Thursday, November 3, 2011

Singapore. What it could have been

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Sometimes, I wonder what Singapore could have been without a Lee Kuan Yew and his arrogance and a one party dictatorial island. Something like this.

An island where judges are independent of the government with courage to administer the law without fear and where the people have confidence they will get justice from their courts.

An island which cherishes and nurtures it's own citizens, educating them to the fullest, teaching them citizenship and their rights realising that a well informed citizenry with rights is fundamental for national security and development. Singaporeans would then have studied both locally and abroad and would have had an intense passion and yearning to work for the advancement and progress of their country where they have rights and where they are not merely "digits".

An island where the government realises that the people are entitled to uncensored information because without true information, you cannot really progress to any extent.

An island which realizes that it grows according to it's ability. Industry should be in the hands of Singaporeans and not foreigners. Singaporeans should be the ones who run industry, science and business.

An island which realises that it has to work within the capacity of it's population and transform and grow according to what Singaporeans can manage, and not by means of bringing in ships loads of foreigners to start businesses which no Singaporean understands or has any desire to.

An island which has some space to live with a population of 3 million native Singaporeans instead of today's impossible sardine packed overcrowding of over 5.5 million people made up almost entirely of foreigners in a tiny dot, one on top of the other.

An island where every citizen is cherished and nurtured for the skills and abilities that he or she may have, and not just putting up a few selected bookworms on a pedestal and everyone else treated as an outcast.

Lee Kuan Yew has managed to destroy today's Singapore. Instead of a Singapore for Singaporeans, the entire island has been made to turn upside down. Off shore banking, a euphemism for money laundering had become a mainstay business, with local Singaporeans having little to do with it, either in jobs or know how.

And then you have the casinos which the government thinks is one way to attract even more thugs and prostitutes for the money.

And then foreigners are admitted in indiscriminate numbers to do any sort of business they want, most of which Singaporeans have no idea about. To work these businesses they bring in millions of unskilled people from neighbouring countries to work for pittance to enrich their foreign owners. There is no free press, no independent judiciary and today foreigners have overtaken Singaporeans in numbers in Singapore. Singaporeans no longer have any faith in the legal system which they consider corrupt and if given the chance, they would rather emigrate to the West.

Very sad indeed.

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