Saturday, November 7, 2009

Lee Kuan Yew's foreign talent policy destroys Singapore.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Straits Times, Singapore's state controlled newspaper printed in it's online edition the story "Why we need immigrants".

Goh Chock Tong, the Senior Minister, told an Indian gathering at Bradell Heights Community Club that unless Singapore continues to import increasing numbers of foreign immigrants, it will "go the way of the dinosaurs". To justify his argument, he gave figures of people over 65 increasing by 100,000 and people under 15 shrinking by 50,000. He says the reproduction figure has simply refused to increase which means more people die than born. He went on to say that people are needed to build the MRT, the glass towers and the services and there are insufficient Singaporeans.

In my view, this is perfect recipe for disaster, which by the way, has already begun.

For a highly educated and experienced million dollar minister to say this, we can only conclude that he is not being entirely honest.

If he were to ask himself why do Singaporeans leave the country en masse which is the major reason for the population decline, why do people not have children, why does 3 out of 4 young people interviewed want to emigrate if given the chance? In other words why do Singaporeans hate Singapore so much? Why?

I bet he knows the answer. And if he truly addresses those questions, Singaporeans would remain in the country and procreate. They would be happy. But there is one down side to it of course; Goh Chock Tong and his good friend Lee Kuan Yew would be kicked out and perhaps tried, convicted and imprisoned. Not wanting that of course, he comes up with this stop gap measure of bringing in more and more foreigners which is nothing more than temporary first aid. By the time it all eventually collapses, which will not be overnight, he would either be dead and gone or into exile. That is why he continues with this deliberate plan to keep increasing foreigners. It keeps him and his friends at the top safe for the moment. He is being deliberately dishonest in this.

We all know why native Singaporeans are beginning to hate their government and therefore, their country. For one, it is the ongoing day light robbery of the men in white (Lee Kuan Yew and the PAP). No single Singaporean can accept the fact of Lee Kuan Yew and his friends paying themselves millions while the majority of others have to eke out a living as best they can. In order to inflict the maximum pain on his people while he and his friends wallow in luxury, he makes sure of deliberately increasing taxes, utility bills, transportation costs, medical fees, and you name it. The people naturally ask what need is there to squeeze the last penny out of the poor while he and his friends continue to grab more than they could possibly spend?

While they live their unimaginable lives of luxury, the poor are being kicked out of their jobs because a foreigner has taken it; while they have no social security or unemployment assistance whatsoever. A destitute unemployed uneducated citizen is told that it is all his own fault and he should go and line up ever day at his PAP Member of Parliament’s office for a few crumbs of bread which he may or may not get. Now what about his children? They starve.

Then he deliberately discredited the very foundations of state, such as the judiciary and the civil service. He requires his judges to be beholden to him and to abuse the law; resulting in opposition politicians unjustly bankrupted and jailed on a daily basis while his own get preferential treatment. I had given an example of the corrupt judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean giving judgment for Lee Kuan Yew's son's company Fraser and Nave and Asia Pacific Breweries when they were sued by certain foreign banks. Please read my earlier blog on this case.

The people have no means of venting their grievances in this state controlled island. The newspapers are state controlled and will not print anything negative of the government. The judiciary is corrupt. The civil service is politicized which means only government cronies and supporters get benefits while others are disadvantaged. There is blatant and open racial discrimination. Malays and Indians are disadvantaged in jobs, housing and benefits, what little there is.

There are adverts in the state controlled press for job vacancies which disqualify Singaporeans from applying; jobs reserved for foreigners only.

The HDB Singapore’s government housing monopoly gives choice locations to the Chinese, while the Malays and Indians are required to disperse and live among them. This is especially difficult for the Malays and Indian Muslims as they do not eat pork which the Chinese relish.

The students are deliberately not taught the skills that are needed in Singapore. Goh Chock Tong rightfully says that foreigners are needed in construction. Why, because Singaporeans do not have these skills. There are no vocational schools and if there are, they deliberately do not teach these skills. There are insufficient mechanics, insufficient technicians and insufficient skilled people in every line of work. And if there are, they are not well trained. There is no certification process for vocational jobs. What little they know is what they picked up from experience. And there are insufficient lawyers because the law has been completely discredited.

Even a boy can tell Goh Chock Tong why there is this massive loss of people from Singapore. The reason is himself, and his boss Lee Kuan Yew. It is their very presence which causes masses to leave and not to have children.

