Friday, August 19, 2011

Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore shows clear signs of citizen unrest

Ladies and Gentlemen,

What has been happening in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore should be worrying, for his leadership. Who would have thought, that just a few days ago, Tony Tan, the former Lee Kuan Yew government's cabinet minister and right hand man, and presently a director of the the country's wealth fund would have had to suffer the ignominy of boos and jeers when he spoke in his campaign for Singapore's Presidency.

And who would have thought that the recent curry war, jokingly referred to about an incident where Singaporean Indians had agreed not to cook curry in their houses anymore because their neighbours, recent immigrants from Communist China had complained to the authorities about the aroma of the dish which they were not accustomed to; would have caused such a stir in the entire island, with thousands and thousands swearing that they would not eat anything else but only curry until they die!

As is the case with all dictatorships around the world, after long years in power by instilling fear and intimidating their citizens, they finally descend into a comfort zone thinking that no matter what they do, the people would just accept. History has clearly disproved this belief. In Egypt, Mubarak thought he could do anything he wants with his people. Today he is in a glass cage being tried for murder by his people. Bin Ali of Tunisia had to flee for his life and now faces extradition and a similar fate. Gadaffi of Libya is still fighting for his life and so is Assad of Syria.

And it appears Lee Kuan Yew is finally beginning to see the same fate in the horizon, after heading inexorably headlong into the eye of the storm, the storm of discontent among his people.

What did Lee Kuan Yew think would happen when he simply pays himself millions of dollars each year and calls it a salary? What did he think would happen if he simply monopolizes the entire Media in the island under his control? What did he think when he routinely abused the law to punish legitimate criticism by people such as JB Jeyaretnam, Chee Soon Juan and Gopalan Nair? What did he think when he indiscriminately brings in millions of Chinese from Mainland China who are both unskilled and illiterate to Singapore to take away jobs and dampen the wage rates for Singaporeans?

Did he really think that Singaporeans would take this injustice simply sitting down forever? Did he not think that one day, he would have pushed Singaporeans a little too far and the time would have come when they say enough is enough?

I think that time when they say enough is enough has finally come, like it has come and gone in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Syria. And now finally that discontent is finally taking root in Singapore as well, as is evidenced by the booing and jeering of a former Cabinet Minister Tony Tan and the island wide disapproval of the curry case.

Such an act of jeering and booing a close associate of Lee Kuan Yew, Tony Tan only a couple of years ago was unthinkable. It would have attracted or at least the people would fear, arrest, defamation lawsuits initiated by the strongman, and a lifetime of harassment of victimization and intimidation. But look at it now, just 2 years ahead, booing and jeering at Tony Tan in public! It is a miracle.

It is true, no one told Lee Kuan Yew that the time would come for him as well, but as with all dictators who simply don't see it, he too fell into the trap thinking it would never happen to him.

Now since sizable numbers of Singaporeans are no longer afraid, I would expect peaceful demonstrations across the island against the million or so foreign Chinese in Singapore and slowly for other causes. We are now at the threshold of a new beginning, it appears. The shroud of fear under which they lived for 50 years has finally been cast aside. They too have finally decided to take back Singapore themselves, which has eluded them for so long. Very Good for Singapore.

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Anonymous said...

The flaw in all of this was the 'mediation', and the article in the Strait-jacket Times, by Viswa Sadasivan, just tries to justify the silly mistake.

Why even bother with mediation? Simply tell the PRC folks that people in Singapore eat curry.

If you don't like this, please go back to Communist China, and once you get back to your Home Country, tell all the other people about the Singaporeans love for curry.

By forcing the Singapore family into mediation, the PAP sent the wrong message to its own citizens and the PRC.

But, wait, in the eyes of the PRC-loving LKY, local digits don't count.

Imagine someone telling an Aussie not to eat vegemite!, or a Brit, chips-and-curry, or a Korean - no Kimchee.

I think mongoloid man, aka LKY, gets an orgasm everytime he goes to the the PRC.

Anonymous said...

Idiotic Chinese from china do not know that curry is a very healthy food well loved by all Singaporeans here.
It's fragrance comes from the many herbs and spices that make curry. The main herb turmeric as well as cumin protect the body from all sorts of illnesses including cancer.

Anonymous said...

Lee Kuan Yew says that he will not tolerate any dissent from the native citizens of Singapore.

So, he has instructed his police to arrest and jail anyone caught cooking or eating curry on August 21st.

He goes on to say that in his beloved PRC, nobody cooks curry.

So, the people of Singapore must conform to make the 1 million PRC residents in Singapore feel at home.

All hail the emperor Lee and his curryless dynasty.

Anonymous said...

10 horrible things eaten by PRC citizens:

Rooster Testicles
Cat Meat
Boiled tiger penis
Spicy dog soup

I am concerned that my PRC neighbour is kidnapping cats for his meals.

Can CMC look into this?

Anonymous said...

"I am concerned that my PRC neighbour is kidnapping cats for his meals."

Did the PRC Chinese finally repent and cooking curry out of the cat ?

Anonymous said...

tony tan used his position to get his son 12 years deferment to study.his son defer for medicine but did not serve as combat MO but did research in lab for 2 years. no wonder kanna booed.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous-feline-fanatic: As an alternative TREAT for you which may DOG you for life, especially if you are a MALE Singaporean, you may like to do a search for these terms:
"C☭MMIE mutt sun xu 孫 孙 旭 ".


P.S. Considering Singapore's years of conscription as well as its related regulations such as a passport with merely nine(9) months of validity, a lifetime of reservist duties and applications for exit permits, I reckon you may DOG, I mean, DIG my drift.