Saturday, February 9, 2013

Singapore Malays should force the government by mass demonstrations now.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

And my dear Malay Muslim friends in Singapore.

The Malay population today in tiny Singapore is a mere 11% while the Chinese population is 79%. This was not always the case.

The Lee Kuan Yew Chinese government has over the past 50 years deprived you of your human dignity and your rights. Singapore was your island before it was that of any others. But Lee Kuan Yew in the knowledge that he can do anything to the Malays against your culture, your religion and your people has over the years continually racially discriminated against you, against your religion and destroyed your culture.

But worst of all, he has deliberately changed the population ratio of Singapore by bringing in disproportionately large numbers of Chinese from China, under your very noses, so that your population size would continue to shrink, as he does not want many of you around the island. He prefers his Chinese race.

When Singapore was a village before the arrival of the British Colonials, it was a Malay city. There were no Chinese there. Although the British brought in some for trade and commerce, it was Lee Kuan Yew with his all mighty power over you with his one party state dictatorship, who brought in these unprecedented numbers of Chinese so that you will become a very small minority in your own island, which was once yours. What you see today is not an accident, it was deliberately by design to keep you small, and weak and helpless.

Today you cannot help being bombarded half the time with Chinese Mandarin TV, radio, and worst of all pig’s meat, the favorite food of the Chinese wherever you turn.

Today the sad reality is that the Chinese continue to come and take over your island, leaving you nothing at all. Lee’s Singapore denies you good jobs even if you are qualified because he does not trust you, giving them to the Chinese under whom you have to work and take your orders.

Singapore denies you the right to live wherever you want enforced by an apartheid policy reminiscent of the former South Africa, forcing you to live only in designated areas of their choice. The reason for this policy is that they want to weaken you politically so that you will not be able to concentrate on any one area or areas of the island which gives you strength.

Each day, when you live in the tiny shoe box high rise apartments which belong to the Lee Singapore government, you have to pass along corridors of your Chinese neighbors roasting huge quantities of pig’s meat , the smell of which you are forced to inhale, a sin and unclean under Islam.

The government instills fear in you not to do anything to protest this injustice by threatening you with imprisonment without trial, the ISD, and arrest. As a result you have remained a victim all these years because you have chosen to remain calm.

Singapore national language is Malay which is now conveniently forgotten and no one except for the old have ever heard of it. Young Singaporeans do not know a word of it. When the Singapore government talks of bilingualism, the mean Mandarin, not Malay.

Today's opposition parties the Workers Party and the Chee's Singapore Democratic Party is not doing any good and will never do any good for you. Rather than being leaders, Low Thia Khiang of the Workers Party merely goes to Parliament and complains but he is unable and unwilling to do anymore. In any case none of the complains are about your problems and any interest that he may have about Malay affairs is as much as an Eskimo would have over the affairs of Bushmen of the Kalahari. For your information although he was born and lived all his life in Singapore, he hardly speaks the language and has no respect for Malays whatsoever.

As for Chee Soon Juan of the Singapore Democratic Party, since 2008, he has given up on any political protests or demonstrations and would rather write very illuminative posts in his Singapore Democrat blog, which the government completely ignores. If you want some interesting reading Chee's blog is useful but beyond that, he has decided to do nothing but wait until 2016, the next elections, and 2021 the elections after that, when I suppose many of you would have dropped dead by then.

Chee Soon Juan is unfortunately not a political leader. A leader is supposed to lead and do what is right, not merely listen to his followers who want to wait until 2050! A leader has to take action against injustice now. Not wait quietly until the next elections. In any case the elections or even the one after that ad infinitum will not make any difference. There are only seven seats out of eighty for the opposition in Parliament. Hell would have to freeze over and Satan would have to go to work in a snow plough before change will come about through elections.

As for the Malays in Lee's government, they are working not for you but for the Lee government. Yaccob Ibrahim does you no good. He never will. They want to support the policy of dispersing you in the Chinese pig eating majority community, they want your population to shrink even further by supporting the importation of even larger numbers of immigrants from China and they want to make sure that you remain the coolies of the Chinese who are protected by the Lee family government.

Joining and supporting the opposition parties now is not going to do much good for you. Of course you can join them as a symbolic measure but beyond that forget the lame duck opposition parties.

As for Jufrie of the Singapore Democrat Party, he is content to listen and obey Chee Soon Juan his Secretary General behind whom he sits in hibernation.