You can solve this problem in one stroke. Stop abusing the law. Introduce the rule of law. Tell your judges to stop their corruption. Stop paying yourself millions. Build schools, real schools and educate the masses. Stop persecuting political opponents. Free the press. Allow free speech, expression and assembly. Give people some security in their lives; introduce a minimum wage and social security for the unemployed. Stop racial discrimination. Stop favoring foreigners at the expense of Singaporeans. Give jobs to Singaporeans first before foreigners. And last but not least, stop you arrogance. Do it and Singapore’s problems would be solved overnight.

Let me tell you what is going to happen with these increasing foreigners. The only ones who will sink roots are the illiterate Chinese speaking imports. Not a single educated foreigner will stay. They may come not knowing what Singapore really is. But when they know what it really is, an island under the grip of the Lee family with no rights whatsoever, they will go the way they come. And while that goes on, increasing Singaporeans will continue to leave.

At a point, foreigners and their offspring will equal native born Singaporeans. These people will have no loyalty and Singapore will turn into a revolving door, people coming and people leaving. And those leaving will continue to discredit Singapore in their native countries after knowing what it truly is. And among the Singaporeans leaving, some would turn out to be bloggers like the Singapore Dissident, continuing to expose the rot within.

It is not something that can survive. Dubai can be contrasted to Singapore. There, the royalty keep their power while the natives are very well taken care of. Unlike Singapore, no citizen of Dubai wants to leave his country. Surrounded by oil money, they have no worries on that score. Their people are contended and foreigners do the work. Dubai has the money to last this way. Singapore does not have that luxury.

Singapore is not Dubai and can never expect to be one. There is no oil money here. Singapore is not an emirate and we do not have an emir. So when Lee Kuan Yew behaves like a king, this antagonizes the people, resulting in hatred and contempt. Singapore unlike Dubai is supposed to have a free press, fundamental human rights, and a democracy. When these things are denied Singaporeans, they will resist and if not, they will leave and not have any children. Foreigners cannot solve the problem. In any case, no educated foreigner would want to sink roots here. The only ones are the coolies from China and India. And they cannot advance Singapore.

Don't say that I did not tell you. Your policies are doomed to failure. And I hope Singaporeans will have the courage to resist to save their island.

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Ron said...

Seriously it is good that people like you continue to rant on such a portal because nothing that you apparently believe in and champion will ever take root, not because of the fallacy of your claims, but because of the manner in which you make your claims.

You want a social safety net for all Singaporeans. You want more of this and that, but are you certain that the resultant effects will be better than what it is today? Even if you are, and im sure you are, how many out there would agree with you? Democracy needs a majority view, apparently your view constitutes that of the minority group.

You were yourself a product of Singapore. Lack of education in Singapore? You emerged out of it a fine lawyer, extremely questioning of your own society. A student of Raffles Institution, tell me if that has done that more harm that good for you.

Perhaps we do need more democracy, and that will definitely eventually come about with the growing numbers of highly exposed and educated people the system itself has produced.

I admire your courage in pointing out your views on the political system in Singapore, some of which i agree with. But biting the hand which fed you is just not right at all. It is akin to a child who disagrees with his mother on an issue which will do the child good and seek to sow discord. Go ahead, do that to your parents.

Nate said...

Well said Mr Nair, This is the first time anyone's addressed the problem of racism in Singapore (that I've read). The plight of the minorities in Singapore is a well camouflaged thorn in the side of a country (oops 'city') that could have been paradise. Just to provide an example, during my days in Stinkapoo, I could never land a decent job due to the no. 1 job assessment criteria - 'bilingual' preferred! Literally, 'bilingual' refers to the ability to articulate in two languages. In typical sinkaporean fashion, however, bilingual means to speak Ingeris and Mandalin. Since I'm not one of the privileged, I spent many a day contemplating unemployment and many a dollar on public transport on the way to job interviews destined to go nowhere. I've heard that it's not essential that you're bilingual these days, as long as you're not singaporean, it will do for most employers. What goes around comes around.
On a more personal note, Love your blog, Please take good care and keep up the great work. You never know the 66% might just wake up from their ERS stupor and topple the People's Anal Party!
All the best.

mycroft said...

That's laying it on the line stark and simple, Gopalan. Really, Singapore's wounds are all self-inflicted by a tiny handful of self-serving shits (sorry, that's the only word that best describes them).

Recent global events have cruelly exposed its obsolescent top-down command economy (with decision-making confined to a tiny handful of the priesthood) as a text-book example of a single point of failure waiting to happen. There is the complete lack of civil society. The people are made to walk an abyss with no safety net beneath. Mercy is conspicuous by its absence. Greed is good. This is the excellence that PAP loves to brag about?

