Monday, August 8, 2011

Singapore. An ugly face behind the mask

Ladies and Gentlemen,

If you ask yourself, whether it is right that Singapore's self proclaimed leader for life, Lee Kuan Yew and each of his family members and friends whom he has placed in positions of authority, should be allowed to take the astronomical sum of $3.7 million, no less, as a salary per year? Which is by the way 5 times the salary of what the President of the United States gets.

And if you ask yourself whether it is right that despite the Constitution which guarantees a free press, the entire media in that island is controlled by this man and his family.

And if you ask yourself whether it is right that his policemen and his judiciary should be beholden to him alone and not the people of Singapore?

And if you ask yourself whether it is right for him to totally criminalize the freedom of speech and assembly which is the right of free people around the world?

And if you ask yourself whether it is right for him to totally discriminate against the Malays who have every right to be treated just as anyone else, just as the Indians are discriminated?

And if any of the above questions is answered by a resounding no, then I have to tell you that you have to do something about it. As for me I intend to continue writing about these blatant injustices because it is necessary to damage the reputation of this government as best anyone can. It is a noble cause to do it.

Sooner or later the people will rise and protest and even if they do not presently, it is my intent to continue educating both Singaporeans and foreigners into realizing what a repressive private possession of the Lee family Singapore has become.

In this way, we hope to encourage one family in emigrating from Singapore, dissuading one family from abroad from moving to Singapore, making one tourist change his travel plans from visiting Singapore, induce one lawyer to leave the profession and leave the island altogether, and one student from cancelling his plans to study in Singapore.

This is what I would call damaging Lee Kuan Yew Inc by attrition. Slowly but surely, the truth of what Singapore is permeates and spreads and like a slow rot, weakens it's very foundations.

I have been on this crusade for a long time. My arrest and being sent to jail in Singapore in 2008 hurt the Lee family quite a bit. Singapore's jailing a blogger, Gopalan Nair, was international news.

I don't know how much this affected Singapore's reputation but I am sure it did. And then the charge and the hefty fine for their trumped up charges of yelling at Singapore policemen. That too hurt them.

And then the charge for contempt of court in 2008 just before my release form jail n 2008.

And then disbarring me from practicing law in Singapore recently.

Each and every one of their acts here has had deleterious consequences for them. There is not a single person out there who would believe that I deserved any of this. It is clearly taken as yet another instance of an insecure dictatorship who only know how to retain power by abusing it.

And because of my writings and thanks to these harebrained acts of retaliation by Singapore, thereby continuing in making sure the world knows what and who they really are, Singapore itself is in a very weakened state.

For one, through decades of such misrule, the entire Singapore population is second rate, at best. For one, the only ones remaining among native Singaporeans are those who are either incapable of emigration or because they do not have the upright character and principles that you find in men and women in other societies.

For instance take this Singapore judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean who was the subject of my criticism in the blog dated May 29, 2008 resulting in my arrest. There can be very little that can be said about her except that she will willingly abuse her office of a judge in order to please her master Lee Kuan Yew for the shameful rewards, such disgraceful behaviour occasions.

And it is her type of individuals, base unprincipled characters, that you see in the every office of authority in Singapore; every single one of them, bootlickers like her. In the police force, you find men and women who would do anything Lee Kuan Yew desires. In the Singapore civil service you find the same sort of disgraceful oppurtunists who work not because it is honorable but because it pleases their master. The entire country is made up of people such as these, men and women who compromise their principles daily in order to make a living or large sums of money, depending on your postition.

The foreigners who are there are no better. Every single one of them knows what Singapore is, a second rate Burma. Yet they work in Singapore not caring one bit what the island is or is not, as long as there is money in it for them.

And then you either have ignorant foreigners or they are deliberately trying to pretend not to know. For instance you get many of them saying they like it there because it has good education! Really? How does a teacher teach children when she herself is ruled by fear of authority, who deliberately tries to dampen children's enthusiasm by ordering them not to criticise the government even if criticism is warranted? How do children get an education when they are told only to obey but not to question authority? What are you trying to produce, thinking human beings or programmed robots?

Singapore has a bad education system and noone who wants the best for their children should even contemplate an education in Singapore, unless you want them to be like the Singaporeans, Judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean type.

