Monday, September 19, 2011

Gopalan Nair: If my father wanted to live in a Chinese city, he would have gone to China, not Singapore

Correction, Sept 20, 2011: The SS Rohna did not sink with all hands. Although the majority of the passengers died, a portion were in fact rescued.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Frankly, if my late father who was born in 1906 in then Malabar, India who left Madras India on the SS Rohna, a vessel of the then British India Steam Navigation Company, for then British Malaya in 1928 and for British Singapore in 1930 wanted to live in a Chinese city, he would have gone to Shanghai or Hong Kong instead. He didn't. His idea was to try his luck in British Malaya or Singapore of the 1920s where English was spoken and a government which one could respect with the rule of law.

By the way, digressing, the SS Rohna was later commandeered by the British Military during WW2 and used as a troopship in Mediterranean waters where she met her fate and was sunk with great loss of life (correction), by a German Uboat torpedo in around 1942.

Today, if my father who died many years ago were to be told that in Singapore today, there are hordes and hordes of uncouth ill mannered Mandarin speaking recent immigrants from Communist China and the entire population of Malays and Indians who are born and raised in Singapore are left completely at a loss in comprehension of this Chinese hordes with whom they have nothing in common, I am sure he would have turned in his grave.

The recent importation of hordes upon hordes of Chinese immigrants from China by this Lee Kuan Yew government of Singapore, is deliberately turning Singapore into something which the original native population of Singapore had never bargained for; is an unforgivable fraud perpetrated on native Singaporeans and they simply have to put a stop to this.

I don't think anyone who was around at the beginning of modern Singapore ever envisaged it to be a Chinese city where Chinese is spoken everywhere at the expense of local Singaporeans who do not want this, and I am sure this sentiment is shared equally by the native Chinese Singaporeans as well.

I can tell you that everywhere you go in the island today, you hear the incessant non stop sher sher sher sounding noises which is how Chinese Mandarin is spoken which is both annoying and painful to the ear. And what is more, surely it is completely unacceptable for an entire one third of the population made up of Malays and Indians to be completely left out of any conversation while these Mainland Chinese imports go on with their non stop sher sher sher sounding language.

These recent mainland Chinese imports devoid of any English are moreover uncouth and uncultured, talking loudly and misbehaving in public as expected of these impoverished peasant classes in China from where they come. They have no knowledge at all about Singapore and are usually competely unskilled. It would have made no difference for them had they gone to Fiji islands instead of Singapore if they could make a buck.

These Chinese uneducated hordes from Communist China add no advantage or credit to Singapore and on the whole lower the island's standards instead of advancing it. They have to be stopped. English has to be re-introduced as the main language of communication and Singapore should be what we all expected of it, an English speaking country with a common Western style of living. Of course we all speak our native languages at home but the common language has to be English, not Mandarin Chinese as it has already sadly become.

The following video describes this Mandarin Chinese problem in Singapore much better than I can. Moreover it is played by a Singaporean Chinese woman

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Anonymous said...

LKY's PRC FTs in action.

Three videos below.

LKY and Son, social engineers, fail again.

John Lim said...

Unfortunately the sher sher hordes continuos landings at Changi Airport will not stop anytime soon. In fact it is proceeding at full speed and hundreds of thousands of the sher sher hordes are adding to the population growth. Singaporenas are just incapable of doing anything about it as the Devil has vowed to keep on increasing the sher sher population.

Anonymous said...

I once went for interview and was shocked to find out the receptionist and all her co-workers speaking their loud and high-pitched sher sher language. They looked like they were constantly quarelling, their tone was bitchy and that make me felt very uncomfortable. I could not imagine myself working there even if they employ me. So after submitting my form I went to the wash room and came back telling them I got to leave for some urgent matters.

Anonymous said...

Having worked for a Singaporean company in Mainland China for several years I can assure that Singapore will be more Chinese in a few years than anything else. It's the greed for money. All the Singaporeans I knew in China had no desire to go back to Singapore. WHY? Better housing, more money and more freedom. Unfortunately, their working attitude has a military style to it which was not very welcome by foreign workers or by the Chinese. Many Singaporeans in China look down on Chinese although they are of Chinese heritage!!! Either way, Chinese in Singapore or Singaporeans in China someone will always be unhappy about the other , but the fact remains it's the greed for money which leads to the import of such people.