Friday, November 4, 2011

Lee Kuan Yew's Singaporeans, ignorance, apathy and a lack of passion

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Tell me, in which country in the world today, where even a single peaceful silent protester is liable to arrest and imprisonment; where in the world is the entire media state controlled dishing out daily truckloads of propaganda; where in the world does the slightest criticism of the government result in libel suits, bankruptcy and imprisonment not necessarily in that order; where in the world can you walk around where human beings have no opinion about anything at anytime of the day or night, like zombies?

That country is Singapore appropriately termed Uniquely Singapore in a moment of candour, where it's people willingly accept this indignity imposed upon them by their government and in spite of this to whom they willingly dish out their hard earned money in taxes only to be repressed even further by their all powerful government.

And what is even more astonishing is the fact that the country has open borders which allows them to leave this self imposed imprisonment anytime but yet many, except those who emigrate, willingly stay to accept this dogs life.

To an outside observer this sort of behaviour would seem very strange, something like having an entire country of masochists; a people who enjoy being hurt by others like ecstasy in being whipped or raped or other strange behaviour.

Knowing Singapore intimately, let me tell you why.

First you have ignorance. Almost the entire local population of Singapore are not aware of their rights. Except for science and mathematics and other school subjects, they know nothing much else. They do not know that all over the world, human beings protest government policies and criticize them when they have to. Although normal behaviour anywhere else, to a Singaporean brought up in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore such an action is almost criminal. In Lee's Confucian thinking prevalent there, one does not show disobedience publicly like they do in the West. One kowtows. That in the skewed reasoning of Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore is being smart.

Second the government has very cleverly kept the subject of citizens rights under wraps, making sure in no school curriculum are such things as civil rights ever mentioned. Only yesterday I was speaking to an Singapore Indian engineer with a University degree from Australia who had emigrated to the US. He did not appear to know anything about human rights or it's importance, but came to the US because of better career advancement and equal opportunity as an Indian.

Third Singaporeans, for some reason or other, are not a people passionate or idealistic about anything much. All they generally need is a career and the possibility of making lots of money if at all possible. You will not find a Gandhi or a Mandela or a Martin Luther King Jr in Lee Kuan Yew's island. To them each one of these people were fools because if they had anything in their heads, they would have spent their time making money instead.

Fourth, by and large Singaporeans are a cowardly people. They are averse to the slightest risk which anyone else would be prepared to take. For instance many write to me to this blog asking endless questions on how they could emigrate to the USA. Instead of buying that ticket and coming out here to check for themselves, they would rather spend endless hours Emailing and asking questions on what the risks are in coming out here and what if they don't succeed. It is tiresome to answer these questions.

Fifth, apart from risk taking or the lack of it, they are so terrified of their government which is the reason why they never dare to break these laws, even though they are so clearly unjust. True, if you are arrested there are several adverse consequences from this vindictive government but even so, in any society, there would have been at lest a few who would say the hell with it and do it anyway. This is not the case in Lee's Singapore. Not even a single Singaporean except for a handful of brave men and women like Dr. Chee Soon Juan, can ever pick up that courage.

Sixth, you have general apathy about anything that concerns them except the pursuit of making money, which by the way, they don't have anyway. They are not interested in the fact that they have no free press, they are not interested in not having the right to protest since they have nothing to protest about anyway, they are not interested in police brutality since they have nothing to do with the police and they are not interested to know that Lee Kuan Yew takes home $3.7 million a year in salary which is theft, since this theft does not directly concern them.

To sum it all, Singapore is a boring place peopled by an ignorant cowardly lot, apathetic about anything else except money which they think they have but actually they do not.

Which suits Lee Kuan Yew and his friends at the top very nicely indeed because tomorrow he can even pass a law in his island requiring everyone to henceforth crawl on their bellies which these humourless automatons or rather Singaporeans would willingly and eagerly comply.

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Anonymous said...

Reported in the news today 5/11/2011 that another suicide has taken place (for the 6th time) in recent months at the same Bedok
But the truth is that there were many more past suicides in Singapore not reported for the public knowledge.
There will be more suicides in Singapore to come.
Is this the symptom that the Singapore P.A.P Goverment is driving its people to the brink of death by suicide?