Thursday, February 28, 2013

Singaporeans justified in refusing National Service (updated March 02, 2013)

(updated March 02, 2013, see below)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Young Singaporean men are justified in refusing to serve National Service, avoiding National Service and staying away from Singapore for this purpose.

Any country demanding that its young men serve in national service should also be worthy to demand it. But is Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore government worthy? Just look at it.

Singapore is a country that a corrupt dictator, Lee Kuan Yew, pays himself $3.7 million a year and does the same for every single member of his family and cronies. This is 5 times that salary of the president of the United States. It is also corruption. Why would you see the need to serve a country that corruptly pays its dictators anything they want? It is as if Adolf Hitler is demanding that you serve in his Nazi Germany army.

It is also a country that denies you any human rights. You cannot speak without a permit, cannot peacefully organize protests without a permit, cannot criticize the government and simply cannot live as a free man would live anywhere else. The Lee government has intentionally turned a once democratic island into a downright dictatorship. Why would you see the need to serve an island which treats you like a slave?

Every single young man in the island who sees the justification in this argument should make plans now to avoid serving the Lee Kuan Yew dictatorship in Singapore. Obtain student visas to study abroad in Australia, UK and other democracies around the world and ignore any army call up notices. The government has no means to forcefully make you return. And remember, refusing to serve national service is not an extraditable offence. They simply cannot force you to return.

Those already abroad should simply not return for national service.

If the government threatens to revoke your citizenship, let them. Singapore citizenship is not worth the paper it is written on. It would be the best decision of your life. Take the citizenship of your adopted country and live you life to the full to achieve your dreams. You cannot achieve anything in Singapore because the Lee family government decides whom to choose and whom not to choose for office. You will already see the corruption and nepotism rife and flourishing in the entire island. Every single member of the cabinet and top ranking officers are all children or relatives of the Lee Kuan Yew family.

Not being able to return to Singapore is not such a huge disadvantage. Since 2008, when I was deported from Singapore for having criticized his corrupt shameless judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean, something which I am very proud about, I have not returned to the island. I am none the worse for it. It gives me the pleasure of continuing to criticize the dictatorship and realizing that this family government is for the first time powerless to do anything about it.

You will feel the same sense of satisfaction that I do when you can finally tell the Lee Kuan Yew family, that for the first time in their lives, they are simply powerless. There is nothing they can do to you.

Already today, massive numbers of national servicemen are simply refusing to serve. Singaporean students abroad are not returning and young men are leaving the island in droves with the specific intention of avoiding national service.

And if I am able to persuade even one other student to avoid national service by either not returning to Singapore or leaving the island before their call up date to avoid it, I would have succeeded handsomely. I would want every single young man in the island to think about refusing to serve in Singapore’s National Service, a totally useless waste of 2 years of your life and many months of disruption to you in your career. The only purpose of it, is to drill into you total submission to authority and tying you to the island for the rest of your life with the military call up reserves.

Furthermore, the ones who are going to kick you around for 2 years in uniform are total imbeciles, with nothing in their heads, robot like characters and elementary school dropouts. They know nothing about the Constitution, about freedom, simply nothing. And the plan is to make you like them when they finish with you. Frankly the Singapore national service does not make men out of you. It makes you a mouse.

The Lee Kuan Yew dictatorship is already reeling under the burden of massive losses of its young men and women to a flood of emigration. Do your part and add your weight to it by adding you to the list. Anyway you can hurt the Lee Kuan Yew dictatorship is appreciated, not only by me, but by all those men and women who aspire for democracy.

You owe a duty to attack a tin pot tyrant anywhere you see one. The Lee Kuan Yew family in Singapore, father and son team, is a particularly nasty case of a dictatorship which badly needs a beating.

(Updated March 02, 2013)
Although Singapore national service main purpose is not defending the island since they have no enemies anyway, the real purpose which we all know is to keep you under surveillance and obedience training to make you a government zombie, and tie you to the island through passport restrictions for reservist duty for 13 years; even assuming for argument that there is a military objective, Singapore today is no longer what Singapore is supposed to be. Therefore Singapore is not worth defending anymore.

Today, despite the government’s denials, the majority of inhabitants in the island are recent immigrant arrivals mainly from Communist China. The majority are not true Singaporeans. Thanks to the openly racist Lee Kuan Yew government's deliberate ridiculous policy of boosting the economy simply by overcrowding the island with a flood of Chinese immigrants, the foreigner numbers have already surpassed the local born Singaporeans. And with his recent threat that he is going to increase the numbers coming in even more to nothing less than 6.9 million in the already overcrowded island, very soon trying to find local born native Singaporean would be like trying to find the elusive Siberian snow tiger in the the depleting snows of Siberia.  And when you finally see one, you may want to have in hand your Canon 35 millimeter to take his picture.

Tell me, which Singaporean in his right mind would want to fight for a country made up not of people like him but recent arrivals from Chengdu China, a bunch of corrupt thugs like the Lee Kuan Yew family who helps themselves to millions, a bunch of money launderers from Indonesia who are fugitives in Singapore hiding their stolen millions and former Russian KGB officers who have robbed the former Soviet Union and are living in Singapore in hiding.

It is simply not worth fighting for. That’s all.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont, California, USA
Tel: 510 491 4375


Anonymous said...

"Singapore is a country that a corrupt dictator, Lee Kuan Yew, pays himself $3.7 million a year ..."

I suggest you change this statement in future to

Singapore is a country that a corrupt 90-year old dictator, Lee Kuan Yew, pays himself $3.7 million a year

Anonymous said...

This is getting more interesting. A report by CBS on this case.

Calif. engineer's death in Singapore linked to cyber espionage?

Huawei says that LKY's IME approached them first.

Time for the US Congress to hold hearings and investigate. Ban the LEE family from visiting the USA.

See the video here:

Anonymous said...

This video explains why Lee Kuan Yew hates Indians.

He spoke without fear. More importantly what he said is what the majority of the Singaporeans think.

Obviously, not a Confucian.

Anonymous said...

Here is your chance to expose LKY. Contact Senator Max Baucus.

Contact the Todd family and tell me how LKY's secret police and kangaroo courts cannot be trusted.

The family of an American who turned up dead in Singapore after expressing fear he was being duped by Chinese spies is calling for a congressional investigation into his death in Singapore.

They met with Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., in Washington on Friday.

A spokesperson for Baucus tells that he set up a meeting for the family with the State Department. He will meet face-to-face with the Singaporean Ambassador to the U.S. next week and has personally weighed in on the issue with top White House officials.

Anonymous said...

Story getting bigger by the day.


US coroner days Shane was murdered.

Anonymous said...

Singapore national service is national slavery, the dictator use law to enslave all Singaporean son, time to kick out this hybrid regime 2016 if we want our children to have a better future, or remain as slave generation after generation. We only live once and don't waste our live away...