Friday, February 8, 2013

Singapore. Waterworld

Ladies and Gentlemen,

One does not have to be an expert climate scientist to know that a tiny island that straddles the equator, which is no more than a foot above sea level in most parts, is going to be underwater sooner than later, thanks to global warming.

And yesterday the obvious has happened once again, almost with daily regularity, with massive flooding in all parts of the island, with some areas with as much as three feet of water, entering plush houses in upscale Orchard Road and Tanglin, destroying their expensive carpets from Isfahan and Shiraz, stopping buses and luxury cars with water damage to their carburetors which means a total loss, Lee Kuan Yew's timid citizens unable to go about their business and waiting for instructions from their supreme leader as to what to do next! It was as bad as that!

Please see Asia One report

Let me give you the bad news once again. It is like this. The flooding in Singapore is not necessarily caused by monsoons which bring rain at certain times of the year, it is especially caused by very high atmospheric temperatures occasioned by global warming enabling air to contain a hundred times more water vapor than normal.

When air heats up, naturally it rises resulting in condensation which results in container loads of rain water pouring from the sky. And this can happen every single day with high temperatures.

When a torrent such as this coincides with a high tide, it simply means the water has nowhere to go, and instead of flowing out to sea, the sea water intrudes into land.

And you know tides can sometimes be just incredibly high. Spring tides or King tides occur when the Moon’s trajectory and that of the Sun travel very close to Earth and close to each other. The gravitational pull of both the Moon and Sun so close to earth can mean exceptionally high tides as much as 7 or 8 feet high from it’s normal three. Now if you have heavy rain at the same time, you have Bingo. Floods are going to be five feet high, not three feet as they are now in some places. And it is scary to live in an island where flooding continues to increase and where most places are not more than a feet above sea level. This would mean rain water entering MRT subway stations into the tunnels and drowning Lee Kuan Yew’s precious citizens.

And as we speak, minute by minute, and day by day, the atmospheric temperature continues to rise. If yesterday, the flooding was bad, it is going to be worse tomorrow and even worse the day after until you would very soon need canoes as transportation and not buses.

And the triple whammy is the expansion of warming sea water due to heating of the sea, which causes the sea level itself to rise.

One thing is quite clear. Mother Nature does not like the Lee Kuan Yew family government.  

And the bad news is that those money launderers and Communist Chinese embezzlers who have bought those luxury houses and apartments with their stolen money are going to say, very soon, that there is no point in holding on to a house or apartment from which you cannot get out in rain, unless you had a canoe. And since going around in canoes in down town Singapore doesn't seem to make much sense, they would probably clear out of Singapore as quick as they came with their laundered money, to go to another money laundering country which will take them.

And if I was a Singaporean I wouldn’t take the subway MRT when it rains. I think you can guess why. In 2008 during my ill fated trip to Singapore when I had to spend some time in Lee Kuan Yew's jail because I had written a blog which he did not like-check out my blogs here for 2008 for info on my arrest-I personally saw rain water creeping into a subway station in the city center with their workers mopping up the water and placing barricades to prevent flooding of the subway.

With ever rising flood levels with global warming, it won't be too long when water floods the MRT and you can imagine what that will do to you if caught in a train underground. Caught in the subway train underground with no escape, you will drown; an unimaginably horrible death, like in the Titanic, except this time, underground, which is even worse. My advice is never to travel by the Singapore subway when it rains and if that happens while you are in it, get out as quick as you can.

And only yesterday was Lee Kuan Yew's son the Prime Minister (Lee Hsien Loong) telling us that he is determined to increase the sardine cramped population of 5 million in the tiny island Singapore to 6.9 million in a few years. If the island is already flooding daily with its present overcrowded state, can you imagine what will happen with even more people there? It is already be unbearable even without flooding. With flooding, it will be suicide.

What is my advice? It is this. If you can get out, get of that crazy island run by a crazy bunch of thugs or dictators. They think they know too much but too much of what is questionable. Don't waste your time hanging around until you have to paddle around in canoes in downtown Singapore. Get out now and leave it to the Lee family to do the paddling and canoeing.

By the way there are some excellent canoes on the market. Especially those used by the Eskimos in the Arctic. Excellent little boats. Very stable and handy when you encounter sudden gushing water. You might want to recommend them to the father and son team in your island.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in exile
Fremont, California, USA
Tel: 510 491 4375

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Anonymous said...

Considering the immense wealth that this family team of father and son are robbing, I won't be surprised if they are going to build an airport which no one uses for their own private pleasure and survival, when such a waterworld scenario happens. The current conservative Spanish government did that according to a native Spanish friend of mine who left her country of birth decades back, and it's not surprising if the father and son team hovers above in a helicopter while the rest of those residing in Singapore drowns. Sad truth!