Monday, August 15, 2011

Singapore. A call to Singapore Law Society's lawyer in the Singapore Law Society vs Gopalan Nair Disbarment Case

Ladies and Gentlemen,

For a bit of fun, I decided to look up the Singapore telephone number of the lawyer who prosecuted me in the recent Law Society of Singapore vs Gopalan Nair case where he had successfully, thanks to his master Lee Kuan Yew had me disbarred from practicing law in Singapore.

He has a fancy name for a local Singaporean ethnic Chinese, believe it or not, Peter Cuthbert Low. I want to warn you he speaks entirely with a Singapore accent, understandably so as he lived all his life in Lee Kuan Yew's island. A foreigner would be shocked calling him for the first time if he thought he was a European by a name such as that.

In fact trying to get his contact particulars ended up a round about process. If you go to the Internet Singapore Law Society site, you get a number which is no longer in use! If you typed his company name on Google, you get a site named Peter Low LLC which has a number 65 6222 4585. So I called that number when the clerk there states it is not Peter Low LLC at all but some company called Arthilex Law Corporation and that person transferred me to Low's secretary, who said he was not in. I then asked her for his mobile number which she gave me after I told her I was Robinson Crusoe. His mobile number is 65 96961230.

I called that number which he answered. When I told him that it was Gopalan Nair calling, he immediately went silent. I wanted to tell him to read my latest blog posts which I am sure he is doing in any case.

I wonder why he is afraid to speak to me. I wasn't going to be uncivil. All I wanted to do was to tell him to read my latest blog posts which I am sure he is doing anyway.

I called him again twice but he simply refused to answer.

So if any of you out there might want to inquire from him why he refuses to even speak to Gopalan Nair, his particulars are as follows:

Company phone: 65 6222 4585
Mobile phone: 65 96961230

It might be interesting to know what he says if you call him. If you do manage to speak to him, ask him the reason for his refusing to speak to me. Is it because he feels too good to speak to a disbarred lawyer in Singapore, such as myself, or is it because he is ashamed of himself for the dirty work he does?

PS, You might also want to tell him that it is unethical to refuse to speak to the opponent in a case that he had been involved in.

Sequel: I called the law firm again and this time someone who claims to be Karene answers. I ask for her full name and she replies Karene Low. I then ask her if he is his secretary but she refuses to answer at first. Her answer: "I was just passing"! "The line bounced to me". I then asked "has your phone malfunctioned"? I tell her that it is not reasonable for her not to identify her position and I am not sure whether she would take a message for Peter Low. She finally says she is one of his secretaries! I ask her to take a message to Low as follows "It is unethical for a lawyer to refuse to speak to an opponent. Please ask him to call me at 510 657 6107or 510 491 4375". She said she will. I will let you know if he does in fact call me.

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Anonymous said...

Yours should have been a case of the Registrar v Gopalan and not the Law Society of Singapore v Gopalan. The Law Society acted ultra-vires and an order of certiorari ought to issue.

You should sue the Law Society for wrongfully prosecuting the case when it has no locus standi to do so. I am sure you will bankrupt the Law Society's Compensation Fund by courtesy of Peter Cuthbert Low one of its past Presidents.

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous Aug 15, 0344,
Thank you but you are simply naive to think that if I sued I will win. What do you think Singapore is, Australia? Why do you even bother to write such nonsense?

Gopalan Nair said...

Someone anonymously wrote that Singpaore is a first world country becase it has a world class port, airpoprt etc. I deleted the commment not wanting to have a dialogue with such nonsense. Simply having good roads and an airport does not make a fist world country. It's organs of state does. Rule of law, a free press, free and fair elections, democracy is what is the test. Nazi Germany had all the things he mentioned. It was not a first world country. I hope he reads this.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Law Society acted ultra-vires and an order of certiorari ought to issue.

the Law Society ... has no locus standi to do so.

From the language, he/she sounds like a lawyer (or perhaps used a Google search to come up with the jargon.)

If he/she is a Singapore lawyer, I saw please put away your drungs and come back down to Earth.

Have any of Lee Kuan Yew's opponents ever won a case in Singapore.

Sounds like this lawyer does not know the answer.

mycroft said...

I then asked her for his mobile number which she gave me after I told her I was Robinson Crusoe.

Hahaha, that was hilarious. If nothing else it shows how servile Singaporeans of a certain type are to authority and in particular to who they imagine are their superiors.

"Hello, may I speak to Peter Cuthbert Low?"
"This is Karber, who cor me?"
"Cuthbert, my name is Robinson Crusoe. I'm looking for a Man Friday. With your extensive experience as Lee Kuan Yew's lackey I wondered if you might be interested in the position?"
"Eh, dun try and be funny, ah! I sue you then you know. Who you ting you are?"
"My name is Nair.....Gopalan Nair"
"Eeek! Nabeh! Who give you my handphone?"
"Cuthbert? Cuthbert?"
Click. Brrrrrrrrr.

Anonymous said...

You wrote on Mon Aug 15, 10:26:00 AM PDT about what makes a first world country.

I feel that the key ingredient to a First world country is first of all, the ability of us to live with dignity.

Having a rule of law, a real free press, free and fair elections and a real democracy are the fundamental building blocks of a First World state.

Having people who respect the law, question the leaders, enlighten enough to understand complexity and ability to organise peaceful street protests are what makes the First World work.

It is no point having a World class airport, World fastest trains and organising the most specticular Olympic games when people have no access to public healthcare, working like slaves and do not dare to travel in transport due to safety concerns.

Anonymous said...

I have dealt with Peter Cuthbert Low before. I remembered thinking to myself.. If i were a client, i would never want to turn to this person for advice. The man's a coward, and also very irresponsible. Led me on to provide information, and then dodges when i sought an answer. Mr low subsequently paid alot of lip service and empty promises - he never did carry out the things he said he would. If you don't wish to be involved in something, then just say so upfront, don't lead people on just because you are too cowardly to say no. Thats Mr Peter Cuthbert Low for you. I still can't fathom how he got to be a president for the Singapore Law Society!

But of course, you would only know after you have dealt with him personally.

Mark said...

The chances are that the lawyer does not know the answer.