Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Singapore. PAP hand picked little girl MP Tin Pei Ling walks free.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The little girl, hand picked for Lee Kuan Yew's personal reasons, to rule over you, Little Miss Tin Pei Ling, as expected, walks away Scot free despite having committed a criminal offense under the Singapore Parliamentary Elections Act.

The purpose of this article is to remind Singaporeans who already know anyway, that despite the outward claims of Lee Kuan Yew that Singapore is a first world country, if so, it is a first world country that has one set of laws for members of his ruling party, and another set, which by the way is strictly enforced, for anyone who dares to challenge them. And as for those foreigners either within or without Singapore, this should be a fact good to know.

Singapore Parliamentary Elections Act has a provision which prohibits any form of campaigning the day before polling day, the intention being to allow one day of contemplation and reflection before the decision is made to cast the vote.

This law is well known and well publicised. The PAP, Lee Kuan Yew's ruling party being more efficient in electioneering procedures, since they control everthing anyway, should be especially aware of rules such as this.

Tin Pei Ling is a 27 year old nobody, who had been assiduously licking the boots of Lee Kuan Yew and company running errands at their political meetings and working hard at gaining their support (this it appears is all she is capable of doing), she was chosen to contest in the Marine Parade GRC with former Prime Minister Goh Chock Tong. Singaporeans being either incapable or unwilling to vote against Goh Chock Tong, voted for him which meant that this little girl who runs around for her PAP seniors, got voted in as well. Therefore as your new MP, she is, whether you like it or not, going to tell you what to do.

But what is in point here is that it was found, since a fact like this cannot be hidden, that she had posted a comment on her Facebook viciously attacking her opponent at the elections on the day prohibited from campaigning. This is criminal offense which can carry a fine or even jail.

In the circumstances there can be no dispute on the facts. She violated the Parliamentary Elections Act when she knew or should have known that it is illegal to do it. She should have been charged and convicted with at least a fine and disqualified from running.

But it comes as no surprise to anyone, that today's Aug 11, 2011, Singapore State Controlled newspaper the Straits times reports in their story "MP Tin's friend warned over Cooling Off Day Post" that Little Miss Tin's friend (mind you, not her) was severely warned not to do do this again and viola, end of the matter.

It was not even enough that they never charged Tin Pei Ling for what appeared in her Facebook page, it was necessary for them to make up a story that it was someone other than Tin Pei Ling who had posted the message. And that's not the end of the disgrace here. The police have refused to even name that phantom third person!

Of course the PAP and their state controlled newspaper think once again that we are all inveterate fools of course. They are trying to tell us that Tin was not aware of what appears in Tin's own Facebook. If she is not aware of her own Facebook, then who is? Have you ever heard of anyone having Facebook pages but has no control over either it's use or it's contents! Is there no need for a password to operate one's own Facebook! And do we all go around (except for Tin Pei Ling) giving our personal passwords to Facebook pages just before the elections!

Lee Kuan Yew in his first world country of Singapore (so he claims), has reached a point today where he does not care anymore what anyone thinks, however ridiculous his excuses may be. Otherwiae who in the world would think of an excuse such as this?

We all know of course, that Little Miss Tin Pei Ling, a PAP bootlicker, (no other qualifications to speak of) did post the comment on that prohibited day and the police as is their normal practice in the island, simply spin a story about it to let her escape the criminal consequences.

Can you imagine what would have happened to the late JB Jeyaretnam had he done this? It would be front page news, stood up before Lee's had picked judge and maligned, denigrated and vilified on a daily basis in their state controlled press, and thereafter fined and promptly disqualified from standing.

For those foreigners who live in Singapore and happen to read this, I am sure you already know this disgraceful side of Singapore. And for those citizens of Singapore who have some grey matter in their heads, I hope you realize the mockery of a legal system under which you live.

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Parrotocracy said...

Dear Mr Nair,

Won't it be great if Tin Tin becomes Singapore first female Prime Minister. She has already walk into Parliament and is rewarded with a large payrise.

We really need people like her running the next generation of PAP.

Anonymous said...

With that, it is now crystal clear that Tin Pei Ling made a FALSE DECLARATION in the Declaration of Election Advertising by Candidate form, where she stated that 'Tin Pei Ling' as the only moderator of her Facebook page. No mention of 'her friend' in the form.

Will Lee Kuan Yew's goons sweep this under the carpet?

"PAP never tell lies" you know said...

Lies, I am told it is like making love - it is always easier the second time because PAP can get away with it easily in police state Singapore.

The PAP that select Tin can't believe they made a mistake selecting her, and is now protecting her.

Harry now has to play Larry. PAP believe its lies that no GRC will fall to opposition. Look what happened.

If you believe in lies, you will do the wrong things over and over again, until they become the norms.

Remind me of Singapore sister city, Pyongyang, now that Kim Jr's junior is taking over.

They announced - North Korea will emerge as a member of the elite club of strong and prosperous states by 2012, overcoming United States sanctions and a lack of international aid, says Pyongyang's unofficial spokesman.

Anonymous said...

This is shameful.

Who is upholding the law?