And then these foreigners who find it necessary to say nice things, claim there is little violence.

Have they not read the local papers resplendent with reports of violence each day, in HDB elevators, in broad daylight? Muggings, rapes and extortion? What about the numerous headless bodies found floating in the reservoirs this last month? Is this not crime of the most brutal sort?

And in any case, even if there was less crime, have they considered at what cost, by brutal canings (whipping) in the buttocks and the highest rate of executions by hanging in the world?

These foreigners who trumpet Singapore would have done the same even if they were living in North Korea if the salary was right. They are disgraceful fellows with no principles or moral strength. Yes, you can say, Singapore is populated either by the ignorant unskilled workers or these foreign opportunists who would be prepared to sing praises to Cesar, never mind which Cesar it was.

Yes, we should carry on my friends. The Internet is our greatest friend today. The message is being told far and wide and there is nothing these tin pot tyrants can do. It is reaching Singaporeans throughout the island. At the last count, since last year, the page reviews of Singapore Dissident in Singapore alone has exceeded 265,000. This is no small number.

And what most hurts repressive countries that rule through fear like Singapore is their helplessness when someone is beyond their reach. This is one time where all Lee Kuan Yew and his friends can do is to simply do nothing, as I continue writing these articles for Singaporeans and the world.

And finally my attitude after all this should be infuriating them beyond tolerance. For Heaven's sake, I am a lawyer who has been disbarred in Singapore. Struck off the Singaporean Rolls of lawyers. The severest possible sentence that can be meted out to any lawyer. But here I am, instead of rolling over and hiding my face, enjoying every minute of it. What it is is nothing less than a slap right across Lee Kuan Yew's Confucian face, it has to be.

And to add insult to injury, I am telling them exactly where I am with my phone number, prominently displayed in each blog post! Lee Kuan Yew should think of something to do to me now, come on.

Otherwise he is losing face, in the ancient Chinese tradition. Confucius must have said somewhere, as Lee Kuan Yew likes to often quote him, "Old Chinese saying. If you lose face, you lose moral authority to rule"

Well old boy, surely you must do something else to me now. You locked me up in jail, you insulted me in your newspapers, and now you have disbarred me in Singapore, but I still refuse to stop. What now, old boy?

Gopalan Nair
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Anonymous said...


Judicial non-independence is a pre-requisite to the Misrule of Law and a fundamental non-guarantee of a fair trial. A judge shall, therefore uphold and exemplify judicial non-independence in both its individual and institutional aspects.

Section 1 Judges shall allow family, social or other relationships (in particular Lee Kuan Yew} to influence judicial conduct or judgment.

Section 2 Judges shall not refrain from influencing in any manner the outcome of litigation or dispute pending before another court.

Section 3 Judges shall exercise the judicial function non independently of any extraneous influence, inducement, pressure, threat or interference, direct or indirect, from Lee Kuan Yew.

Section 4 Judges shall not be free from appropriate connections with, and influence by, the executive and legislative branches of government but must appear to be free therefrom to the citizenry.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Justice Belinda Ang Saw Ean ought to relearn her judicial ethics.


1. A judge, sitting in a case, must at all times be wholly free, disinterested, impartial and independent.

2. The judicial office demands that the judge should conduct himself in such a manner as to merit the respect, reverence and confidence of the people.

3. The office of the judge exists for one solemn end - to promote justice by administering it fairly and impartially.

4. Every judge is expected to act in accordance with his oath to administer justice without fear or favour.

5. Judges should be not only men of highest integrity but they should at all times conduct themselves in such a manner as to be above suspicion.

6. While judges should possess proficiency in law, in order that they can competently construe and enforce the law, it is more important that they should act and behave in such a manner that the parties before them should have confidence in their impartiality.

7. A judge in the exercise of his official functions shall be free to act upon his own convictions without apprehension of personal consequences of himself.

8. A judge who disregards deliberately or is ignorant of the basic fundamentals of law and justice is unfit to continue in office.

9. A judge should exercise patience and circumspection to give opposing sides opportunity to present their evidence.

10. A trial judge should display receptivity to offers of evidence as well as to searching questions with the end in view of having the truth come out.