Saturday, July 16, 2011

Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew makes you a deal, you simply cannot accept.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

If you live in Singapore or if you are found within Singapore, this is what Lee Kuan Yew's deal is for you. If you ever criticize him, his courts or his government, he will use the law any way he wants to silence you. Although you are on the receiving end of his abuse and misuse of the law, you are supposed to quietly accept it. If ever you dare to criticize his actions, or those of his judges, he will sue you or charge you and send you to jail or even better, order you to pay thousands or millions and if you did not, bankrupt you.

For Lee Kuan Yew, his judges who are his principle weapon to remain in power. If you try to discredit his judges, you are attacking his principal weapon against his opponents and therefore it simply will not be tolerated, as his power stands in grave danger of being weakened.

Every single Singaporean lives under this ever present fear. That is why no matter how much Lee Kuan Yew's judges misuse the law, there is really noone willing to stand up and criticize them.

Recently Alan Shadrake was sent to jail for writing a book critical of Lee Kuan Yew's judges for being lenient towards those with power and not against ordinary Singaporeans without connections in high places.

Even though Lee's Judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean shamelessly abused her power as a judge in punishing Chee Soon Juan in his 2008 defamation actiion brought by Lee Kuan Yew, not a single Singaporean so far has had the courage to condemn her actions. That is what I did in this blog which resulted in my having to go to jail for 3 months in Singapore. Now they are going to disbar me for refusing to stop criticizing her for her shameful dishonesty and that of his other judges.

Singaporeans on the other hand live their lives in fear of Lee Kuan Yew perhaps because they have nowhere to go and would rather not go to jail in Singapore.

But for others such as me, Lee Kuan Yew's offer is one which I simply cannot accept. While his government and his judges continue to deny the rights of his citizens, I will continue to condemn him and his corrupt kangaroo judiciary. That is something I think he understands by now.

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Zajnat said...

Hi GN,
You hv done much to alert the people of Singapore. Now they must fight their own battle.
Destiny comes to those who listen. Fate finds the rest"