I read Goh's condescending speech that implicitly laid the blame for Singapore's problems on Singaporeans with nary so much as a single mea culpa for his own damned party's part in the affair, with a disgust I usually reserve for when I accidentally step in something nasty like vomit. You only have to ask ONE question to destroy his entire patronising lecture: "On whose watch has all this crap you bitch about happened, Mr. holier-than-thou Goh"? He and his cronies ARE the problem as many have pointed out time and again.

It was all of 16 years ago that WIRED magazine sent the father of cyberpunk science fiction to write a report on the Singapore utopia. William Gibson came, clocked the phony, too-perfect theme park false facade, noted with a shiver the all too evident signs of a police state, felt the unspoken fear, and hurriedly got the hell out because the oppressive sense of silent menace bothered him badly. He left behind the parting gift of a deadly, immortal, perfect metaphor: Disneyland with the Death Penalty.

It took Gibson, a complete stranger, less than one week to sum up the dystopia that Goh is trying to sell us as a paradise that just needs a few million more imported bodies to become even more wonderful. When will the native-born endangered species wake up and notice that the water in the saucepan they are sitting in is steadily reaching a boil?

Gopalan Nair said...

To Ron,

Frankly, I fail to understand how criticizing a dictatorial government that denies it's people the freedoms they deserve is tantamount to biting the hand that fed me!

Don't Singaporeans pay taxes? And since they do, are they not allowed to question policies that affect them? It appears, you not only want to take their taxes, but submit as well!

As for Raffles Institutiion, I would have received a much better education in a school outside Singapore. Thank god, I came out of the mental conditioning by going abroad. Had I not left, I am sure I would be using the same arguments that you do.

Anonymous said...

Ron says:
"a child who disagrees with his mother on an issue"

Let me guess - Ron is an ethnic Chinese, and the ideal compliant citizen that would fit in well in China (or Chingapore).

Mao Zedong's regime (1949-1975): 40 - 70 million people died under Mao

Rural purges, 1946-49: 2-5M deaths
Urban purges, 1950-57: 1M
Great Leap Forward: 20-43M
Cultural Revolution: 2-7M
Labor Camps: 20M
Tibet: 0.6-1.2M
TOTAL: 44.5 to 72M

Ron would think this is okay?

Anonymous said...


Being critical of the policies does not equate to biting the feeding hand. Great progress has been made in human rights, environments, and many other areas through activism.

Mark said...

you should really visit Dubai before you comment on it.

citizens are happy from the oil money? come on, how many actually get to see those riches?

Behind the gleaming facades of skyscrapers there lies much discontent, poverty and unhappiness at the wealthy. Do your research as a good lawyer should before using it as an example.

mycroft said...

"But biting the hand which fed you is just not right at all..."

I must say I'm puzzled by Ron's accusation. Exactly what's not right?

Surely it is the worker bees of Singapore that are tirelessly collecting the honey to feed the Queen and her drones, is it not? We are paying royally - indeed through the nose - for the dubious honour of pandering to Lee Kuan Yew & Co's every whim, however mad. With obscene wages, pensions, self-assessed performance bonuses, global jaunts and never less than first class all the way in any endeavour, it costs us roughly in the region of $200m per year just to keep these pampered poodles in the style to which they've become accustomed. As such, exactly WHO is doing the feeding, Ron?

In return for our largesse what do we, the natives, receive? The opportunity to run on a never-ending treadmill till the day you drop dead from exhaustion in old age. The chance to compete with cheap imported labour to scrape the bottom of the wages barrel. The advantage of being conscripted followed by 30 more years of career-damaging service. No welfare or medical care that you didn't pay for unless you beg for help from your oh-so-superior MP on your bended knees. The pleasure of pressing your nose up against the glass to watch regional fat cats and assorted lowlife flaunt their ill-gotten gains before you return to your ever more costly 99-year lease concrete shoe boxes in the sky. The joy of being given the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of paying to have the lift stop on your floor (but only if you voted for them)... Need I really go on?

Are we not entitled to demand value for our money? A modicum of humility and gratitude from the MPs who suck at the teat of Singapore Inc.? Where would Lee & Co be without us? They squandered over $100b of our reserves and astonishingly, amazingly, magically, shamelessly, that happened all by itself and no one was to blame. No one took responsibility. Move along now folks and avert your eyes, it never happened.

So tell us Ron, precisely who is biting who's hand?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Gopalan,

I do not know if you are right about Dubai.

But I think you are absolutely on the dot with what you said about Singapore and Singaporeans.

Please keep on your good work with exposing the evil deeds of the rich-to-hell ministers.

Have a healthy and happy life,
Emigrated Singaporean

Anonymous said...

Be interresting to see what happens when foreigners outnumber Singaporeans , even legally.How can a government represent a minority of residents in a country , this will become a problem in quite a few countries. There has to be careful thought in the future about citizens and residents .