Sunday, August 21, 2011

Quality of Singaporeans deteriorates

Ladies and Gentlemen,

What sort of a person is a Singaporean anyway? It is a country that fools it's citizens into thinking they have rights with a well endowed Constitution, yet even if you protested peacefully, you would be arrested.

It is a country that claims to have almost universal home ownership. Yet 99% of the people live in government built flats which are 99 year leases, not home ownership. They are lessees, not home owners.

It is a country that mandates a free press under the Constitution, yet all the newspapers are owned and controlled by the government.

It is a country where it's leaders pay themselves $3.7 million a year officially and much more unofficially. This is called either theft or corruption. Yet the people take this lying down without complaint, and what is more, their leaders who steal this money would prosecute and jail anyone else who does what they do! Lee Kuan Yew and his friends at the top have the monopoly on corruption in the island. Only they are allowed by law to be corrupt. William Sapire of the New York Times called them racketeers and his description was spot on.

It is a country that can detain you indefinitely without trial under the excuse that it is in the national interest. Even if you are not arrested, the very fear of it has a chilling effect on any criticism.

It is a country where the law is routinely abused to silence dissent.

Which brings me to the question, what kind of people live there? The answer has to be this. The Singaporeans still remaining in the island are either dummies, cowards or foreigners who don't care one way or the other.

There is ample evidence that more and more educated Singaporeans are leaving the island because they don't want anything to do with a country like this. They understandably want themselves and their families to live in freedom.

This brain drain is complemented by the fact that the birth rate continues to decline, a consequence of these unacceptable political atmosphere and moreover Singaporeans are not getting married.

Which again brings me to the question, who are these 5 million people who apparently live in Singapore. Well the answer seems to be as follows. First you have a large segment of immigrants from Communist China, comprised almost entirely of uneducated Chinese peasants from the remote parts of China who I suppose have never come across Indian curry dish as evidenced by recent island wide racial conflagration between the these immigrants and an Indian family who had cooked the dish.

Then you have a few Indians from India, mainly computer engineers who would have gone anywhere in the world for a job. These Indian workers know nothing else than their jobs and how to earn a living and have no intention whatsoever of making Singapore their home. On the other hand there may be some unskilled Indians who also managed to slip through the cracks of Singapore immigration but these are not quality immigrants by any standards. The Indians who sink their roots there are these ignorant types.

Then, at the top you have some Europeans and Americans who are managers and bankers. They would never want to live in a country like this, just as they would not in Nazi Germany. They are here to make some money temporarily, that is all.

Looking at Singapore, it does appear that Lee Kuan Yew has misjudged human nature. All along he has been thinking that all he had to do is to create jobs and the people would stay, regardless of what sort of a society Singapore was.

It should be quite obvious to him by now that this is not the case. Singaporeans, it is quite clear by now, are not so desperate as they were before, to live there just for that job. Today it appears they want much more than that, and that is why they are leaving.

Unfortunately, the Singaporean population today, still remaining in the island, is comprised of largely uneducated and unskilled people who have either no knowledge of their rights and would be happy to live as slaves, uneducated mandarin speaking Communist Chinese immigrants and a few Lee Kuan Yew bootlickers who are comfortable towing the government line. Such people are not the ones one finds in a first world modern world class city, rather the sort you would find in a peasant society.

Independent minded thinking Singaporeans are rapidly declining in numbers. The quality of Singaporeans continues to deteriorate in Lee Kuan Yew's Singpaore.

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