Only you can help yourself. Take to the streets now. Stop the rot now. Claim your country back now. Don't be afraid of such nonsense as the Internal Security Act and detention without trial. The Lee Kuan Yew government will not dare in this day and age to lock you up. Please be aware that the international press is not the biggest fans of Lee Kuan Yew and if any such act is committed, they would splash it across the world which would make Lee Kuan Yew look even sillier than he already is.

In 2008, when I was in Singapore, I was arrested and jailed for writing a blog critical of Singapore judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean in the Chee Soon Juan trial. They had to face worldwide criticism for their actions and had to release me sooner than they would have liked. After I left the island, I have continued to criticize their corrupt dictatorship and deliberately disobeyed every single one of their illegal court orders-of judge Leslie Chew, another Lee Kuan Yew minion- by repeating my criticism and re-posting the blog posts which they had ordered removed. For all that, all they could do was to have me disbarred in the island of Singapore which has made no difference to me, as I very proudly continue to practice law in California and also continue as a member of the English Bar. And I continue to write these blog posts to encourage you to stop being afraid of this tin pot dictatorship, which you can continue to read in Singapore.  

I want to remind you that your enemies are not the Chinese people of Singapore. Many of Singaporean Chinese are actually on your side and completely empathize with your position. Your enemy is the Lee Kuan Yew government of Singapore which I urge you to resist through peaceful means, through peaceful protests, demonstrations, strikes, lockouts, pickets and other forms of lawful civil disobedience.

I am very sure that the Lee Kuan Yew government is reading this blog, so is the Singapore Consulate General in nearby San Francisco, the Singapore Embassy in Washington DC, the Malaysian government and the Indonesian government. I am sure that if the Lee Kuan Yew Singapore government were to do anything silly such as arrest peaceful demonstrators, there is no doubt that both the Malaysians and the Indonesians and I am sure every single Islamic country in the world would come to your aid.

Pick up your courage my brothers and sisters. Do it now. Remember once again, that Singapore belonged to you before anyone else. It was a Malay village with Malay culture traditions language and religion before anyone else. Don’t ever forget that. It is time to take it back and force our Mr. Lee Kuan Yew and his son and his thugs with him to treat everyone equally, and not just Chinese first.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in exile
Fremont, California, USA
Tel: 510 491 4375


Mus said...

Well the Malays have gone the way of the natives in USA and Canada.
In 10 years time the Malays will only be found in tiny specific areas for tourists.

Gopalan Nair said...

Not unless they stand up now and demand what is theirs. That is why I am writing this. They have been content to accept what has been thrown at them up till now, but I have confidence that they will rise up and take back what is theirs.

Remember the Singapore Chinese, Lee Kuan Yew and his ilk, are not comparable to the European colonists of early America. Not even 5%.

Ramesh Nair said...

Hi Goppie,

I will agree with you completely for being a Malaysian myself and having visited Singapore, the Malays are being constructively demarginalized from the society.

This is one of the main reason on why Singapore has looked for various expeditious cause for its sudden expulsion from Malaysia after its merger in 1963.

A hard truth that lay fruit to LKY's cold-scheme of ethnic assassination. He is overwhelmed with sleepless nights on worries of overgrowing ethnic Malay population in neighbouring Malaysia and Indonesians in Indonesia, that may overpower Singapore in near future.
This gave him forward on plain reasons on planting Singapore with planeloads of mainlander Chinese from PRC, day by day.

Anonymous said...

How am I suppose to know if most of the malays would want to protest about it, im just a student but i know whats really happening in singapore. When i talk to most malay friends about whats really going on here, some will acknowledge but would not go to the point of protesting because they dare not get arrested. But one thing's for sure is that if most malays have the same mindset as me, a protest wouldve been made long ago. But sadly, everyone else's mindset is that they subconsciously know whats really going on but choose not to do anything about it because they wouldnt wanna get knocked on the door by the ISD at night and even if some of us had protested by ourselves be it alone or a group, how would the world actually know about that when we get arrested and our state controlled press would pretend like nothing happened.

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous Feb 17, 0325,

I think you are mistaken about the what Lee governemnt can do to you. Remember they are as afraid of you as you are of them. The worst thing they fear is a protest by the Malays. Immediately there would be world wide coverage of such an arrest and the government would be hard pressed to do much to you except to release you. The ground in Singpaore has gone way way from them that now there is almost universal hatred against them. No they cannot arrest anyone the way they could have done in 1970. This is 2012. Take courage.