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Singapore. Philip Jeyaretnam excels by collaborating with his father's tormentors

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore's Nov 24, 2006 online edition of the state controlled newspaper Straits Times has the shameful story "Newest member of the PSC".

It tells us that Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore government has yet again showered even more prizes over Mr. Philip Jeyaretanm, the son of the late opposition leader JB Jeyaretnam who was hounded and persecuted for more than 30 years by the very same government, all for standing up for his people.

In the recent past, he was made the president of the Singapore Law Society, which we all know is an arm of Lee Kuan Yew's government. Now he is given further honors. He has now been made a member of Singapore's prestigious Public Service Commission.

Frankly this man is not worth writing much about. Simply put, he is a man lacking the slightest of loyalty and integrity that one would expect a son for his father. What is even more disgusting in this case, is the fact that he is a lawyer, and he knows the law, and how it was abused to destroy his father.

He knew all along the litany of prosecutions and defamation actions by this Lee Kuan Yew government against his father had not the slightest of merit. He knew all along that ever rule in the book was being broken and bent to harass, intimidate and destroy his father. He knew that the Constitution protected his father but yet was blatantly violated. He knew all along that his father was the punching bag of Lee Kuan Yew's shameful excesses.

Yet he did nothing. Nothing at all to defend him. Not a word.

Yet this man, not only refuses to raise even a whimper in defense of his father. He goes one disgraceful step further. He willingly collaborates with them. And permits them to cleverly use him.

They use him by giving him honors and accolades, such as "Cambridge educated lawyer" "son of the late opposition leader JB Jeyaretnam", implying they are fair minded towards the opposition, which in fact they never were. With him they are able to argue that they are not out to destroy the opposition, as many accuse them of, which he is permitting them to do it with his collaboration.

We all want to succeed in life, but surely we want to do it with bit of honor and self respect. His willing collaboration with the very same people who destroyed his father shows one thing to us. He is obviously not a man capable of succeeding in life by his own merits. He can only succeed by licking boots, regardless of whether the boots were the very ones which trampled on his father.

He is a disgrace, to the word "son", a disgrace to his profession and a disgrace to the respected University of Cambridge.

We need not say more about him.

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Anonymous said...

By 2015, born and bred S’poreans may be the minority in S’pore

See table here

Anonymous said...

A shamne and very distressing.
Poor JB.
He deserves better.

Anonymous said...

A cowardly son, narrow minded, selfish, ignorant, pragmatic and foolish!

Ideals bond better than blood ties.


Anonymous said...

A disgraceful son. JBJ should have disowned that bastard!

Omen said...

Perhaps, another lightning strike on the Merlion if the Singaporeans still do not get it.


It is unfair for you to criticize Philip Jeyaretnam for choosing not to follow his esteemed father’s footsteps. As a vociferous advocate of individual rights and freedoms, you should be the last person on earth to berate him for exercising his right to choose his path in life. His decision to avoid opposition politics, to carve out a successful secular career for himself and to accept the call of public service is a personal choice. Having personally experienced the tough life of a child of a leading opposition politician, he has his reasons for choosing not to expose his own children to such a life – as bystanders, we should respect his choice. Being comfortably and safely ensconced in “free” USA, it is easy for you to criticize and berate him. You will do well to restrict your critical commentaries to the Government and not try to unnecessarily drag into your arena nice folks like Philip who are just trying their best to give themselves and their families a shot at decent living in Singapore.

Gopalan Nair said...

To Christopher,

Just like Adolf Eichmann did in serving Hitler. Giving himself and his family "a decent living in Singapore"!

Jess. said...

I am so shocked that I'd think this post's content is all fiction--but in fact it's all factual.

Truly, 'shameful' is the word.