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Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew makes young students sell their souls. Part 2

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As you are aware, most people if given the choice would rather not work for a dictatorship, which Singapore is. It is a country where Lee Kuan Yew has governed for no less than 50 years with an iron fist suppressing any opposition.

When he was becoming embarrassed for being compared to Fidel Castor of Cuba, having been in power since 1959, who just like him has ruled Cuba with an iron fist for that entire time, he conveniently moved aside, not really but just as a show, placing his son as the prime Minister while he continues to call the shots.

At the same time there has never been any rule of law, the Constitution is disregarded and he does whatever he wants anytime he wants. In other words, Singapore is a banana dictatorship and everyone knows this, and as a result it has become increasingly difficult to persuade good people to collaborate with Lee Kuan Yew and his son to keep them in power.

As Lee Kuan Yew needs educated people to join his government without which he cannot continue his rule, he does the next best thing, which is the oldest trick in the world; bribe good students to join his government and do the dirty work for him for humongous salaries, even millions.

In order to bribe these students who, by the way are largely teenagers and their parents, these who lack any principles or character who are enticed by greed, he puts out various scholarships which provides eduction at the top universities around the world and in return they or rather these "opportunists" have to sign bonds with the Lee government to serve them on their return for stretches of 20 to 30 years.

In the unlikely event, for example when the student is overcome by his conscience and decides not to lend his hand anymore to this injustice and decides to break his bond, he is punished with a huge fine and if he does not pay, his parents are punished instead.

There are dozens of such scholarships with a variety of names such as President Scholar, Civil Service Scholarship, Armed Forces Scholarship, Public Service Commission Scholarship etc. Every one of these scholarships is a disgrace, where young Singaporeans are made to sell their soul to the Devil in return for a free edcuation.

It is not only me who knows this dirty game which Lee plays on his students, many others know it as well and more and more students and their parents have refused to cooperate with Hitler, I mean Lee Kuan Yew and have suffered as a result.

Last year there was a Singapore doctor who committed suicide in Sydney Australia by jumping off a bridge rather than return to Singapore and do Lee Kuan Yew's dirty work of of suppressing and abusing his own people.

Take Lee Kuan Yew's men is his government, dishonest opportunists every single one of them, and they were all his scholarship students. K Shanmugam the Tamil Law Minister justifies the arrest and detention of even peaceful demonstrators to please Lee, his master.

He personally orders the commencement of defamation actions against his critics such as Chee Soon Juan and oversees his unjust punishment and bankruptcy. He personally orders the detention without trial of anyone who dares to criticise the government by invoking the ISA, which is detention without trial.

He has repeatedly said that Singapore's judges should not be criticized on any account when Gopalan Nair was arrested for writing a blog critical of Singapore Judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean and it is generally believed that he supervised the arrest and jailing of Gopalan Nair in circumstances where there was no offence committed whatsoever by his victim.

K Shanmugam profits by misusing the law against his fellow citizens which makes him and his work disgraceful. Singaporeans are slowly beginning to realize the prize they have to pay in return for these Lee Kuan Yew scholarships, which is nothing less than selling their soul to the Devil as this man has been doing.

As a result of the difficulty of attracting young students to these scholarships in these circumstances, Lee is now increasingly required to pay very high salaries for their disgraceful work they have to do during their entire careers.

Attracted by these huge rewards, and oversome by greed, there are unfortunately still some students who lack the character which we expect, such as Aaron Koh in my last blog, and still accept these shameful scholarships to serve the Singapore Dictator.

But the good news is that more and more students are throwing these scholarships back at Lee Kuan Yew's face and saying in no uncertain terms that they are made of more honorable stuff and they don't need to do this to survive. To those students I say Bravo and thank you.

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