Monday, July 11, 2011

Singapore's arbitrary HDB rules which makes criminals out of you.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Many Singaporeans have gone to jail for what is generally called in that island as HDB cash back scams. In fact none of those jailed were ever guilty of anything. If there was a guilty party, it is none other than Lee Kuan Yew and his hare brained laws. Take this case for one.

This is how it goes. Singaporeans are allowed to lease government flats owned by the HDB on 99 year leases through loans from their own retirement funds held, like everything else in Singapore, by the government. So lets gets the facts clear, the HDB flat that you lease (not buy) is owned by he government and so is your retirement fund the CPF.

From the sale price agreed between the buyer and the seller, the balance of the mortgage owed to the government by the seller must be settled, and any balance remaining goes to the seller; while the buyer signs a new agreement with the government and adopts the lease.

Since it is entirely up to anyone to negotiate any price, what happens is for the buyer and seller to agree to inflate the price to a figure higher than what the flat is worth, since whatever the price, there is no immediate hardship to the buyer since the money comes, not out of his pocket, but out of his retirement fund. The inflated figure will have a cash balance left over after paying off the government, which the buyer and seller collect as a bonus.

What happens occasionally is that the buyer, for reasons best known to him, despite having made an agreement on the price, reneges on his agreement, goes to the police and complains that the sale price was lower than that stated because the seller had somehow defrauded him.

The Singapore police then arrest the seller and sometimes the buyer too and send them to jail because they had tried to unfairly advantage from their retirement funds as Lee Kuan Yew's intention is not to allow Singaporeans to cash out their retirement funds in this way.

This is another instance of Lee Kuan Yew's silly laws getting the better of them. This whole idea of allowing people to use their retirement funds to lease their homes is all wrong because it is a misuse of their retirement savings. Secondly, it should be entirely up to the parties to decide what price they want to transfer their leaseholds and it no business whatsoever of Lee's government to interfere in their personal decisions.

Another instance of Lee's harebrained laws in Lee's one party dictatorship.

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Anonymous said...

The Prime Minister, i.e. Lee Kuan Yew's son, has decided that former Minister Mentor Mr Lee Kuan Yew and Emeritus Senior Minister Mr Goh Chok Tong will be provided staff support by the govern­ment.”

Each will have one special assistant and one press secretary part-time, plus one secretary and two clerical officers full-time to “enable them to carry out official work when called upon by the government as well as their duties as senior advisors to GIC and MAS respectively.”

Where do they come up with these titles -

Minister Mentor
Emeritus Senior Minister

And, will LKY's son let us know the annual cost of all of this support staff. Or is it a State secret?

I love this comment by Orang Singapura:
July 12, 2011 at 8:37 pm (Quote)

WHY is it so difficult to understand all this?
Elementary, my dear fellow.

Unless you have just returned from Mars, you know that the PAP OWN Singapore.
They can do as they want.
So..shut up your mouth, enjoy and dont think of what you will never have.
No one has the guts to ask questions.
The lapdog ST follow the Pappies like a dog on heat.
One stare from LKY and they will pee in their pants.

Anonymous said...

July 12, 2011 at 9:07 pm (Quote)

Somehow I have this feeling that when LKY died, the government will rename Singapore to Republic of LKY. The Lee family seriously believes that Singapore belongs to them!

jessie tan said...

So disgusting. In other words, they just refuse to let go. All the pretenses of stepping down. All the BS.

LKY, LHL, GCT, let the people of Singapore go, free them.

Anonymous said...

I am a PAP supporter and finds these arguments disgusting.

There was an election and more than 60 percent voted for my party. So, until the next election in 2016, we can do what we like, including honouring our beloved Minister Mentor and the Emeritus Senior Minister.

You opponents of the PAP, have to put up with us for the next five years. And, even longer, if past elections are a guide.


Anonymous said...

In Singapore, everything belongs to the P.A.P Government.
If they can get you killed and disposed off, what other things can they not do to you? It is a matter of whether if they want to do it or not.
And they can do it in the legal or illegal way.
Due to space and time constraint,I am not going to elaborate on actual facts on how the P.A.P Government make use of their overwhelming power to do as they like, so as to reap economic benefits for themselves and at the same time to manipulate and control
their own citizens.
I am an ordinary Singaporean here and I often ask myself what do I really own here? Or what are my legal rights to the properties I have here.
To tell you the truth, nothing here belongs to me,not even my family or my own life. Even you can get the best lawyer and produce all valid legal documents to prove your rights of ownership,they can all be brushed aside. Everything we have here can be "legally" taken away by them.
Their courts can even produce their own legal documents to overrule your existing rights of ownership. Their courts always have their final decision to which you cannot do anything but to bitterly accept. In other words, you can never win them.
In Singapore,we citizens can boast of having condos,cars,cash,good jobs,and other properties etc.. But the truth is they all don't belong to you.
The P.A.P Government is the rightful owner to whatever you have and they can be taken away by them anytime and they can always justify their actions by use of their own laws and legal process.
In Singapore,we citizens dont't own anything, everything here belongs to the P.A.P. Government.
Thank You.