Saturday, July 9, 2011

Alan Shadrake leaves Singapore prison. For Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore, this is not the end.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore state controlled newspaper Straits Times of today reads "Alan Shadrake is deported". That may very well be true, but what about Singapore. I will quote Churchill to say this to Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore "this is not the end, this is not even the beginning of the end but perhaps the end of the beginning".

Anyone with even a bordering mental capacity would not have prosecuted Shadrake for writing a book critical of Singapore let alone sending him to jail. And that stupidity on Singapore's part, has, I would quote Admiral Yamamato on the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and say, it has only awakened a sleeping giant.

The sleeping giant in this case is Shadrake. By sending him to jail, and what is even worse, releasing him, means nothing less than the beginning of headaches for Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew and his minions. Shardake a writer and author is now going to unleash his anger against the injustice done to him, in even more books, even more newspaper reports and even more criticism directed against Singapore and it's flawed legal system.

Shadrake will unleash a tsunami of attacks and exposure against this tin pot regime of Lee Kuan Yew and Son, and if the reputation of Singapore has suffered so far, it will from now on descend to it's nadir. If Singapore is today a repressive society, Shadrake will make sure it becomes a pariah in the eyes of the world.

If you ask me, this is simply plain stupidly on the part of Lee's minions. As for me, I should rejoice, as it serves my purpose of discrediting and attacking this one party Stalinist city state.

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Anonymous said...

Oi, why you write about Alan Shandrake. Mrs. Lee Kuan Yew more important to us Singaporeans, lah.

She have university and scholarship named after her soon at NUS and SMU. She mother of Singapore.

突如其来的贡献?(Kwa Geok Choo’s Sudden Contributions?) If you no spekee Chinese, use gooogle translate.

In recognition of the former Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore, the late wife of Ke Yuzhi contribution, several local universities will be Mrs. Lee's new project called several names. According to newspaper reports of the new Singapore Management University Law Library named "Ke Yuzhi law library," while new large law students will also launch "Ke Yuzhi Scholarship", and the best law graduates will be "Ke Yuzhi Best Law Graduate Award. "


Anonymous said...

Uh. Oh. Somebody is going to be in trouble:

Sociology professor from the National University of Singapore (NUS) Chua Beng Huat

“One of the factors that will contribute to Singapore’s road to democracy is the retirement of Lee Kuan Yew. A lot of the authoritarian atmosphere is the result of that one man’s mentality.”

Besides controlling the government, bureaucracy, media, police, civil society and grassroots organizations, Lee also controls Singapore economy which is dominated by two sovereign wealth funds – Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC) and Temasek Holdings (TH) and the numerous Government-linked companies (GLCs) they have spawned over the years.

Anyone want to bet 3 (Three) plates of chicken rice plus hot soup or $30 that the NUS prof will be chased out of Singapore before end of this year?

Prof Chua Beng Huat, will be joining Francis Seow and Gopalan Nair in exile in the USA, soon.

Anonymous said...

July 9, 2011 at 2:38 pm (Quote)

Singapore “One man, One Vote” system.
One man – LKY and the one vote–LKY’s vote.
That’s the only vote that counts.

Nothing else matter!

Anonymous said...

Chua Beng Huat

Interesting fellow.
After obtaining his MA and PhD in Sociology from York University, Canada, he stayed on in Canada and taught at Trent University, Ontario. He returned to Singapore in 1984 to take up the Director of Research post at the HDB but was fired from that job for his critical writings on Singapore politics.

He ... focused on writing critically about Singapore as well, including writing a weekly column in the national newspaper, The Straits Times, for one year.

His knack for scrutinizing the workings of the Singapore society and his insistence on doing so publicly did not go unnoticed. [Read - took a long time for Lee Kuan Yew's minions to notify their master.]

Within a year, he was fired from his job at HDB for his critical writings of Singapore politics.

He joined NUS afterward, and has been there since 1985.

Wonder how he managed to remain at NUS, unlike Dr. Chee Soon Juan, who was hounded out of that place?

Anonymous said...

More musings from Prof Chua Beng Huat.

"For this election, the PAP basically screwed up on immigration policies really badly. That has created all kinds of downstream hardships for Singaporeans," said Chua Beng Huat, a sociologist at the National University of Singapore, citing the rise in home prices and competition for places in schools."

On the outcome of GE2011.

"There may be a drop in the percentage of votes for the PAP from the last election, but since people are elected on a first-past-the-post system, the number of seats may not be materially affected."

"In the overall picture, the PAP would still be in power," said Chua. "There would be a lot more debate, that's all."

Anonymous said...

Ref: Anonymous, Sat Jul 09. at 01:10 pm.
Prof. Chua Beng Huat will be thrown out from a building at the N.U.S. by L.K.Y secret service and then reported and confirmed that he had committed suicide.

J said...

Dear sir,
I hope you have received Alan Shardake's book. His imprisonment vindicates what he wrote about a suspicious "dark" regime up to no good.

I hope Singapore "LEEyers" slaving to debar you are reading your readers' comments because I have something to write.

Having left Singapore for a fairer land, I am finding Singapore more like China than ever before. So, if Singaporeans look down on China and its laws - well, Singapore is not much better.

Luckily, the Singapore laws is based on British laws (so LEEyers can hide behind its respected cloak) - but Singapore legal professionals have reduced the Brits laws shamelessly to serve one master.

Sad for a country that will jail a blogger. If Australia do the same, I think half of its population will spend jail time like you did in Singapore.