Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Singapore. Hot Indian curry dish leads to heated racial conflict

Ladies and Gentleman,

Listen to this. In Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore a few days ago, whoever thought that the humble curry, a spicy hot Indian dish can led to a heated argument between a recent Chinese Immigrant from Mainland China and a local Indian Singaporean born and raised in Singapore? It has.

In Lee's government owned apartments where hundred and thousands of apartment blocks cramped like sardines stand next to each other, it is reported that a recent Chinese Immigrant from Mainland china, probably from some remote impoverished parts of China who by the way are the only ones who are prepared to come to a country such as this,(the more capable ones go to Australia, US and Canada) have complained to their Indian neighbours who naturally cook curry dishes that they don't like it's smell and therefore should stop cooking it anymore. Imagine the temerity of these new Chinese human imports!

When the Indians naturally said that it is my apartment and I can do as I want, and quite rightly so, the Mainland Chinamen took it the government agency which has, clearly unlawfully I might add, required the Indians to stop cooking this dish when the Chinese were at home.

If this sort of thing was demanded of people in any other country, the Indians would not only have refused to comply, they would have gone out and purchased a fan and made sure that the curry flavours were directed directly into the living room of these characters.

And that is not all, they would have walked over to these characters who happen to be too large for their shoes, and told them to pack up and leave to wherever they came from if the don't like curry.

And if they did not want to go back all the way to China, they could instead leave their apartments and find a place next to their brethren just like them who come from the same impoverished regions of China who have never come across curry in their lives.

Had I been a violent man, which I am not, I would also have gone over and given them a right and proper beating, but since I am not such a man, would instead advice on non violence and the path of Mahatma Gandhi instead.

From what I am seeing on the ground, with a growing groundswell of anger against these Chinese human imports which make up already one fifth of the Singapore population, taking jobs from the locals, dampening wages and who generally behave in the most uncouth manner imaginable, behaviors more commonly seen in these remote parts of China, it is not if but when some Singapore Indians, Malays and Singapore Chinese are going to say enough is enough and give these characters from China a real beating.

I am sure the day is coming. I would be unhappy to see any violence, of course, as I have always been a man of peace, a Gandhian you could say, but human nature being what it is, it has it's limits.

Unfortunately I have to say that these characters who cannot accept Indian curry are going to be given a proper beating, and it is not because of their culinary tastes but because of their misguided arrogance.

After all we are not all Mahatma Gandhi.

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Anonymous said...

It did not. The Indian family was not required to stop cooking curry by the government agency, but instead it was a decision they made themselves. It was something agreed upon by both sides.

Accuracy IS key.

Anonymous said...

It seems that many of us are not be able to see the old fart's cunning and brilliance in perpetuating the Dynasty's rule. He actually planned the present day's situation about 30 to 40 years ago by implementing the stop at two & speak Mandarin (by banning all dialects in public media)campaigns. Now he has the excuse and right to bring in the millions from China because we are
short of Singaporeans and the Chinese are welcomed by everybody speaking their own lingo. Why bring
in the millions of Chinese? Because
the leaders in China are obliged to
come to their citizens rescue if any calamaties like riots or invasion befall on Singapore. This will provide a natural and automatic protection for his son LHL who will eventually ascend to become the first Executive President wielding absolute power. That's why they need TT to become the next EP to propose a change in Constitution for LHL's promotion. To show the world that they are not racially biased, the next PM of Singapore will be an Indian reflecting the reverse of the current situation of an Indian President and a Chinese PM. Of course they have already prepared an Indian in waiting to be the next PM probably in three years time. These are just my wild thoughts.

Gopalan Nair said...

To anonymous Aug 18, 0558,

Is this what you want us to believe? And even if they id it "voluntarily" do you really think it is really so? It is like the Gestapo calling in someone to tell him that Hitler does not like certain things and telling them they have a problem. What do you think that person would do? Sure he will "voluntarily" do anything that pleases Hitler.

Otherwise Lee and his residents
Committee would not let up harassing and punishing these 3rd class citizens of Singapore, as are the Indians.

Sure you are working for the establishment in writing this stupidity. But try to appreciate that the readers of this blog have some grey matter too.

Anonymous said...

What upsets and annoys the respectable netizens of cowtowns is that CMC raised the issue with the local family. It should have told the FT family, “S’pore is a multi-racial, multi-cultural society. Preparing and eating curry is part of everyday S’pore life. As guests here, if you can’t stand the smell, pls find another apartment.”

Instead it conveyed the complaint to the local family. And initially gave the MediaCorp free-sheet the impression that it proudly “pressured” the local family. Of course, it now denies pressuring the family. But that’s to be expected. It would say that, wouldn’t it?

Even so, the fact that it wanted to publicise the incident of it telling the local family of the complaint, tells us that it is not willing to tell FTs that they,as guests, must be sensitive to their host.

Anonymous said...

You readers will like this video by a Chinese Singaporean.

In a strange twist, I think this curry fiasco could be a catalyst that unifies Singaporeans (despite all the attempts at racial divisions by the PRC-loving LKY.)

Anonymous said...

This is bizzare.

Pork is 'haram' to a Malay-Muslim or some Indian-Hindus but have you ever heard of a either group asking their Chinese neighbour to stop cooking or eating the stuff.

In all my years, I have never heard of a Chinese Singaporean asking their neighbours to stop cooking curry. In fact, many of them are known to partake in a parata with curry.

That my friend in racial tolerance, something that all the races in Singapore (and Malaya)developed over decades of living together.

The Lee family has truly upset this racial coexistence by importing uncouth peasants from the PRC.

I know many good people from the PRC, but they all go to the USA, Australia, NZ. The dregs come to LKY's paradise.


Vote in the Presidential election and send the message to LKY, that his bullying and racist ideologies will no longer by tolerated by civilised Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at
Thu Aug 18, 05:58:00 AM PDT

What nonsense are you spewing here. This was not an agreement between two parties but one that was initiated and arrived at in the presence of a government appointed mediator. How can the mediator wash his/her hands off the issue? What if the complainant party asked as compensation in settlement a sum of a $1000 for each day the other party cooked curry or worst still requests a female companion to be supplied for the same and somehow agreed. Now can the mediator still say he/she had no hand in it and is not involved? You can't defend the indefensible. Ha Ha