Monday, February 11, 2013

Singapore. Heavy rain flood waters enter train in MRT underground subway tunnel

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The unthinkable has finally happened. In Yahoo New article of Feb 08, 2013 titled "Flash floods in Singapore hold traffic", it reports

"Flash floods after a torrential downpour hit Singapore on Friday afternoon, causing traffic jams in many areas across Singapore".

The article goes on to report that a train in an underground tunnel was also flooded,

"Trains were also affected by the heavy showers on Friday.

A reader Edmund Chia, shared a photo of a train with wet floors with Yahoo! Singapore.

Chia said he boarded a westbound train at Raffles Place MRT station at around 1.40pm and saw that the floor of the train was wet.

"There was enough water to see the flow of water as the train pulled out of the station and it seemed like it affected multiple cabins," said Chia.

"I thought the water should be from people's wet shoes or umbrellas but no one on the train was holding them," he added".

The report also says that when MRT, the operators of Singapore’s subways were contacted, they denied any seepage of water and accounted people's wet shoes and umbrellas to be the reason when it was clear that there was enough water there to create a flow backwards when the train moved!

There is also a photo of the flooded train in the report.

Please see article’pore-halt-traffic-082746160.html

Whether one likes it or not, the long dreaded nightmare has finally arrived. Singapore MRT underground subway tunnels are beginning to flood. If it is a mere few inches on the train floor this time, can you imagine what it would be if even more water enters the tunnel resulting in a real flood trapping passengers underground and drowning them in a horrible wet death underground.

With most places in Singapore being just a few feet above sea level, perhaps an underground subway should never have been built in the tiny overcrowded overheated high humidity frequently flooding island.

But who is to question a dictatorship when any criticism can land one in a defamation lawsuit and bankruptcy thereafter.

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a protest organised by by Gilbert this Saturday. Many will be there

Wed Feb 13, 05:01:00 AM PST

The end is nigh.

All the PAP lap dogs are shitting in their pants, for when the PAP is deposed, these LKY-bootlickers will be forced to account for their actions and misdeeds.

People in LKY's secret police, the ISD, should be investigated for crimes against the people.

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous and to End is nigh,

Good that you are organizing a protest at Hong Lim. Even better would be for you to protest elsewhere as well which the Constitution allows. Also it shows that you are not afraid of a government which abuses the Constitution. As for the rhetoric about PAP going to the toilet etc, it will not happen unless Singapore people show some courage.

For example, you remember in 2008 they arrested me in Singapore for writing a blog about them while there. I did not appologize or plead guilty as they expected. They had to go through a full 8 days trial in the High Court where every one of their police officers were cross examined at length. Only after all that, and after a very embarassing episode for them before the international community did they finally convict me and send me to jail. If I paid a price for writing the blog, they paid a much greater price in the loss of reputation.

If you want Singapore to change, this is the sort of thing you have to do. Imagine if there were 10 Gopalan Nairs, 20, 200, 2000 Gopalan Nairs in Singapore, like you say Lee Kuan Yew would indeed have to go to the toilet.

This is what you should do. Of course, there is a price to pay but it is well worth paying.

Anonymous said...

Keep an eye out for people wearing a tee-shirt on Saturday that says

with the picture of the dictator and his son below this sentence.

Anonymous said...

The end is nigh.

Anonymous said...

Hong Lim Protest video

Singaporeans reclaim your rights.

Anonymous said...

Mongoloid man, LKY, gets admitted to hospital on the same day as the rally against his son's population white paper.

How convenient. Sure way to make sure that the state-controlled press have a excuse to down play the protest gathering.

The numbers that I have seen range from 1,000 - 4,000, which is pretty pathetic when there are 3 million + citizens.

The confucian citizens deserve everything that the FamiLEE dishes out to them. Idiots!!.

Anonymous said...

Death in Singapore

Anonymous said...

The most disturbing story in Singapore’s history…

…that was NOT reported by any local media. Why?

This is Shane Todd.

Shane Todd in 2011. Photo stolen from Financial Times, courtesy of his family.

He WAS a young American engineer, who was worried about a project he worked on for China’s Huawei while employed with a Singapore agency, because what he was doing might compromise US national security.

He was subsequently found dead — hanging in his house toilet — right before he was due to return to the U.S. for a new job.

This is his home in the Chinatown district. (Anyone recognise this area?)

And this happened in late June 2012.

Ask yourself: Did you hear anything about this case mentioned in the local media?

No? So, why not then?

After his death, the Singapore Police have been insisting that Shane committed suicide. But his parents suspect murder.

Now, the Financial Times has brought to light numerous mindblowing leads that put the Singapore Police and even A*Star (Agency for Science, Technology and Advance Research), Shane’s employer, in a very bad light.

You have to read the original news report to fully appreciate the powers of world-class investigative journalism at its finest:

Do spread the word about this case. This is not Hollywood. This is real. It shall not be put to rest.

P.S. Straits Times, read this and weep.