Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Singapore says it needs chemicals workers

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore state controlled newspaper Straits Times Feb 20, 2013 says "High Demand for Chemicals Pharmaceutical and medical devices workers" according to a survey.

According to the report

"Professionals will be in high demand in the chemicals, pharmaceuticals and medical device industries this year, according to the latest Robert Walters Global Salary Survey."

Question is what has happened to all the Singaporeans trained in these areas? Why aren't they applying? The answer probably is, they are no longer in Singapore, having left for settlement aboard long ago and probably living in Sydney, Melbourne, Vancouver or San Francisco.

It also says

"Also in high demand in Singapore this year are experienced lawyers in niche areas such as arbitration and shipping, as well as sales and marketing professionals in technical healthcare and information technology."

But the reader should also be told, which conveniently they are not, is the fact that Singapore has the fewest number of lawyers anywhere in the world, relative to their city state status. It has no more than about 4,000 of which only 2,000 are locals. The rest are foreigners. The truth is, Singaporeans don't want to be lawyers there. Most of them have already left.

Once again, just as any country small or large struggling with a disgraced reputation, one where the judiciary routinely abuses the law to persecute political opponents, where elementary school dropouts with guns in police uniforms-Singapore police- stop and harass anyone they want anytime, where the locals have no Constitutional rights; the fact is Singapore is a third rate country where all those with any sound heads on their shoulders have all left for settlement abroad.

The consequence of this headlong determination to silence dissent by the dictator Lee Kuan Yew is that educated skilled locals have no respect for this administration and have all left. And the government is left with no choice but to bring in third rate professionals from poverty stricken third rate countries to enter these professions. Now you see doctors from China and Bangladesh who hardly speak any English, nurses from the Philippines who have failed to land jobs in the West and work in Singapore because no one else would accept them, and poorly qualified technicians and artisans of all kinds employed in Singapore at sub standard wages.

The end result, standards drops, quality drops. What you are left with is a temporary work force with no idea about human rights and prepared to live and work as Lee Kuan Yew's coolies. Most of them are there because no other country will employ them. America won’t take them, Canada won’t and Australia won’t as well. Very quickly, Lee Kuan Yew is successfully turning his so called first world country into the most ignorant third world island there is.

You are quickly ending up with a majority foreign population and work force, not because there are no skilled Singaporeans available, but because they don’t want to live as “digits” as Lee Kuan Yew had once called them. For once, I think he was honest in his description.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont, California, USA
Tel: 510 491 4375


Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to the retraining of singapore workers? They should be first in line for the jobs.
But of course, everyone in Singapore know that it is cheaper to employ a foreigner.

Kevin said...

Singaporeans and anyone else who moves in into that island have always been treated as numbers in this GDP game. I have no doubt that there is probably a 'quota' that people working in Singapore immigration are forced to fulfill, and hence, that explains the sudden inflation and ballooning in the numbers of foreigners brought into the island every year. The most amazing thing is that these foreigners who can work in Singapore also bring along their family and extended family, such as parents, grandparents and so on.....this contributes to the increasing strain within the island itself. If anyone has guts, then they should bring this government to its knees in whatever way they are capable of. Since they are not people of guts, they just settle for complaining nonstop, and criticize the foreigners who arrive on their shores. The true enemy is the government they chose to stay with, but they are so oblivious to it. PATHETIC...EPIC FAIL....It is a good thing that those with brains and skills left.

Anonymous said...

From a foreign perspective I have to admit that I found Mr. Nairs frequent comparisons of Singapore with Nazi Germany and Lee Kuan Yew with Hitler way over the top, but knowing it better now, it doesn't seem ever so far fetched. Lee Kuan Yew is an open racist who believes in eugenics and the supremacy of the Chinese race (if it does exist) and having seen his rhetorik style in his younger years, it is difficult not to think of Hitler indead. Also he successfully instilled feelings of fear, greed, envy and some superiority complex in the hearts of many Singaporeans like Hitler did with the Germans. You can see how successful he was if you look at how Singaporeans now blame innocent, hard-working and underpaid foreigners for the evil done to them by the government. How they treat and talk about their maids, like they are animals or even things. How most of them talked about the Chinese strikers. They have mutated into an inhumane and ugly lot which is understandable but nevertheless sad. Since so many of the good ones like Mr. Nair have left the country, a lot of work needs to be done to heal the society. It will take decades, look at Germany.