Sunday, February 24, 2013

Singapore's population imbalance rings its death knell

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The bombshell revelation last week by the Lee Kuan Yew father and son, dictatorship of Singapore of its intention to increase the already overcrowded islands population from its 5.3 million to 6.9 million by 2030, and the several debates and a rare protest on the issue, can only mean one thing. The population imbalance, caused entirely by the recklessness and mismanagement of the island's father and son dictatorship, has progressed so far, that it has finally rung the death knell of the islands survival. It is simply too late to fix it.

Please see the following articles from the last few days on the issue from the island's state controlled newspapers Straits Times

Lee Kuan Yew, just like dictators anywhere else, thought he knew best; no need for any consultation with his people. Thinking the way to run a country is the ancient Chinese practice in the Ming or Tang Dynasty where the emperor employed selected scholars to do all the thinking and promulgate laws for the imbeciles in his country; Lee similarly went about his usual practice of sending young Singapore children on government scholarships abroad, and return to run the island as best they thought. As for the ordinary Singaporean, like the Chinese peasants under the Tang emperor, Lee felt their participation totally unnecessary.

These scholar idiots, if such a term is possible without being an oxymoron, in their headlong rush to increase the island GDP at any cost passed laws allowing an unprecedented large numbers of immigrants into an already overcrowded island to take up residence and set up businesses, which required an even larger unprecedented numbers of workers from abroad to run these businesses set up by these foreigners.

These scholar idiots- you will now see that such a description is not entirely inaccurate- did not appear to take into account the consequences of this huge number immigrating to the island, on the local Singaporeans who were born and bred there.

Of course the consequence was that today, there are far too many businesses which has gone beyond what a tiny island like this with just about 2.5 million local population can handle. Unless you are willing to tolerate massive bankruptcies, company liquidations and heavy unemployment, in order for these large numbers of businesses to continue, they have to have a continued supply of workers, which the local population, a mere 2.5 million is simply incapable of providing.

Today, according to the state controlled newspapers, the foreign population of the island has already surpassed 40% of the population. If you accept the fact that state controlled newspapers always lie to make things look rosy (remember that is what Pravda and Isvestia of the former Soviet Union used to do until the Soviet Union collapsed) you could safely assume that it is no less than 50% if not more.

In Singapore today, most people you see on the street are foreigners, probably recent arrivals from Communist China. It is possible to go some considerable way along the street before you see a single local Singaporean. Singapore has already lost its true character of a South East Asian city below the Malay Archipelago and the character social ethos and mannerisms of Singaporeans today are more akin to a city in China, like Shenjin or Gaunjou. In fact a Singaporean finds himself a stranger in his own land. He cannot understand or adapt to the alien ways that people in that island live and behave. There is very little in common between the local Singaporean and those around him in his island. He might as well be living in China, which I think most people do not want.

As if this was not bad enough, disaffected and disgruntled Singaporeans displaced by foreigners in his own country, now find that he cannot find jobs anymore, because they are going instead to foreigners. Malay and Indian Singaporeans find themselves in an even worse situation. They simply cannot make themselves understood in buses, public transportation and whole sections of Singapore like Chinatown where the only language spoken is Mandarin, which they do not know.

Realizing that matters are getting worse on the labor front and realizing that the dictatorship which runs the island shows no interest in any dialogue with it's citizens as expected in any democracy, Singaporean locals have decided to withdraw in ever way possible. They emigrate to the west in hoards, they refuse to have any children and they are simply dying of old age. Their numbers in the island continue to free fall and no one can do anything to stop it.

And while all this is going on, the government advised by these idiotic scholars now find themselves in a bind. Having expanded the economy far beyond the capacity of a tiny island with just 2.5 million local born Singaporeans, however much they would want not to do it, they simply have to bring in even more immigrants from China (Lee Kuan Yew dictatorship prefers Chinese over others) to fuel these businesses, without whom the economy will regress, go into a depression and into bankruptcy.

And once one business folds and leaves, like a magnet, the news of it spreads and thousands of businesses will also fold and leave the island. With it foreign investments will also leave and so will ever more educated Singaporeans who have not already left.

I must applaud the efforts of the organizers of a recent protest against the threat of 6.9 million population, but frankly, the government would, I believe, regardless of what anyone else says, go ahead to increase the islands population into a pressure cooker of 6.9 million pickles.

I would recommend any Singaporean who does not wish to live in a dictatorship such as this to live up to his honor and leave the island. Go to Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, the US or anywhere else you can. Otherwise send you children abroad for an education. This helps in both ways. You end up with a better education, and also a better future in governments that respect the rule of law regardless of who you are.

Remember the Chinese from China who settle in Singapore are really the ones at the bottom of the barrel. They are, so to speak, third rate of third rate workers. They go to Singapore because they will not be accepted anywhere else. Moreover Singapore government gives them special preference to retain their Chinese citizenship while being Singapore citizens (dual nationality) which other nationals are denied. In reality in most cases, these Chinese who have no intention to consider Singapore home, merely work a few years before returning home. They have no interest or loyalty whatsoever to Singapore which they consider far inferior to their China.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont, California, USA
Tel: 510 491 4375


Anonymous said...

Emperor Lee's minions are up to their old tricks

Denial of tenure to NTU associate professor

Cardiff University professor Karin Wahl-Jorgensen, who revealed that she was one of the reviewers for George’s case, said she was “outraged” at the decision not to grant him tenure, and that it could have been “because he sometimes expressed political opinions”.

Anonymous said...

" In fact a Singaporean finds himself a stranger in his own land. "

Well-written, Gopalan Nair!

I was on a very crowded feeder bus one evening, at about 8pm. All the people standing and sitting around me were talking in foreign Chinese dialects. For a moment, I seriously doubt I was in Singapore, an island country I've called home for decades.

To see so many different groups of aliens, speaking so many different tongues within their exclusive groups, was surreal. The members of the different groups spoke very loudly, too, and didn't care if they were in a public place.

I tried so hard to locate a fellow Singaporean, but to no avail. I was, indeed, a stranger - and a minority - in my very own country.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the actual number of Singaporeans in SG are far less than openly known in papers. I dread at the thought of going back to Singapore for a holiday. I am prepared to forgo all the good food that I miss for a peace of mind and freedom to express my views without being hit on my knuckles. I feel so violated that I spent 30 years in SG without knowing what I was being put through and brain washed into believing that SG is heaven on earth. I could have achieved much more, if I have left earlier. SG leaders need to figure out what to do next. Once the population of 6.9 million is achieved, what next. Better to talk to Australia or Malaysia and join ranks and merge into a bigger country or buy another island or even better, get approval to reclaim more land moving down south.

Anonymous said...

Don't understand why people keep referring to LKY as the founder of Singapore.

The fool, when the population stood at 2 million (TWO MILLION), came up with the hare brained scheme called 'Stop at two'.

He should forever be referred to as the Destroyer of Singapore's soul.

Let's see if his son dares to put up a statute of the tyrant in a public place.

Remember what happened to Saddam's statue, the other other dictator - the knocked his head off the body and dragged it through the streets.

Anonymous said...

I share the same resent by fellow singaporeans . I am begining to hate the country , the people around me . There is no more courtesy , no sense of belonging .
I wish i had left the country earlier , would have been much happier and found the purpose in life .