faced by every true Singaporean regardless of whether he is a native born Chinese, Malay or Indian.

When I was there in 2008, and stayed for 6 months, thanks to the Lees arresting and jailing me to keep me quiet, I already noticed the glaring change in the make up of its population. It no longer appeared to be the same island I knew that traced its roots to British Singapore. It was just a city with recent Chinese nationals populating the entire island, speaking in Chinese, behaving in ways probably how Chinese in China behave, with their mannerisms and a completely alien way of living.

Unfortunately for the local Singaporeans who have been overwhelmed by these recent arrivals, they have no choice but to behave like them, try to make new friends of these recent arrivals with their behavioral patterns expected to change to adapt to the mainland Chinese way of living.

As far as the Indians and Malays are concerned, they are a fast shrinking minority and soon, you may find difficulty locating even one in the vast sea of Chinese faces, Chinese language and Chinese customs.

At the same time to worsen the already dire situation even more, the local population who know what the Lee Kuan Yew family government really is, which is nothing but a dictatorship, with no human rights, rising unaffordable food and housing costs, and unbearable over crowding with even more Chinese nationals poised to immigrate, they refuse to have children and add to the already huge flood of brain drain to the west.

I expect, since there isn't sufficient time to teach these Chinese human imports any English, and it uncertain whether they want to learn it anyway, as most have a huge attachment for their Mandarin, it is very likely that Lee Kuan Yew dictatorship would begin to change the business language from English to Mandarin. Non Chinese would have to learn it whether they like it or not.

It is impossible to understand why local Singaporeans are allowing this to happen without doing anything. Why are not the local Chinese who do not want foreign Chinese in the island not doing anything? Why are the Malays keeping silent while the island they knew is simply taken away from them under their very noses? Why are the Indian Singaporeans silent while this ethnic cleansing being done to their island where they and their forefathers came to call home?

I simply cannot understand their silence, but there you have it. Unfortunately it is a little too late now. The foreign population size has already over taken the local one and the change in its population make up would continue to worsen given the governments determination to increase the numbers coming in even more.

For someone like me who has memories of Singapore Island, the place I grew up in and the place where I have a stake in, visiting the island now or in the future would merely be to see the sights but nothing more. As for the people of the island, there is nothing in common between me and them. If I wanted to see such people, I could very well gone to Chengdu, Peoples Republic of China instead.

It is sad. Very very sad. And the people responsible for the destruction of Singapore is none other than the openly racist Lee Kuan Yew who believes somehow in the superiority of the Chinese race, although I must admit, not many others elsewhere would attribute any superiority to them. And the true native Singaporeans themselves are equally responsible in allowing the dictatorship to do this without objection. Except for writing letters in the Internet as well as a recent lame government approved protest held in an government designated area of a mere 4,000 in an island of 5 million, they have simply stood by while the government sold off their island to these hoards of Communist Chinese settlers.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in exile
Tel: 510 491 4375


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Nair,
Do you have an alternate email address? your current one keeps bouncing back, citing a full inbox.

Gopalan Nair said...

The Email is nair.gopalan@yahoo.com. It is correct.

Anonymous said...

Why are not the local Chinese who do not want foreign Chinese in the island not doing anything?

And the people responsible for the destruction of Singapore is none other than the openly racist Lee Kuan Yew who believes somehow in the superiority of the Chinese race,


You hit the nail on the head with the comment on LKY's racism.

The Singapore Chinese also share this view, and convinced themselves that their economic future was tied to keeping Singapore Chinese. They were not interested in a blended racial SIngapore that drew of the best that all of the races had to offer. When LKY said let's bring in PRCs to keep the % of Chinese > 75%, the Singapore Chinese were more than happy to go along. To them, keeping the Chinese superiority in numbers was synonymous with growth and prosperity.

That is until the met the PRCs, who while they may look CHinese - slanty eyes and yellow skin - had nothing in coming with the locals.
In fact the PRCs look down on the local dialect speaking Chinese who they consider to be of inferior stock from southern CHina. This includes LKY and his Hakka speaking clan.

Fools. The Singapore Chinese are reaping what they have sown.

BTW, I think that the PRC chinese have more initiative and drive that the local yokels, who are only good at complaining and want to leave politics to the other races.

GN, you are truly blessed to have left this sh*t hole of an island.

Leave the Singapore Chinese to their 'gulag'.

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous Feb 27 0135,
I am not sure if your assessment of the local Chinese as regards the recent chinese human imports is correct. What you say may be true of some but there are many who are as much against it as local Malays and Indians. Unfortuantley now, thanks to the silence of not only the local Chinese but especially the local Indians and Malays, Lee has compeletely destroyed the real character and identity of a Singaporean Singapore and turned it into nothing but a city in China populated by illiterate coolies.

One Malay that comes to mind is Jufrie Mahmood presently the Chairman of the Singpaore Democratic Party. He knew what was happening around him all along. Yet he did nothing. Now he quietly sits counting his days as a figure head behind Chee Soon Juan the Secretary General of his party.

Sad. Very sad.

Anonymous said...

Who took the shortest time to rise from Lieutenant to General in modern history?


Anyone who knows this imbecile will tell you that his is not the most manly of people. I guess like Kim, it helps to be a dictator's 'son'.

Is is true that his kids are artificial insemination jobs.

Who took the shortest time to rise from Lieutenant to General in modern history? (excluding the Kims of North Korea)

Lee Hsien Loong was born in 1952.

Enlisted in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) as a Recruit in 1971.

Disrupted his Officer Command School (OCS) training and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in 1971.

Went to Cambridge on a President's Scholarship and graduated in 1974. Returned to SAF as a Lieutenant.

He was then promoted to Brigadier General in 1983 (he also disrupted to do a Masters degree at Harvard in 1980).

Basically he served 8 years of active service in the SAF, in which time he was promoted from Lieutenant to BG (that's six ranks).

The ranks of CPT to COL all have two grades each. Meaning that he was promoted NINE times in eight years.

Truly a military legend - I can't think of a General with a record this stellar. Patton, Pershing, Mountbatten, McArthur and Powell are all left trailing in his wake.