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Singapore. A Racially charged powder keg ready to explode

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore is tiny dot of a place but packed in it like sardines one above the other in high rise apartments always going higher and higher into the sky, are no less than 5 million people. And in those apartment blocks built as close as 10 feet from each other, sometimes even less, are small pigeon hole shoe box like apartments next to each other into which are packed people of 4 different ethnicities and some of the others too. Yet surprisingly so far there have not been any race riots at all, Malays are not at the throats of pig eating ethnic Chinese, these people living surprisingly at peace with each other.

Of course anyone who knows Singapore would realise that the racial calm is simply artificial, because Lee Kuan Yew has carried out so much obedience training like they do with dogs on Singaporeans these last 50 years that they have been so thoroughly trained to behave with affability to all others.

I don't think this artificial calm is real at all; it is created by intense fear instilled into the people that any confrontation on racial tones results in long prison sentences and the state sanctioned judicial punishment of beatings.

In fact had the situation remained as it was perhaps 10 years ago, there is no doubt the calm and cordiality among the people would continue. The dog training that Lee Kuan Yew has given his people is excellent. Like dogs, misbehave or we beat you!

But now today, things are totally different. It is no longer safe anymore. And the reason for this being the serious change in the composition of the people. Lee has now screwed the racial equation. And as with all of lee Kuan Yew's policies which are all decided by one man and a few bootlickers beside him, he has got it dangerously wrong once again.

Singapore today is a racially charged powder keg ready to explode any minute, and the question is not if but when that calamity will happen. And once that happens all of Pandora's Box would have been opened and that calm and serene island would be no more. I remember the quote from James Bond's from Russia With Love when the Russian agent was killed by Spectre outside their embassy in Istanbul, the Colonel Klebb of Specter remarked, "The Cold War will not be cold much longer".

And the reason is this. Lee Kuan Yew has brought in no less than 1 million Chinese from Mainland China to boost the economy, a very bad policy by itself. No politician worth anything understands you allow economies principally to grow on their own, and not by artificial means such as this.

To show how stupid this policy is, it is like Gibraltar, the small tourist island at the tip of Spain deciding overnight that they are going to boost their economy by inviting 3 million Chinese from Mainland China to open fish and chip shops there! It will turn into the fish and chip hub of the Mediterranean!

Expectantly as is the case with all dictators who think they know all, it appears he never considered the social consequences that this might occasion. As we speak today, the problems have already started and are not only simmering, they are mounting.

One person wrote to me that a Chinese from China had told his Indian neighbours in their state owned HDB apartments, not to cook curry because they did not like the aroma and had gone to the government offices to complain.

As a result the Indians now are only allowed by the government to cook their food when the Chinese are not at home! In another case, a foreigner from the same country had gone to a Singapore Malay and insulted his religion by complaining about the way the Muslim recites his prayers from the mosque 5 times a day. It seems the Malay told the Chinese, you know what.

There are several other instances of racially charged controversies which happen on a daily basis mainly the result of Chinese from Mainland China who now happen to number 1 million, out of the 5 million population.

There is clear and mounting empirical evidence that these Chinese consider themselves superior over everyone else. Why they should think so is a mystery to anyone. From appearances they don't have anything more than anyone else.

It appears just as all these policies gone wrong, expectantly, since dictatorships never get these things right, the Lee Kuan Yew government had not really thought out the consequences of bringing in such large numbers of foreigners to live in close quarters with Singaporeans.

It appears that they had not considered the fact that unlike Singaporeans, they had not had the benefit of 50 years of dog training and the necessary threats and beatings as Singaporeans have had to teach them how to live in harmony with others.

They come from more open topography where it was not necessary to always be nice. And to add to the problem, many of these Chinese are of peasant stock, uneducated, uncultured and unsophisticated who spit, break wind and gesticulate loudly in uncouth manner in public. If they saw a rat, they probably would call it a rat, unlike the Lee Kuan Yew product, the Singaporean.

I am absolutely sure that it is not a question whether there are going to be violent racial confrontation between the races but when. As it is, Singaporeans are already mad at the fact that these foreigners have not only taken away their jobs, but have also begun to insult them.

Today or tomorrow, either some Singaporean Indian or a Malay or even a Singapore Chinese is going to lose his head and give a real beating to these foreign imports, who think they are better than everyone else. And when that beating occurs in close proximity to their neighbours, there are going to be other beatings and then you are going to see Molotov cocktails fly.

Personally I am against violence of this sort, but surely I can understand being humans we have limited patience no matter how much we try and furthermore we are not all Mahatma Gandhi or Albert Schweitzer rolled into one, and when that beatings occur, I can understand why it is so. The fault for this lies not in the people of Singapore but on Lee Kuan Yew because it is he who has brought these Chinese in the millions to cause misery on my fellow Singaporeans.

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